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  1. morsetaper2

    Pricing a Bridgeport Milling machine in 2023

    OP's location says "New Jersey".
  2. morsetaper2

    Hardinge Mill Draw tube wrench question

    Someone made one years ago, image of it in post #19 in thread linked below: https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/hardinge-dividing-head-5c-drawbar-specs-needed.183114/
  3. morsetaper2

    Prostate cancer, need I say more........

    Friend was diagnosed. His original Dr pushed him to have his prostate removed. Losing your prostate creates a whole 'nother set of issues. He opted otherwise for a procedure called cyber knife. He went through a series of targeted radiation treatments and came out cancer free. To me...
  4. morsetaper2

    removing gummed up aluminum from cutting tools

    We used to clean seized alum piston material off the walls of two-stroke engine cylinders w/ muriatic (hydrochloric) acid.
  5. morsetaper2

    Rusnok Milling Machine

    I recall gwilson (I believe his full name was George Wilson) had passed on numerous years ago.
  6. morsetaper2

    20" Steptoe Shaper Rebuild. Help needed.

    Am now recalling... There are some differences between "John Steptoe" shapers, and the later "Steptoe-Western" shapers. So S/N format likely re-giggled when Steptoe became part of Western. Find out when that happened, and yours is probably before that date.
  7. morsetaper2

    20" Steptoe Shaper Rebuild. Help needed.

    That "number" doesn't match up to what is listed in my S/N books. See photo below. I used to have a late model 14" Steptoe and the S/N was stamped on the top of the ram (like yours) and it did have a similar format to that shown in the S/N book. Although mine was from 1969. Yours looks...
  8. morsetaper2

    1939 Sundstrand drive 10EE in Virginia

    Looks like US Army Ordnance Corps logo. Orig based out of Fort Lee, VA (now renamed Fort Gregg-Adams). Located south of Richmond near Petersburg, VA. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Army_Ordnance_Corps The lathe in post #1 was located about 100 miles west of Petersburg.
  9. morsetaper2

    Year of Mfg of Monarch 10EE

    That seems like a whole lotta lathes in one year. It was the war years, and a lot was produced. I wonder if some of those s/n's covered various specilaized tooling, machines returned for repurpose, rework, special projects, etc. IOW... each s/n may not represent a discreet full standalone...
  10. morsetaper2

    Year of Mfg of Monarch 10EE

    My S/N ref book would place that S/N about 1942. You might check the S/N "Sticky Thread" at the top of the Monarch forum as well. https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/general-information-s-n-registry-history-patents-tooling-etc.393192/
  11. morsetaper2

    WTB: Clausing 85xx, Millrite, etc

    Clausing 8520 in Austin, TX https://www.facebook.com/groups/666311770168640/permalink/2881514811981647/?sale_post_id=2881514811981647
  12. morsetaper2

    Hardinge indexer "clones"

    @stephen thomas : I believe I have solved your original question that started this thread. While searching for old dividing head images from this mornings other "Hardinge Thread"... I realized I had a 12 page "Hardinge Collet Index Fixtures" in my collection of machine brochures. Brochure is...
  13. morsetaper2

    Help Identify This Hardinge Hand Tool?

    I believe that "blocky" style design dividing head is the "first variant" style. I have no idea where the photo/illustration came from. Agree on the tailstock and those thumbscrews, have never seen those before. Perhaps its a pre-production illustration? Perhaps @L Vanice knows more?
  14. morsetaper2

    Help Identify This Hardinge Hand Tool?

    If anyone 'Has to Have" an original cast iron style Hardinge drawbar spanner wrench, that pre-dates the more common hardened/sheet steel wrench, there is one on ebay now @ $95. LINK HERE Images for future reference:
  15. morsetaper2

    Kennedy model 516

    It's in pretty sad shape. Can't see it being worth much at all. Is there something unique about it other than being an older chest?
  16. morsetaper2

    Hardinge indexer "clones"

    To add more mystery to it all... You would recognize this tailstock to be one that goes w/ the typical Hardinge HV-4N type indexers. But a closer look at this one and it is marked... "Tree Machine Tool Co, Inc, Racine, WI". My theory is the design for these were licensed to Tree for their own...
  17. morsetaper2

    HLV-H serial no. list? Trying to date this one

    My 1983 S/N reference book places it at 1971
  18. morsetaper2

    Modular 10EE 208V to 240V conversion

    Good to here he is OK. Can you relay to him that Thermite is gone?
  19. morsetaper2

    Not something you see everyday: Bridgeport load

    Exactly! @Belmont Nice photo! Thanks for posting! Tell us the back story on the machines :-) Don't worry about those haters, they are all miserable deplorable POS's living their own unhappy miserable lives. Just ignore them.