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  1. yoke

    "UAW will strike against Detroit automakers if deals aren’t reached by Thursday (tomorrow)"

    I'll never be in a Union and I don't buy new cars so this is likely to not affect me much. I feel for the honest hardworking people downstream that will be affected by any stoppage.
  2. yoke

    Where to source Magnesium AZ31B plate?

    I have an RFQ for an assembly to be made from magnesium. None of my local material suppliers carry anything. I'm looking for plate in 1,2 and 3 inch thickness in roughly 12x18 sizes.
  3. yoke

    Manager okay with letting suppliers rip off the company

    Sounds like a kick back scheme to me. I'm sure it happens all the time.
  4. yoke

    Has anyone had a job that is too cushy and relaxed?

    I would look at it as though someone figured something out that you don't fully understand. There is no such thing as a free lunch and if they treat everyone well while turning a profit they have that figured out. Maybe they realized that a slower pace of production allows for expanded...
  5. yoke

    slowest summer in our 20 years.

    I have 7 figures of work on the hook but not in the boat and I am just working like crazy to push as much through as I can. If it hits I'll buy machines and hire only if I absolutely have to. I feel like buying opportunities are right around the corner like you are talking about.
  6. yoke

    3D solid model sites?

    I'm wanting to do some milling programs so the .STL might be problematic? I have a young guy who is interested in game piece figurines and I thought if I could find one we could work through it together. I also have a wife who likes when I make her things. The problem is my modeling is limited...
  7. yoke

    Shop Pet Peeves

    You work with neanderthals.
  8. yoke

    3D solid model sites?

    I would like to do some art/training projects and was wondering what sites are available for free or low cost downloads of good solid models? Any leads?
  9. yoke

    Hiring someone to run a quality department.

    I'm not sure I understand what you are saying here. Are you referring to small business where the training is niche specific? Over the past 4 years, really accelerating over the past 2, our scope of work has become much more complex and involved. We are really good at the making but depend on...
  10. yoke

    Hiring someone to run a quality department.

    Small shop and I couldn't spare any of them even if they wanted to do that work, which they don't. I want someone I can ask questions to, not have them coming to me for clarification.
  11. yoke

    Hiring someone to run a quality department.

    Currently 4 on the shop floor, adding one and losing one in a year or two to retirement. I can't spare any of the guys on the floor and they were brought up from green so no formal metrology training or interest in doing the "boring" side of it. I could do it begrudgingly but I am too...
  12. yoke

    Hiring someone to run a quality department.

    Right now we are so slammed that my best customers have agreed to do only incoming inspection on most of our projects to keep my staff producing. We have a near zero NC rate which is what has allowed us to get such favorable terms. As we grow I need to bring everything under our roof. I have a...
  13. yoke

    Working hours

    I am in at 7 and my guys show up between 730 and 930 depending on what I need. None of my guys seem too interested in OT so it's just when they have their hours in.
  14. yoke

    Another Estimating Part Cost or Price Thread.

    In college I learned the academic way of quoting and accounting for everything in a large manufacturing facility. Took a lot of time and good data is necessary. These days I go through the motions but at the end I listen to my gut when it says to raise or lower the price. I don't know how...
  15. yoke

    What's the general feel in manufacturing? Recession?

    Consumer debt is at all time highs. They might have more in savings because they have larger credit card debts. I honestly don't know how people making 40-50K a year are surviving. I know responsible hard working blue collar people who are struggling.
  16. yoke

    What's the general feel in manufacturing? Recession?

    Busier than is comfortable but happy for it. My best customers are swamped as well and are having trouble keeping to their own schedule. They are holding off taking certain projects until I can fit them in. My machine sales guys say they have been very slow. Looks like a good time to have some...
  17. yoke

    How to valuate shop equipment for retirement sale

    Fine, 2 plates of cookies. You drive a hard bargain.
  18. yoke

    How to valuate shop equipment for retirement sale

    I'm thoroughly intrigued. If your super secret plan doesn't work out give your customer my number before you turn off the lights and lock to door. I love a good codependent customer. This is not a joke. If it works out I'll have my wife send you a plate of cookies every Christmas.
  19. yoke

    Pitfalls of buying used machines.

    9500 cutting hours I would have the local-to-the-machine branch of our machine dealer do a full inspection before making an offer and do the packaging for shipping. I was able to see a 7-8 minute video showing all critical mechanical features. Everything sounds good I have the same machine...