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    ISO 32 and ISO 68 -- finding small quantities of required lubricants

    As for cleaning out the gear box sump, my K&T 2H manual says to drain the machine of lube oil and then flush with mineral spirits to keep everything flowing every six months of normal use. For a machine that sat for a while, you may need to do this several times to ensure that all of the lube...
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    American LaFrance shutters its doors.

    The key here in not so much OSHA but ISO and the NFPA. NFPA (1900 series) lists the minimum types of equipment to be carried on each type of truck, along with specifications on warning devices, lighting, crew safety standards, water capacity and pump performance. This is based upon years of...
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    Freestanding vise base

    I have one vise on an old arbor press stand and the other on a pedestal grinder base from the unmentionable cheap import store. Both stands are great for general purpose use and the pedestal base is easier to move than the arbor stand, but as stated before you can not really lean on them or they...
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    5S, is anyone doing it and does it actually help?

    From what I have read of this thread, it seems to me that the first "S" is not being properly implemented. When we went through this exercise a few years back as you sort, if it is not identifiable by those in the area as needed or what it is and what it was for, it went to a holding area for a...
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    Dodd Frank Conflict Minerals

    No not "Big Company", more of this as in along the lines of "Blood Diamonds" humanitarian lets get involved somehow crap. I am fortunate in that the only diamonds I buy are for dressing wheels since S.W.M.B.O. does not like them. Since these metals mostly come from poor third world areas and can...
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    OT. Progress with my apprentice

    I've had my better half help out in the past with no complaints other than the fact that cutting oil smells even if it makes your hands soft. But when she was complaining about a few new machines, I printed out one of RJs and said at least mine are in the garage. So RJ do you still have the...
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    5S, is anyone doing it and does it actually help?

    Well the Mad Label-er was just a poor underling who was just following orders, under penalty of disciplinary action after a followup inspection It is the morons who write the Business Process Implementation Instructions who need to learn Common Sense. I have found that the bigger the Company...
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    Why so many users such idiots about machine voltages ?

    And to add to this, in S.E. Pa. we have a little thing called South Philly 2 phase. It is slowly disappearing from the used machinery sector but will definitely confound anyone not familiar with it.
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    5S, is anyone doing it and does it actually help?

    This is the most ridiculous part of the program. When it was implemented here I asked the mad label-er: "I mean do you really need to label the refrigerator as to what it is? The same with the coffee maker. Come on, show some common sense". The reply was:" The implementing office instruction...
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    Handiest tool in the small shop?

    I can not believe that no one listed this yet. The most important tool in the shop just has to be the coffee maker. Nothing else has the ability to both enhance production and delay it at the same time depending upon the time of day and the number of individuals in the shop. The second most...
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    Is is possible to buy a good inside mike?

    Do you have any gage blocks? If so, do you have the assessory set that goes with them? You can use the blocks between the 2 half round slip blocks in the set to make up any size you need for a one off or a production run until you can buy/make a dedicated gage. I would make a go/no-go gage from...
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    Manufacturing Camp for kids.

    I agree on the more creative part,but, sending the kids to a junk yard for parts would be squashed by "Larry the Lawyer" in a heart beat. The little darlings might get a cut or worse and then Larry's friends in the TV advertized ambulance chasing end of his profession would be knocking on the...
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    Unpaid time off? Haven't been here a yr yet

    For those examples were it involves family members not being well or certain issues with children, you need to be careful not to run afoul of the Law regarding Family and Medical leave. It may be unpaid and does not have to be taken all at once but if they ask for time off under the right...
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    How to erect 18 foot tall pallet racking in 18' 2" tall space ?

    The thing to remember is if you have a fire sprinkler system, for insurance purposes, there must be an eighteen inch clearance from the top of the highest item on the rack to the bottom of the sprinkler head. This will enable the water pattern to properly disperse in the unfortunate event of a...
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    Iron moving fun- Came soooo close to dropping $23,000 machine 4 feet down yesterday

    I so agree. In my youth I worked at a local food distributer where most unloading was done out on the street. nothing like unloading a full semi trailer of cheese, 30# cases, 6 to a hand truck, that had to be un-stacked from the pallets to get them inside, in humid August, or in the rain in...
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    Can anybody ID this... grinding fixture, maybe?

    Possibly part of a Uni-Vise Grinding vise?
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    Swivel Base Single Angle Plates

    I've got one of those angle plates and it needs a little TLC. both of the curved arms were broken at some point by a previous owner and poorly brazed together, then slathered in paint hiding the repair. Went to move it one day and found this out when they let go and dropped most it on my foot...
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    I need help for my k and t model H #1 plain horizontal mill

    The clutch is for the rapid feeds. the unit being driven by the 2 vertical shafts is the coolant pump. This can be disconnected from the drive so as not to pump if not needed.
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    What's the Best Way to Line Boring a Small Hole

    Do you have a rotary table? If so then doing one hole at a time is easy. As for line boring with a home made bar, 1" bar stock, with a hole in it to hold a standard braised tool bit, tapped to hold a set screw for adjustment. One end in an endmill holder, through the part, and the other in the...
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    Making and using a dimple die

    I realize that you want to keep this simple, but my 3 & 1/2 years of running finger trimmers tells me that you need to make the blank oversize and then follow the progressive steps outlined above. The oversized blank will allow for any distortion to be removed when it is trimmed. Make the die...