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  1. J

    Use for Craftsman Tool Boxes

    We were in a service station themed restaurant in Confluence, PA last weekend and noticed this great way to organize condiments.
  2. J

    Heavy Duty Rotating Machine / Grinder / Buffer Stand

    Very heavy duty stand, previously used for two large grinders/buffers. Could also be used for small injection molds, etc. 39" tall. 24" x 24" x 3/4" plate base. 1/4" wall, x 6" square column. 16 1/2" x 8" x 3/4" top plate, with threaded holes for mounting items. Bronze bearings for smooth...
  3. J

    powermatic planer knife grinder spindle bearings

    I just brought a few blades to be sharpened at a local sharpening shop here in Western Ohio. His main line of work is sharpening large knives. He had many knives there that were either sharp or going to be sharpened. (mostly 1/2" and 3/4" thick x 4" x 2 to 4') His equipment has the ability to...
  4. J

    Criterion Boring head arbors - R8 and straight shank

    I have 4 Criterion Boring head arbors, all with 7/8-20 threads R-8 Shank - $60.00 shipped 1/2" straight shank - $25.00 shipped 5/8" straight shank - $25.00 shipped 1" straight shank - $25.00 shipped Discount for multiple purchases
  5. J

    Lots of HeliCoil items

    Will take offers for any or all of these items
  6. J

    For Sale - Horizontal Mill Saw Blades/Cutters

    Willing to take offers for these blades
  7. J

    For Sale - Horizontal Mill Saw Blades/Cutters

    I have 4 horizontal mill saw blades/cutters for sale. All seem to be sharp and ready to use. $100.00 for all, shipped 6" x 1/8", 1 1/4" arbor (blade 7.3" x .243", 1 1/2" arbor 8" x 1/8", 1 1/4" arbor (blade 1 in photos) (made by National, Rochester, MI) 8" x 1/8", 1 1/4" arbor (blade 2 in...
  8. J

    3 Unknown Steady Rest

    Great, I'm glad it's going to work out for you! As for the packaging, I always feel that if you keep a heavy item from moving inside the box, it'll arrive safe every time. Jack
  9. J

    3 Unknown Steady Rest

    #1 is 7 1/4" from base to center, 7 1/4" from dovetail to centerline. #3 is 6" from base to center, 3/4" from dovetail to centerline.
  10. J

    3 Unknown Steady Rest

    I bet you are correct. The previous owner (now deceased), had a larger machine shop, but I don't think he did any grinding. He probably got them on a tool lot purchase.
  11. J

    3 Unknown Steady Rest

    I have 3 (now 2) steady rest from different lathes. Appear to be for 12 to 14" in size. I'm including one photo of each, but am including a link to a page with more photos (at least 3 of each) As mentioned in the comments, it appears that Rest 1 and 3 might be from centerless grinders? Hoping...
  12. J

    Rockwell 28-365 Drive pulley clutch question.

    Hello, I never took the gearbox apart on mine, just the variable speed portion. The only part I worked on as far as the gearbox goes, was to repair the detent ball on the transmission lever on the outside of the case. Jack
  13. J

    Lots of HeliCoil items

    The Power Tool set (#2)has been sold
  14. J

    Lots of HeliCoil items

    I have a lot of HeliCoil Items for sale. Discount for shipping on multiple purchases PayPal or Check 1. HeliCoil 1"-8 Master Thread Repair Kit - Everything looks like new - the empty slot in the box originally had 6 inserts ($425.00 new) $80.00 shipped 2. HeliCoil Power Tool Kit -...
  15. J

    CNC Tooth (human) Manufacturing

    I was at the dentist here in our small town and didn't know that permanent crowns are made on a desktop machine. It measured about 30" x 20" x 15" tall. This photo is of the business portion. The largest endmill is about .125".
  16. J

    Rockwell 28-365 Drive pulley clutch question.

    I had a Rockwell 28-500, 20" bandsaw for a while and if it had this clutch in it, I never knew it. (I worked on the vari-speed, but not the wheel bearing) I had a similar emergency clutch in my Clausing lathe. In that case, they would only come into play when there would be a crash of the...
  17. J

    Anyone need a Stroke Sander ?

    I have been using a stroke sander in my cabinet shop for 40 years. It's sanded 1000s of doors and drawer fronts!
  18. J

    Need help with wiring for Delta unisaw starter

    I'm not an electrician, but I think that you are correct that you can wire the 110v wires either way. I've done it for many years that way.
  19. J

    Mitutoyo 0-6" Outside Micrometer Set - NEW

    The 0-6" micrometer set has been sold