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  1. crossthread

    Slightly OT: Has the specification for wire gauge changed?

    I beg to differ. It was not a "silly" post at all. Both cables are marked #12. After nearly forty years in the trade, I can at least tell when something is bigger then something else. I only mention this because it seems like it was implied that I am some kind of retard for not measuring the...
  2. crossthread

    Slightly OT: Has the specification for wire gauge changed?

    I had to move a compressor this week which is wired from the shop with #12 UF cable. I bought a roll of #12 UF cable to extend the wiring to the new location. The existing wire was buried probably thirty years or so ago. The new wire is absolutely smaller then the older #12. I even double...
  3. crossthread

    Simple cart axle size question

    My wood planer vs axle diameter spreadsheet says 5/8".
  4. crossthread

    Painting grooves onto Drills

    Down here in the south we call that a shit storm. The way you describe the process I can't think of anything that will speed things up without building some sort of dedicated (think expensive) piece of machinery. I hope that when the job was bid that the time and expense of this operation was...
  5. crossthread

    Flat spindle noses

    My neighbor has a flat nosed dog if that will help. Looks like it has been chasing parked cars.
  6. crossthread

    Name for Round Head Rivet Finishing tool?

    I needed to polish some rivets on an ornamental structure a few years back and this is the way I did it. Took a 4" piece of 1/2" maple dowel and chucked it up. Dimpled the end with a 3/8" drill. Held the dowel in a hand drill and dipped the dimpled end into a slurry of fine valve grinding...
  7. crossthread

    Can I make a usable lathe tool from D2?

    D2 is a decent grade of tool steel. Something like 1.5% carbon if my memory serves me. 12L14 is very forgiving as well. Not sure how it will hold up in the SS however. Might be fine.
  8. crossthread

    Deburring AND OR Edge breaking.....same thing?

    This is just my opinion because I don't know the technical difference. Someone will probably chime in. To me deburring is just to get rid of a burr left over from some operation. I would consider just a hand deburring tool to be used here. In my opinion, edge breaking is a bit more aggressive...
  9. crossthread

    Ot- motorized drain augers and glove use/best options for getting roots out of drain.

    I am surprised that a water jet that would be appropriate for sending down a sewer line would cut through roots. I would think you would simply end up with some very clean rots, but I guess if it works then great. I know some folks around here that still use an old method for keeping roots out...
  10. crossthread

    ot 1940 monarch promo film

    Thanks very much for posting that. I love my Monarch and found it very interesting to see how the old girl was made. One thing I saw at 5:50 and 8:40 was a set of bellows for blowing stuff off. Very interesting. At first I thought it was to provide oil free air in that laboratory setting but...
  11. crossthread

    Pin spanner holes

    I must have tern or twelve devices that require pin spanners and none are the same. I don't think there is a standard.
  12. crossthread

    what tool do I need to remove pins in a connector?

    Make very sure that when you put the pins back in (either new or reused) that they firmly click into place. I have seen a lot of instances on Molex connectors where the pins where not pushed in completely when the plug was assembled. Troubleshooting this problem can be difficult because if you...
  13. crossthread

    Loud stepper resonance cure?

    Loosen the panel slightly, fill the space with Great Stuff expanding foam and tighten the screws. Also, a good coating of Skippy peanut butter works wonders for sound dampening.
  14. crossthread

    Anti Chip Mat?? (For in front of the mill)

    At one place I worked the maintenance crew that came in at night would put down a "sticky" mat and change it every evening. Definitely kept most of the chips out of the carpeted office space. You see these mats at the entrance of most "clean" rooms.
  15. crossthread

    Electroplating an air tank?

    What about this magic crud? Amazon.com: KBS Coatings 5300 Gold Standard Tank Sealer - 1 Pint : Automotive
  16. crossthread

    What oil for floor jack?

    Have you guys tried the precooked bacon? It does not need to be refrigerated and is damned good. Great for camping.
  17. crossthread

    Shop First Aid Supplies

    I think first aid kits should contain a roll of electrical tape. A wad of something and some tape can stop some pretty serious bleeding. Makes a pretty good tourniquet too. The VA keeps sending me Narcan so I have put some of that in the first aid kit in my truck. You never know these days. 52...
  18. crossthread

    threads after tumbling

    What media are you using? Wouldn't take much to slightly bugger a 4-40 thread in AL.
  19. crossthread

    A question about the new ratcheting flex head box wrenches

    About eight years ago my wife gave me these for Christmas. I gave her an air fryer. I won. These have been the finest wrenches I have ever used. I can grab the metric or English set and know I have got a wrench to fit something. They are very high quality and have stood up to some pretty heavy...