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  1. J

    Automatic Centralized Coolant Tank Maintenance System

    If you're trying to do this on the cheap (and it sounds like you are) I would consider not monitoring every single tank at the machines, but rather constantly circulate all of the coolant from all of the tanks. Monitor the levels of the individual tanks and control it with proportional valves on...
  2. J

    Aftermarket Servo Door Manufacturers

    hey Gang - does anyone have any recommendations for manufacturers of kits to convert/add a servo door to existing CNC machines? Yes, I can obviously design and build custom ones, but why reinvent the wheel if I don't have to? Bonus points if you've done the install and have feedback on it...
  3. J

    Training Video for Fanuc robot

    If you work for a Fanuc ASI, I can point you towards some on their CrC website. What type of training are you looking for? If you send me a message, I might be able to get you going the right way, but Fanuc tenaciously pursues action against anyone and everyone who so much as posts a manual of...
  4. J

    False Certs Lead to Criminal Charges, Business Closure

    So I understand why it's happening in this case (flight critical hardware especially, and I don't disagree with the punishment he's likely to get) but inspectors "falsifying" reports is obviously a problem in quite a few shops. A company I used to work for that bought a couple million dollars of...
  5. J

    Planning for Swaging Force

    I'd be curious to see their retention system, because otherwise all the Finn Power one is, is a fancied up (and obviously more well done) version of the same thing as the Horror Fraught tool. This is pretty much what I had in mind, but the octagonal drive wedge is a nice touch over the point...
  6. J

    Planning for Swaging Force

    Hey Gang - Looking for some input/guidance on an operation I don't have any experience with for something I'm working on: I'm looking to expand (and swage seems to be the correct term, although others might apply) a 2.5" OD tube with an 11 gage wall to accept a bearing. ID will need to expand...
  7. J

    Manufacturing Round Groove Conveyor Roller Grooves

    Hey Gang - I feel like I'm coming here with generally weird questions lately, that are only somewhat related to machining, but I always get good answers, so...... Anyone ever make round groove conveyor rollers? McMaster-Carr If you don't want to click through to the McMaster-Carr page: these...
  8. J

    Order of Magnitude for Operational Cost of Robotic Weld Cell

    I'm glad I asked here - I wound up getting way better information than I was able to get from my contact at the robot company, who just dumped me off on someone with a "Sorry, can't help, maybe this guy can." Predominate use would be welding 11 ga mild steel round tube to 1/4" - 9/32" mild...
  9. J

    Used Machinery For Sale - All in current production, Upstate NY

    Are you guys the Abtex in Dresden? I (my day job, if not me personally) probably have some interest in a couple of these if that's the case.
  10. J

    Order of Magnitude for Operational Cost of Robotic Weld Cell

    I posted this on one of the Industrial Robotics forums I'm a member of, but it's not real active over there, and I haven't gotten any input. I also asked my Fanuc Distributor, and haven't heard back from him (and will take it with a grain of salt when I do anyway.) Hey gang, trying to wrap my...
  11. J

    help! my tool release piston trp won't release the tool .

    Put something soft on the table, preferably something that'll catch the tool and put some pressure on the tool with a prybar while hitting the release button on the controller. It might take more force than you think to get the toolholder out. Then put a couple of gobs of grease on the...
  12. J

    Opinions for tolerance required on a "REAM" Callout?

    Wait just a hot second! Are you trying to tell me that the primary purpose of a paper print in a machine shop is not as a chip & coolant shield? Blasphemy! :crazy:
  13. J

    Opinions for tolerance required on a "REAM" Callout?

    It's not so much a fear of reaming as it is super inconvenient on my machine, and the inconvenience of the process itself. That said, one of the reasons I'm looking for a rule of thumb tolerance is because I have a handful of 501 reamers (even some shorties) but at what point do I call them...
  14. J

    Opinions for tolerance required on a "REAM" Callout?

    Good thought, but there's no tolerance block on the drawing.
  15. J

    Opinions for tolerance required on a "REAM" Callout?

    That's a fair point, and if you had shouted it loudly enough I probably would have heard you! (I live in Good Ol' Wayne County - I was actually in Canandaigua for dinner just last week!) For my curiosity: I know straight-flute reamed holes have a tendency to be tri-lobed due to flute flex, but...
  16. J

    Opinions for tolerance required on a "REAM" Callout?

    Hey Gang - Kind of a weird question: I have an old, old print with a thru hole callout for "REAM .501" The obvious thing to do is run a .501 reamer through it, but I don't like reamers, and my mill has very limited Z travel, so reamers don't really like me either. I would much prefer to...
  17. J

    Tesla and EV cars - update and thoughts

    Chevy Volt? Isn't that the one that costs taxpayers North of six figures every time GM sells one? (Which probably makes it good financial sense to buy one...) Back to Tesla (this is still a Tesla thread, right?) Tesla hit Model 3 target by reworking thousands of cars - Business Insider Tesla...
  18. J

    At A Crossroads

    To get my background out of the way: I have a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and work full-time as an Automation Engineer. I own a small CNC shop that makes products for a small business I own and operate, and also takes on job-shop work when it makes sense. My wife and I also own a...
  19. J

    240v into a 230v machine?

    The typical expectation is for +/-10% voltage from nominal. So anything labeled for 230V should be fine with anything from 207V-253V. I've heard some servo drive manufactures say they really want +/-5%, but that's still a range from 218.5V-241.5V. And we all kind of rolled our eyes at them...
  20. J

    Quotes For Manufacturing- Not "Quotes"

    Quoting custom machines is, in my opinion, about as bad as it gets. We have to 'guess' at the cost of manufactured parts before the DESIGN is even done, and do the same with design hours, assembly hours, runoff hours, etc. I've personally been a designer on jobs (where I had zero input on the...