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    Milled boss tolerance vs milled interpolated hole tolerance deviation

    G41 instead of G42 (or vise versa) - comp switches sides.
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    Help! How much axial force from the table can a Bridgeport spindle head take?

    I think my Bridgeport is rated for a 1/2" drill in steel. You could back-track and look up the force from that.
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    Curious about fit on tapers.

    thanks sfriedberg - good tips.
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    Curious about fit on tapers.

    So I'm about to machine a taper on the lathe jaws to hold a casting. Obviously the taper can't match the casting exactly. I'm thinking you shoot to get contact at the widest point (the entrance to the taper)? Seems like that would have the most moment resistance. I see Cat40s are at an...
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    Fanuc Oi breaking taps

    Don't you need an M29 to sync the spindle and vertical?
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    Improve Longevity of Worm Gears?

    You can blue up the teeth to check contact. Phosphor Bronze or Aluminum Bronze with a hardened steel worm works. Cast iron gear and soft steel for worm also work. Mobil 634 Synthetic works well for worm gears.
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    Draw tube removal

    Tapping with a hammer on the face of the flange might loosen it.
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    .093 Flexible hone?

    I'll try the lap - thanks.
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    .093 Flexible hone?

    We attach a worm to a .343 Dia. motor shaft. The OD on the hub of the worm is .50". They are held together with a .093 Dia. shear pin. Holes on hub are a bit small on the hardened worm (56 Rc) so the pin is tough to get in. We had to switch to a new vendor on the worms and I'm guessing the...
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    OT- bait for mouse traps?

    I use peanut butter. One location seemed to have some crafty mice. The bait would be gone but the latch didn't release. Then I noticed that shortly after loading the peanut butter ants would come out and get it.
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    Understanding Fanuc 21-T axis limit numbers in parameters

    Thanks on the metric info. The position I put it in was turret 3" from spindle nose. I suspect that number is not the correct one but it was in the procedure I found.
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    Understanding Fanuc 21-T axis limit numbers in parameters

    I had to replace my Axis Drive Unit for my Hardinge Cobra 42. I found a thread that gave a detailed explanation of the homing procedure. Now I'm trying to set the limits for X and Z axis. The original numbers are: Parameter 1320 x 333553 z 400609 1321...
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    Cobra 42 homing issue - turn off stoke limits?

    I replaced the servo unit now I have to home the x and z axes. I found a previous thread that described how to do it. Problem is when stroking z out to the specified Hardinge value of 11.000" the motion stops about 5" short (at around 6"). It's acting like a stroke limit - can't go any...
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    Powder coating effect on screw strength?

    250 F? Our powder coat has to be cured for 10 minutes at 400 F. I'd like to find the 250 F stuff because we're doing aluminum castings (356-T6) and I worry about the loss in strength.
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    Easy way to fill gouges in cast A356-T?

    The castings we get weigh about 7 lbs. The wall thickness is less than 3/16" Occasionally they get gouged in the casting process or in the machining process. I was looking for the easiest way to lay some material in the gouge and then grind down. I'm guessing oxy-acetylene is the cheapest...
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    CNC Lathe turns OD's well, but does not repeat when boring

    What does the surface finish look like? Usually a nice finish equals good cutting between stock and tool.
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    Coolant Sump Vacuums/Cleaning Methods

    For those with the Freddy - does it also separate the oil? I was looking at the Freddy Ecovac. The brochure doesn't mention anything about being able to separate the oil from the coolant. The sales guy says it does.
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    Tapping on cobra 42

    My Cobra did not come with the option. I used a Tapmatic Tension/Compression tap holder, Model SM4
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    Anyone know what's going on with MSC?

    In Minneapolis I can order from McMaster after 5:00 PM and almost always get it next day. I think it mostly comes from Chicago. I'm guessing Covid shutdown is still causing stock problems for everyone. There might be something in a farther out warehouse but nothing close by.
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    Manual for Mitutoyo Crystal Plus M574

    It's a manual machine and works well. There is a whole bunch more it can do for me but I don't know what a lot of the numbers it puts on the screen are for (also many of the functions, icons, procedures, etc.) I was told when I bought the machine that there was no operating manual for it but...