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  1. biometrics

    OT, and prob illegal-runnning w/o catalytic converter

    Stationed in Italy in the early 1980's, a new member of my team called in and said he couldn't keep his car running. He was given the day off to get it fixed, but couldn't diagnose the problem. I stopped by after work and asked him to try and start it. It would start easy but wouldn't run...
  2. biometrics

    Winchester 94 Conversion?

    I own one of the 94 Winchesters that I bought new that was built in the 1970's and it's in .44 magnum caliber, but haven't shot it in decades. Kicked like a mule (checkered steel buttplate) using factory ammunition. As far as I can tell the only modification (other than the barrel) was the...
  3. biometrics

    0t- special thanks to all pm veterans

    "Taking Chance" tmt, I agree with you completely. I purchased the movie Taking Chance after viewing it one time as a rental. I lend it to people who have never seen it, or those who have no idea what the word sacrifice means... it is a life attitude changer. I recommend the movie to all...
  4. biometrics

    0t- special thanks to all pm veterans

    U.S. Army Retired Thanks for the thanks... My Thanks to all who have served, and continue to serve. October 1967 to February 1988. Italy (2 tours), --Germany, Iran, Turkey, Eritrea, & Ethiopia for various lengths of time. Life was never boring, especially during the cold war... I miss it...
  5. biometrics

    High Power clone trigger pull

    Polish to a mirror finish the flat surface on the magazine safety, and the spot on each magazine where it bears. Keep the mag safety lubricated and recheck the trigger pull. Some just remove the mag safety, I did on mine when I owned it, but are hesitant to remove the safety on other's pistols...
  6. biometrics

    Amada vs Trumpf

    I was the Engineering Manager for a sheet metal company back in the early 1990's. i wasn't involved with the acquisition of the production machines, just managed the designs of what they produced. ALL the machines in the business, which employed about 85 people, were manufactured by AMADA...
  7. biometrics

    A source for British Whitworth threads in a 3/16" x 30 TPI screws?

    Sorry for the delay in response to your very comprehensive posting, ...but the blueprints are very specific. Here is a composite blueprint image I put together showing that the screw is, in fact, 3/16" Whitworth, with 30 TPI. Why this German pistol was made with these screws as standard is a...
  8. biometrics

    Sorta OT: Cordless shop phone

    How about just dumping your landline and transferring your landline phone number to the new cell phone you will replace it with?
  9. biometrics

    454 casull conversion

    Get yourself one of the new revolvers that accept .45 Long Colt OR .410 shothells. The snakes will leave you alone after a few encounters... and No risk to the gun or bystanders unless you are a lousy shot.
  10. biometrics

    Unertl / Litschert Scopes - Crosshairs?

    I believe I recall from my younger days that the crosshairs in old scopes were actually made from spider's silk that they weave their webs from. It has probably been replaced by some kind of modern material, and I have no idea what that is, but I think that .008 might be very much too large...
  11. biometrics

    Shop Made Tool pics

    Great idea! Here is a quick idea to add to your design. If you used the base/column of a cheap floor-based drill press to hold your shelves, you could use the crank from the drill table to raise and lower the shelves to the appropriate height so you can just slide the heavy stuff from the...
  12. biometrics

    Electronics - What is the ultimate suction type desoldering gun ?

    Just my $0.02 as an old electronic techician, but if you have to remove an IC from a board, solder in a good quality IC Socket instead of the replacement IC so you don't have to ever do it more than once. IF the chip is bad, just pull and replace the IC from the socket in the future.
  13. biometrics

    Rubber "bulb" to remove machine oil from sump ?

    Clear Plastic tube with the bulb on it of the type used for turkey basting are only $1.00 from the local DOLLAR TREE where everything is $1.00
  14. biometrics

    Browning adjustable stock help needed

    If you don't have the owner's manual, research it online, or Get in touch with Browning Customer Service and ask them... Sounds like there is a nut on the inside that you back out of and now can't get the screw restarted. That is too expensive a shotgun to be winging it without knowing what...
  15. biometrics

    lathe conversion

    This is an ingenious idea... but why limit it to a horizontal mill. You can create anadapter for the vertical mill spindle and still mount an upper and lower tool post on the mill table. An old manual bridgeport or similar mill would be perfect do this job and remain capable of many more...
  16. biometrics

    1911 Barrel Forging Company

    How about buying finished .45 ACP or 9mm barrels cheap and then sleeving them to whatever .22 wildcat you are considering. All the exterior machine work would already be done...
  17. biometrics

    Need advice on old Mcdougall

    A fascinating project... I look forward to the next installment... please take lots of photos to share here! Thanks, -John
  18. biometrics

    A source for British Whitworth threads in a 3/16" x 30 TPI screws?

    Thanks Gary for the rapid response. If it was just a couple of screws for myself or one of my friends I would do just that, I have both the skills and a lathe but I am looking to source a commercial quantity (50 or 100) to have them available as replacements for other Luger owners &...
  19. biometrics

    A source for British Whitworth threads in a 3/16" x 30 TPI screws?

    I know this is a bastard size that falls between the FINE and COARSE definitions, but it is the thread size for the grip retention screws on original German Luger pistols. 3/16" x 30 TPI Whitworth 55 degree threads. The threaded shank is only THREE to FOUR threads long, so any length greater...
  20. biometrics

    vfd and my am radio addiction

    Have you checked to see if this radio station streams its audio over the internet from their website... lots of stations do this. If you are receiving the audio through your PC (that you are using to presumably use this forum) there won't be ANY static... no matter what equipment you are running.