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    Internal turning small dia - deep

    Looks like something you would want reamer for... Also looks like something that should be in a different section.
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    Is your turret balanced? Do you have a bunch of heavy tools on one side and nothing on the other?
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    Melting stick for comparator checking id features of a a turned part.

    This stuff will melt at the temperature of hot coffee. It's got lead and cadmium in it so don't eat it. The old brand name of it was Cerrosafe but it's also similar to Wood's metal. You can use it over and over for a long time. https://www.mcmaster.com/product/8921K22...
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    Mist collector placement

    You can't just put it on top of the machine? The only problems I see is fire and moisture in the attic. With a plastic duct coated in oil (water will evaporate) it can get an errand spark and go up like a Christmas tree with the blower stoking the flames. Use stuff that won't burn (rigid steel...
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    Machining Tips in a turning center

    How about some more details of how you got it done? What pins? What tools?
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    Need help finding angle head

    WTO makes nice tools and does make an adjustable angle tool. They are expensive and not exactly for hogging off material. A custom cutting tool won't do what you need? profiling with a ball end mill?
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    Shell mill adapter for ER40 live tool

    Here is one. I'm sure there are others. https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/er-25-to-shell-mill-adapter.208622/
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    Shell mill adapter for ER40 live tool

    Just make your own? I think there are a few threads here on that. What brand live tools do you have?
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    Thread mill non-standard large pitch modified Acme thread

    Iscar lead times for custom is a few months but great tools at a reasonable price when you get them at higher qty. AB Tools mentioned earlier has a lead time of about a week for custom cutters and price for just a couple is reasonable.
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    sync sub spindle with main

    So you are doing the transfer with the spindles stopped? Try it a low rpm (60'ish).
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    Inspecting NPT Threads

    I've put on a print for a female NPT that McMaster such and such must fit flush. Call the customer. If it isn't aerospace then they likely just want it to work with the mating part.
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    Production Plunge OD Grinding

    Plunge, doesn't need to hold tolerance...can it be centerless or does it need to be between centers? Does production mean you want auto load and in process inspection? Angle head I'd get Okuma GA26W. Don't know why...never messed with one but they look nice and take a 24" wheel
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    DN Solutions vs Leadwell vs Takisawa vs DMG Mori

    Why would you want the chip conveyor on with the door open?
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    Using Interpolation on C-Axis to create a cam profile?

    For just rough I guess it would work. If you don't have CAM how about some ExcelCAM? Only 360'ish lines of code/excel. The other replies are obviously concerned that you would finish a cam with this technique. Cams need to have smooth profiles that you would only get with the proper grinder...
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    Cutting tabs from a milled part

    How about a sanding disc stuck to the workbench? Lots of different grits to choose from you could even have a rough and a finish.
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    Turn- Mill Controller / Machine recommendation

    There are also Mitsubishi controls.
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    Coolant Sump Vacuums/Cleaning Methods

    This is another option. I like the name. Easy enough an engineer can work it. https://www.masterfluids.com/na/en-us/xybex/show-product-description.php?pid=LILSUCKER
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    CNC Grinding of Titanium

    Timet has some good info on their website. https://www.timet.com/assets/local/documents/technicalmanuals/DesignandFabrication.pdf "Wheel Grinding Selection of wheel, wheel speed and fluid for grinding titanium is important. For hard wheel grinding, vitrified bonded wheels are most effective...
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    Looking for a small, full featured turning center with 2 or more live tools

    Takamaz makes some great small machines with lots of "density". They cram a lot into the floor space. They have vanilla Fanuc controls so that has to be something you would be ok with. XT-6/XT-6M [6 inch] | Takamatsu Machinery Co., Ltd.
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    Mazak mazatrol sub spindle Z offset transfer machining

    Give this a watch https://youtu.be/ZHvz86sfu5M Programming Dual Spindle CNC Lathes in Fusion 360!