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    Metric button/round head socket cap screws with a deeper than normal head

    ISO 4762 is way more common here i EU than ISO 7380. 4762 heads are as tall as the metric screw size, ie. M6 have a head max 6 mm high. Though I've noticed often times they are a tad bit under.
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    Metric button/round head socket cap screws with a deeper than normal head

    You're looking for ISO 4762.
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    Best methods for many threaded holes

    Rivet nuts is a no-go? I have come to love them, bought a battery riveter for these nuts and oh boy is it fast, simple and looks proffessional! Usually stronger too.
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    AutoCAD Inventor + CAM VS Solid Works + Mastercam

    Inventor CAM is dead, at most there are some bugfixes between later versions. It's easy to use though, especially coming from fusion. I've modified my posts to be able to drive my Integrex (4+1) and it works good but I would never even consider ICAM for 5 ax simultanious. To be honest I would...
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    Tapping Acetal/Delrin

    If the thread is going to be repeatedly used I would recommend using an insert of some kind. One often forgets and pull the screw a little too tight which might be destructive in the long run. It's a cheap insurence. Other than that, acetal/POM is more like aluminium than most plastics in that...
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    Cincinnati 500 arrow look ahead issue

    What control is on the machine? And what options? I run an Arrow 2000 with acramatic 2100 and have absolutely zero issues with high speed toolpaths from fusion/Inventor CAM. Regurlary running 1500-4500 mm/min feedrates and no jerks or stops without any smoothing. In fact I noticed it runs...
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    Mazak Integrex 200SY mk 1 (Fusion 640MT) Cycle start without Y at home

    I always run with barriers off, to much high mix - short run parts for me to set them up every time. I've learnt to trust my post processor and a tape measure to stay clear of crashes so far.. :D
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    Servo motor for 10 kN electric press

    Steppers should work, but I would calculate atleast 19-20 Nm.
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    Servo motor for 10 kN electric press

    The answer is you need at least 19 Nm on the input shaft with 85% efficiency (std for ballscrew). If you want 50 mm/s you need 19 Nm @ 300 RPM = 0.6 kW If you want 25 mm/s you need 19 Nm @ 150 RPM = 0.3 kW The thing is, which ever you choose you will need reduction. A standard servo usually...
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    Roughing small gear teeth in mill turn

    The more you tilt the longer tool stickout to avoid tool holder hitting workpiece. Also, more tilt means longer tool engagement, might eventually start to chatter. But a 40-50 degree tilt is really helping a lot for ball mill life and preformance, I regularly do this with our integrex...
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    Mazak Integrex 640MT sub spindle program

    What do you need exactly? G110 Z2/C2is sub Z/C axis, used like this G110 Z2 -Select sub z axis G0 Zxxx -Move sub z axis G111 -Deselect sub axis G112 Mxxx is M code towards sub side. Example: G112 M200 -Activate sub C axis G112 M6 -Unclamp sub chuck Can be used in conjunction with regular M...
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    Utility of G53?

    On my Integrex I use G53 to move multiple axis in sync to home position. G28 U0 V0 W0 moves the linear axis but the B axis have no incremental letter (that I know) so I use G53 X0 Y0 Z0 B0 instead. If I remember right, G28 moves the axis in a dogleg fashion, which is no good in an Integrex...
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    Oscillating C axis when clamped.

    Alright. When the axis is moving there is no "stick-slip" effect, only "slip". So hunting is usually not seen except with really small increments in movement. I stand by my first solution. Grease the disc and the problem will dissappear. On a 200Y it takes about 5 min to remove the back cover...
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    Machined radii's strength

    If you mean a radius between a top surface and wall, and you're interpolating it in parallel with a regular endmill that leaves steps than yes it will affect the strength. Sharp corners are stress risers, no matter if small. Better to interpolate with a ball- or corner radius endmill in that case.
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    Tool choice and expected tool life

    Nice! The starting values works good! Two unrelated observations I made during my trial & error time: If I have less than two cutting edges in action with the EMs I tend to get worse finish. I'm by this point quite sure that I get vibrations in the endmill when the flutes are constantly...
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    Oscillating C axis when clamped.

    Yes, that is correct. Problem is, both for M211 and M210. The "Release all brakes" code is M212, which is probably given when you press unlock. Try to verify wether it's M210 or M211 that is the problem, they require opposite solutions. Try putting it into C axis mode and then in MDI run M211...
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    Tool choice and expected tool life

    Hard to say from pictures, but a couple of things crossed my mind. Do you use HSM toolpath? If so, a tip is to use a smaller endmill where you can. They are waay cheaper to replace, and still remove a lot of material. I would say the chips look a little thin almost. Hard to tell from here...
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    Tool choice and expected tool life

    I too use Gesac for standard endmills. Their UP210-S4 is a good compromise between quality and price I think. With time I have collected an asortment of special tools like 12:1 long 19 mm insert drills, back chamfer cutters, 6 flute endmills for titanium etc. I buy those when I need them and...
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    Starrag Heckert machines compared to others ?

    Had I friend owning a Heckert 400 CWK year 2003 if I remember right. From the day he bought it till the day he retired and sold his assets he loved that machine. Never any hiccups, held tolerances all day, every day and was crazy fast. I remember him saying "If I can't do the job in the HMC I...
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    Acramatic A2100, someone with deeper knowledge?

    Yes I agree, It's a fantastic control in many ways. Just changed the X axis ballscrew to a spanking new. Was 45 mm dia, 12 mm pitch and a really tiny nut, so quite special. After some looking around I said fuck it and bought a new 50 mm screw with double anti-backlash nut and 10 mm pitch...