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  1. sfriedberg


    That's in much better shape than my Cincinnati #2!
  2. sfriedberg

    14 AA on Bidspotter.

    Oversized threading indicator?
  3. sfriedberg

    FS Bronze Tube heavy wall

    C93200 (aka SAE 660) bronze? Or a different alloy? [Added in edit] Sniped by Elwood1968!
  4. sfriedberg

    A Problem with my Starrett mics.

    See that little circle inside the roughly-triangular cutout in the ring filler? That's a floating cam. When you turn the ring in the "lock" direction it drives the cam into the narrower portion of the cutout in the filler. See how there's a gap in the ring filler? When the cam gets wedged...
  5. sfriedberg

    tramming mill with brake rotor (practical machinist advertising)

    Maybe it's just a matter of regional language, but I don't know what people are talking about when "tramming the table" on a Bridgeport. You can tram the head, and make the quill travel square to the table plane. You can tram the vise, and make the fixed jaw parallel to the relevant axis of...
  6. sfriedberg

    Comes down to accurately boring a long hole with a Criterion DBL-202B on a manual machine.

    So everything is elastic, and deflects. Small DOC passes can deflect a significant fraction of the DOC, especially on materials like plastics and when cutters are less than perfectly sharp. When you dial in a small change, you may be shifting from "mostly rubbing" to "mostly cutting", which is...
  7. sfriedberg

    What are readers seeing in commercial office occupancy rates?

    Locally (Portland, OR) we have about 25% vacancies in downtown office space. While people are expecting occupancy to keep going back up somewhat, nobody is expecting it to return all the way to pre-pandemic levels. People are now talking quite seriously about converting office buildings to...
  8. sfriedberg

    Cylindrical Grinding using a steady rest instead of a tail stock?

    If you have some way of holding the shaft firmly onto the headstock center, yes, but. Any irregularity in the journal you're holding in the steady rest will telegraph to the rest of the job, and that's a sort of chicken-and-egg problem to solve. And of course you would have to check for taper...
  9. sfriedberg

    Does This Look Like DOM to You??

    The helical marks in the 2nd photo of the 1st post will be from either an internal roller that's used in forming the tube, or springback from a pair of external rollers forcing the tube over a piercing lance. Not exactly a DOM mandrel, but there is something on the inside forming the tube.
  10. sfriedberg

    Line filter caps - Why am I blowing these 6A fuses?

    Say, Mud, this doesn't answer the original questions, but it might help with the real problem. Buy three ferrite cores with an ID big enough to put multiple wraps of the supply lines to the apparently noisy drive through them. I've seen all three lines fed through one core, but in this case...
  11. sfriedberg

    Deburring countersinks anyone know where to buy them?

    Small conical burr? MIght have to hunt for one with a large enough included angle for your application. There's this sort of jeweler's deburring tool, using a small disk for two scraping edges. Don't know how well it will work on metal and it might be too large in diameter, but there's this...
  12. sfriedberg

    tramming mill with brake rotor (practical machinist advertising)

    Page 7 of this catalog. 9" x 12" x 3"
  13. sfriedberg

    tramming mill with brake rotor (practical machinist advertising)

    To tram the head, I put a precision granite square on the table, a dial test indicator in the quill, and run the quill up and down. I do not rotate the spindle and test against a "flat" surface.
  14. sfriedberg

    This new age tooling sales thing is kinda BS huh...

    john.k, this area has had heavy meth users for years. By "heavy" I mean after a few years on the drug, the users are losing their teeth, have lost 50-75 pounds, and look like they've either aged 20 years or have spent the previous couple of years in a concentration camp. These are not "casual"...
  15. sfriedberg

    Darling Brown & Sharpe Patented Steel Rule - D.B.&S. - Oct 18.87

    Like a great many patents, it's all about the small, incremental improvements (or at least distinctions). In the 80s I had easy access to a good engineering library, and they had (among a lot of other things) the IBM, Xerox and DEC patent disclosure books. I was really amused to find there...
  16. sfriedberg

    10EE maximum part size?

    The price difference between 16x40 and 16x60 was minimal when I was shopping for a lathe. I made a conscious decision to get the 16x40 for exactly that reason!
  17. sfriedberg

    OT: Love or hate floor drains?

    Consider recessing the actual drain to allow a 3/8" (or so) thick plate to sit on top of it, flush with the floor surface. One way to detail it is with an angle iron frame, top edge to be flush with the floor, bottom lip to be flush or slightly above drain plate. Depending on the drain...
  18. sfriedberg

    10EE maximum part size?

    Standard was 20" between centers, long bed was 30". There might be a special floating around somewhere, but not a stock machine with 48" C-C.
  19. sfriedberg

    Bit OT, but if you are a collector of mechanical art...here is an interesting book

    I'm putting that one on my wishlist. If it were $20 cheaper, I'd be pre-ordering it today.
  20. sfriedberg

    Gauge block questions

    People sometimes discover they are insta-rusters for the first time when they play musical instruments in highschool. Unlacquered brass and "German silver" (actually a 20% nickel brass) instruments will show this. My mother's skin oils could quickly corrode the surface of a German silver...