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    issue with lead screw in chuck/Workholding

    Crap in the threads and over torquing to me Have you asked the manufacturers for their opinion/
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    1/2" tool holder for round insert.

    Before we get in too deep, what diameter is that button insert? ........and what material are you going to cut?
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    Prostate cancer, need I say more........

    According to my sister it's because they didn't have chocolate.
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    Prostate cancer, need I say more........

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    Prostate cancer, need I say more........

    Like eKretz said ;- I'm 6-4'' and I've been 189lbs, ............and looked equally dreadful.
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    Cute P&W lathe on CL

    Not if I'd beaten you too it 😉 ....very nice!
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    Pressure regulator for blast cabinet?

    Also make sure the flow rate of the regulators high enough, IME it's ''quite easy'' for volume and pressure to become shall we say - confused?
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    Prostate cancer, need I say more........

    Re no eating - what a load of old bollox, bunkum and bullshit When you've lost over a quarter of your body weight because you cannot eat, ...............because a tumor is blocking your bowel, you will have a different out look on it.
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    Board policy on chat bots and AI?

    What do you call a bottle blonde who's roots are showing?
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    Lil OT: Mounting anvil to wood block.

    Over here in the UK, as far as I can recall, every anvil on a block has been held down with straps. FWIW the favoured wood for the job in UK is Elm - I was told mainly due to it's low propensity for splitting.
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    machining lead

    Like ''all'' pure /non or very low alloyed metals, lead can be sticky to machine, leading to torn surface & BUE on the tooling etc etc. my recipe is keep the speed down and feed up with ultra sharp tooling and coolant will help a lot. Just my 2 cents YMMV
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    using ChatGPT and other automation solutions, custom machining chatbot?

    I have enough trouble with the voices in my head talking to me - the last thing I need is a computer joining in.
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    Problem turning 4140 with HSS bits

    Re Compounds on light lathes. Just my 2 cents If you aren't screw cutting and / or have a lot of metal to move, make up a block the same height as the compound, the base of which mounts like the compound (or easier) the top m/ced to take the tool post. Thus doing away with a set of...
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    Problem turning 4140 with HSS bits

    We could solve 90% of these problems by making South Bend's ''How To Run a Lathe'' compulsory reading, as a condition of joining PM.
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    Problem turning 4140 with HSS bits

    I think Tyrone's a Lancastrian, ............ it probably started with P and ended with K
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    OT optimal cutting speed and feed rate for lawn mower blades?

    I like a liquid lawnmower.
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    Problem turning 4140 with HSS bits

    That's more like it 😃
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    Tri Tool bit?

    I think youve a few years on me Larry
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    Tri Tool bit?

    Rule Of Thumb - aka educated guess etc etc