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    Cleaning rust from motor laminations

    The thumb in suspender expertise on this thread is hilarious. I work in a pump/motor rewind shop that specializes in submersible pumps, and, except a short 3yr stint in a jydraulic shop, have for 10+yrs. Rust on the laminations is no huge deal. Hit it with emory tape on the lathe to keep the...
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    Lodge and Shipley Powershift issues

    Sounds like a loose setscrew, sheared pin, or broken fork. I'd have a look inside.
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    Threading Issue on new manual lathe

    You're going to have to go old school and figure this the hard way. Measure the leadscrew pitch and then figure what gear combination is going to make up 20tpi. Good luck. Looks as bad as the Summit here at work that changes thread pitch with speed range. Slowest you can cut 20tpi is 250rpm on...
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    Shavings near motor on Atlas Clausing 4800 lathe

    The far-easters, in their infinte wisdom, put an open ended fan cooled motor on my unmentionable brand 9x20. The fan slots set almost exactly in line with the chuck on the back side. After taking it apart a few times to get chips out, I got a metal coffee can, punched a bunch of 1/4" holes in...
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    Lathe threading didn't work with traditional way

    Gently drag your hand in the handwheel to prevent the carriage wandering on the leadscrew.
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    Determine Taper in Degrees: Reamers for Acoustic Guitar Bridge Pins

    Watching this one. Bridge holes in one of my guitars are too loose and I just can't give Stewmac $100 for a reamer to plug and recut.
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    Feeds and speeds 303 stainless milling

    Treat it like 4340 and it should be great, unless an unscrupulous supplier has sent you 304, instead (cheaper, but a BITCH to work, by comparison).
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    Patching Aluminum

    In the aviation world, common method on floats was to use a two part flexible fuel tank sealer compound... sort of a cross between an RTV and an epoxy. Can't remember the brand name. Was 20yrs ago now, and the guys are all gone.
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    Looking for method to slightly chamfer/break edge of Induction hardened chrome rods

    90 degree angle die grinder with sanding pads. Works surprisingly quick, even on induction hardened chrome rods.
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    Bleach on Stainless Steel. What happens?

    Problem is it's 304. If it's 316, that won't happen. 304 is kinda, sorta stainless.
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    Need some help with bronze brazing

    Agree with both the above, I'll also add that some of the old books say to only chip with a chisel or file for prep, grinding smears graphite. Get a can of powdered flux (you can occasionally catch it at Tractor Supply) to flux hell out of the joint. Restaurant type salt shaker works great for...
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    20mm tap driver 4MT Unobtanium?

    Nope, a 20mm tap has a 15mm shank. It will not go in a 3/4" driver. I have most every tap driver over 1/2" and nothing fit the 20mm. A 19mm tap fits a 3/4 and a 22mm fits a 7/8".
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    7075 handling after machining

    Any of the typical degreasing products contain sodium hydroxide (lye), which is very corrosive to alumimum. About the equivalent of saltwater to steel. Switch to a simple soap and water cleaning and isopropyl alcohol. Should eliminate the problem.
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    20mm tap driver 4MT Unobtanium?

    Thanks, JS! Nailed it. I can sleeve it to 4MT. Hand tapping 16 holes was a real party yesterday... and of course it's a rush job.
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    Lathe spindle scoured

    Another option to make a pattern lathe work better is live tooling on the carriage. Helped a friend repair some VERY coarse threaded wood table legs. We tried a razor sharp thread cutter in my old L&S, but it still just tore out the material, especially on the last passes. We ended up using a...
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    20mm tap driver 4MT Unobtanium?

    Had a 16 hole bolt circle to drill and tap on the radial drill this week. Apparently nobody on this planet makes a Morse Taper 4 tap driver for a 20x2.5 tap?
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    How hot to heat a bearing for press fit?

    Set up to press and forget the heat. You are never going to heat fit a 17mm bearing. Heating to 250° F is only going to give you 0.001" expansion if the shaft is at 0° F. There's not enough expansion and if it touches anywhere, it'll lock up, instantly. Heat fitting works well on larger bearings...
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    1920 Lodge and Shipley gear head lathe Clutch wont disengage

    The star wheel type cone feed clutches are also prone to sticking. It's now instinct to slap the star wheel as quickly as it's released to totally stop the feed, lol.
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    1920 Lodge and Shipley gear head lathe Clutch wont disengage

    My bet is that it's adjusted too tight or just stuck from sitting. Loosen it off a touch and see if it releases before tearing too deep into it.
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    OT SR-71 LA Speed Check

    Talking with Bob Gilliland, one of the A-12/SR-71 test pilots, there was also an altitude version of that exchange... sort of. He was somewhere out west cruising along on the way back in and hit up ATC. Requested altitude clearance change to FL800 (80,000ft, which is technically uncontrolled...