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    Edge breaks on plate parts?

    Those work great for stainless 304? I bought the expensive european version and the expensive carbide inserts. Lucky to get 2 minutes per set of inserts doing 304.
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    Edge breaks on plate parts?

    Milwaukee's cordless "dynafile" / finger sander / whatever you want to call it, gets a lot of use in my shop for this sort of thing. There is the official one that came out earlier this year or last. And then for some years previous there were kits to put a Harbor Freight finger sander on a...
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    Customer changing delivery date on existing PO

    Powder coat is a wildly variable price thing, too. My former neighbor's shop did fabrication, sandblasting, and powder coat. I could routinely drop parts off in the morning and have sand blasted and powder coated parts before the end of the day. Oftentimes for a few dollars each and or something...
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    TIG torch cooler

    If you visit HGR in person you'll understand how your thing got smashed. Big cavernous warehouse and forklift drivers zooming around to make time. I saw them load a pretty healthy size press brake without even getting off their forklift to look at where they should fork it from.
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    OT: Love or hate floor drains?

    We've got to remember that Jason is in Africa. Probably less people concerned about floor drains in his shop than there are in the USA.
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    Carbide inserts that don’t need to be ran at crazy high speeds

    2000 RPM doesn't seem like too much of a show stopper. My CNC lathes can do more than that, but I typically have max RPM set to 2500 just so I can get away with less than optimal work holding. And if you look at the gripping power of the hydraulic chuck, it goes down as RPM increase. I use...
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    Chinese Laser Welder

    Way more than 16 to 18 ga. The IPG Light Weld seems to be pulsed to get their kW rating. That is how they are small and air cooled. The Chinese fiber lasers seem to be continuous duty with refridgerated chillers. 2kW laser should happily be right around 1/4" mild steel, if I recall correctly. We...
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    Chinese Laser Welder

    I have two Varisign fiber laser welders. 2kW real machine (water cooled, continuous duty) is $12k delivered. They do real work. We've welded ton of 16ga 304SS to 10ga 304SS.
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    OT- how to resolve roadbed site problem at a marina?

    I don't think anybody is going to redesign the travel lift to make up for poor soil. No engineer would go near putting their name on that project. If the ground doesn't have the bearing capacity the standard way is to spread the load. Put down crane mats and reduce the ground loading.
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    Delrin Rod - Best Place to Buy?

    These people (local'ish to me) kill Boedeker and all the other plastics places I have tried: https://www.plasticsintl.com/ Prices are cheaper if you e-mail in an RFQ.
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    OT- how to resolve roadbed site problem at a marina?

    That's the guy. I don't know him but have watched a few of his videos and he seems like the real deal.
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    OT- how to resolve roadbed site problem at a marina?

    Here is another soil stabilization outfit: Copperhead Cove Marine 2971 Vicky Dr, Dillon, SC, United States, South Carolina Soil mixed with concrete
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    OT- how to resolve roadbed site problem at a marina?

    Geotextile fabric underneath to prevent all the rocks from going down forever.
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    Samurai Mini Desktop CNC

    Looks like chatter central on all of their example parts. Example parts found in 5.8 megabyte PDF that seems to be a printout of a website photo gallery. You are right about the web designer.
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    Mazak's new standard?

    I ordered a QT250MSY last spring. It showed up in the fall a couple months late. Was loaded funny on the truck and accessories were kind of just dumped into boxes. Some stuff was bent. Problem seemed to be whoever did the final packing of the machine really didn't do their job. I screamed bloody...
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    How do you handle tooling cost when quoting for a job

    Carbide cost is a big deal, at least for me, on stainless parts. It's pretty easy to use a few dollars of carbide on a single part that fits comfortably in your hand. CNMG324 rougher at $3 per corner and 2 parts per corner. Insert drill with two inserts at $13 each and you use two sides (half of...
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    I am searching for the most effective method to eliminate oil and chips from our brass-turned components.

    It works well and I have personal experience with it. Otherwise I wouldn't have taken the time to write about it.
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    I am searching for the most effective method to eliminate oil and chips from our brass-turned components.

    heated ultrasonic cleaner. 50 degree C tank temperature. Generally run simple green and de-ionized water. Rinse parts with tap water. Rinse again with flowing de-ionized water. Spread out to dry. The de-ionized water doesn't leave spots.
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    OEM Repair/Inspection Service, equipment destroyed. Who is responsible?

    Another thing I keep noticing is that a lot of companies will use your original packaging to return something to you. So make your packaging bullet proof and it will help whatever it is you care about survive. The $15k things we are shipping endlessly are in Pelican cases. 50+ lb things with...
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    OEM Repair/Inspection Service, equipment destroyed. Who is responsible?

    Fully insured won't mean anything with UPS or FedEx. There is no way that they would pay $20k or most likely more than $100 for a box of electronics. They don't care and you can't make them care. Whatever you pay them for insurance you are just throwing away. We send $15k parcels out daily with...