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    Transforming an EDM machine into a milling machine

    convert it into a peice of artwork and sell it to your local government and use the money to buy an appropriate milling machine..
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    Drilling and tapping into milling machine casting?

    for the purpose of mounting accessories, etc. I have always avoided drilling into machine castings because I am afraid it will eventually lead to a crack and ruin the machine. I have spent countless hours making elaborate brackets to avoid doing this.aslNow I am trying to add a knee...
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    Help Identifying Manufacturer of End Mills

    Thanks for the suggestion. I do not have any problem with determining appropriate end mills for a given job. I was specifically wanting to know if anyone could identify the end mills that I listed in the original post.
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    FOR SALE: Indexable and replaceable carbide

    Hello all, I would like to sell a few pieces of carbide in the following lots all items are new out-of-the-box without original packaging: 1) 15 pieces: ISCAR End Replaceable Milling Tip: MMEC500A37R0306T08 908 IC908, Carbide This is 0.5" 5-Flute multimaster endmill heads. price is for all 15...
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    Help Identifying Manufacturer of End Mills

    Hi Folks, I have a few end mills that I purchased from a machine shop that was going out of business. Ive used them up and want to look into getting some more but I have no clue who manufactured them or what model/types they are. If anyone can help me figure it out it would be really helpful...
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    Used/salvage dies and fixtures?

    Does anyone know of any place other than eBay and this site where used / obsolete/ salvage dies, die shoes and machining fixtures are sold? Thank you Ian
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    Bandsaw blades wider than machine allows

    Has anyone ever modified a bandsaw to use a wider blade? I have a Kalamazoo horizontal that can accept up to 5/8 but I found a great deal on a large spool of 1" bimetal stock. The saw is cheap, the blades are not. So I was wondering what would be involved in modifying a machine to take a 1"...
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    How do I measure this profile rail?

    Hello, I have a project to drill and tap holes that will be used to join two sections of profile rail. The profile rail sections appear to have been cut from a longer piece because the distance from the outermost screw holes to the edges are not consistent. I am trying to find a way to...
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    Need recommendations for working with AR400 plate

    1/4" AR plate, go with plasma. Anything over 50 amps is more than enough, 40 amps would be pushing it. You don't need a track burner for this. Just get a piece of straight 3/8" CRS long enough to use as a straight edge and clamp it to the plate with vice grips at both ends and mind the offset...
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    Solder Chuck?

    jscpm, Thank you for the comprehensive explanation and for the historical context.
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    Solder Chuck?

    Hello, I am reading an old book on toolmaking, I am sorry but the title escapes me at the moment. In the first chapter which covered precision locating, the author mentioned something called a "solder chuck" for a lathe. I think in the book this was being used to turn and face metal discs used...
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    Looking for setup suggestions

    Hello, I have run into an issue that I am not quite sure how to approach. I was hoping to get some direction from wisdom of this forum. I have a part (dozens actually) that is a 1/2" thin wall tube about 10 inches long with a 45 degree bend at the halfway point. There is a diffuser installed...
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    What is going on with welding forums?

    First, please forgive me, I understand that this might be off topic and possibly bad form but I'm not sure how to handle this situation. I've been trying to sign up to a welding forum (millerwelds) for over 9 days and no approval. I've contacted support several times and no response. So I...