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    Shop rate 2023 in California

    As a remodeling contractor in a historic district, the HVAC guys made the most money for the time invested, followed by plumbers, then architects. New construction plumbers make very little - they have to compete on price for the most part. Normal residential repairs are pretty easy and some...
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    Dry air before compressor pump?

    No. That water separator only removes moisture that’s ready to condense at whatever temperature/pressure the air is at. At the higher temps coming off the compressor head much of the water is not ready to condense yet. If you were to have a cooler after the pump but before the tank then...
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    Question About Moving a CNC Lathe

    That’s not a bad idea. Anyone who has dropped a machine will never forget that feeling watching it fall to the ground in slow motion. Luckily the Jones and Shipman surface grinder is built like a fire plug, but there is still a spiderweb crack in the driveway, a quarter panel in the pickup had...
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    Designing and manufacturing a carbon fiber pressure vessel

    I almost chuckled out loud imagining what if industrial accident victims, or missing body parts, were just left where they died as a warning to others. How many old machines would have a collection of finger tips and thumbs? :-)
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    OT: Diabetes awareness, what would you do?

    Well, at least you didn’t ask the guy at the grocery store if you could do a cancer check!
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    What is our responsibility to the next generation of manufacturing?

    One of my first mentors told me years ago he enjoys spending time with others in the industry if he can either make money, teach, or learn from them. The key is to not confuse those three things. If you want a friend, save that for after work.
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    1/8" x 6" parallel sets that are actually on-size

    I wonder what machinists did before surface grinders?! lol I don’t think the parallels mind if someone hand laps a little off.
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    ? True Colour welding helmet ?

    A client bought me one of Eastwoods welding helmets because he could see so much better with it, and it has completely changed my enjoyment of welding! I wonder how many guys like myself have struggled needlessly simply because our eyes don’t see through a traditional lens like the majority of...
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    Designing and manufacturing a carbon fiber pressure vessel

    In my social circle years ago a young 20ish couple who were liked by everyone they ever met, would ride a bike everywhere with her on back. In the very slow stop and go traffic of downtown Fort Collins, CO she fell backwards and landed on her head. Even a bicycle helmet would have saved her...
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    Removing weld slag

    Oh - ok! If you go by a farm and ranch store they sell syringes with replaceable needles. The biggest gauge normally stocked (can’t remember the gauge) fits in a 1/16” hole and is large enough that glue passes through it - slowly, but it does flow enough. I’d use polyurethane gorilla glue -...
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    How can I fixture this part in my Bridgeport?

    It helps to keep in mind most stairs very by at least 1/8” in riser height from lowest to highest - if they are within 1/16” the tread angle is often fudged so the rise is the same, but angle changes. I’d suggest skipping the mill and focus on the welding - getting a surface within a few...
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    Camelback drill spindle issues

    You might look into one of the readily available thin sleeves or bushings and internal/external lapping/reaming of the existing parts to get tight tolerances without a lot of expense or complicated machining. For instance the lower shaft might get a sleeve and the inner diameter of the quill...
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    Lapping IDs on a pair of angular contact bearings

    If I read a thread that’s 4 min, 4 days, or 4 months old I’m ok saying what comes to mind - you don’t have to agree or even read it. I’m friends with a lot of engineers of all types and don’t have a negative view of young engineers so I don’t see what was said as an insult, but they are at a...
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    Russian machining...

    For international business there is a teachable moment here. Americans tend to think other cultures and cultural norms are just like ours, especially when international businesses interact with us in a way that we like and are familiar with. People living in countries with high levels of...
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    Removing weld slag

    I’ve reread your description half a dozen times and have 6 different images of it in my head. Is it a weld that is keeping something from fitting in something else? Was is the part or do you have a picture or a sketch you can share. If it’s a tube that fits inside the tube with the weld and...
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    Designing and manufacturing a carbon fiber pressure vessel

    I just came across this build video - pressure tested to 14,000psi!
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    Camelback drill spindle issues

    Straighten the shaft - that’s not that difficult and most new drills don’t have the straightest parts when new - it’s not a milling machine. Nobody will make the part cheaply and if it is cheap it will not be straight.
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    Lapping IDs on a pair of angular contact bearings

    I just read this and find taking .0001” off is quite funny. VERY important work. Why does this feel like a young engineer?
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    Bearing diameter

    Why are inch sized parts on a metric motorcycle? I see two sleeves of what looks like aluminum between the existing bearings and shaft - is that right? Are you wanting to get rid of those sleeves?
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    Best way to remove stainless steel sandwiched between wood?

    I do a lot of door work and if the wood has reached the moisture level in the rest of the house I’d suggest just heating the bar up with a propane torch, remove it and fill the slot with a wood plug. With the bar only into the vertical sides a few inches it’s not doing a lot to reinforce the...