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    Lagun Mill FTV-2 for sale

    Excellent condition -- extra tools ---- Located in Atwater, Calif ---- can hear run ---- 4500.00 Call Mark 209-617-8554
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    Clausing 1301 for sale

    Clausing 1301 - complete with attachments- good condition- located in Atwater, Ca - is running presently- 3500.00. Call Mark 209-617-8554
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    American Machine 18x80 for sale

    Located in Atwater , California- there are extras with it - 10 hp - 3 phase will answer and take more pictures if needed. 6500.00 I can't figure out how to use the pictures taken with my I Phone 11--- the error message says file too big ? Mark 209-617-8554
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    Ames hardness tester penetrator ball wanted

    I need a 1/2 ball like this - Archive for Product categories Penetrators | Ames Rockwell Hardness Testers Mark Leigh --- 209-617-8554 [email protected]
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    Best drill for 304ss

    A 135 degree split point always worked best when hand drilling
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    OT - Eliminating "Belt" slap shutting down a machine.

    Well don't that suck --- or is the moral of the story not to buy a cheaper motor ?
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    OT - Eliminating "Belt" slap shutting down a machine.

    The belts look loose to me ---- what amount of deflection do they have when checking them in the middle of the span ? Are they a matched set ?
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    Subaru "Billet" Block

    Are you interested in building a Chevy 409 billet block with water jackets ? Mark 209-617-8554
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    long slings

    That was a Howard Hughes deal
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    OT- Hearing loss - Do hearing aids restore to as before, or just 'aid' only ?

    I'm 58 and have Tinnitus in one ear. I went without a hearing aid until my ENT explained to me that not using a hearing aid in that ear means that the brain quits learning the words -- it is a constant training cycle that occurs that keeps you recognizing words -- If you don't hear them you...
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    Moving 800 pound lathe across state

    Dude -- is there anything ELSE you can complain about ????? Now the lathe is coming to you and it's all within 2 hours of you --- WTH else can be wrong -- you can't be over budget now-------
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    Making welding jigs

    Metalmaster -- none of your links work !
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    Ot- my new shop build

    Nice shop ! What do you project as your cost per sq ft ?