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    How critical are tool holder minimum clamping lengths?

    You'll be fine, the reducer bushing will satisfy the 2.75" depth, you should be able to get away with 1.25-1.5" depth with the 1/2" shank in the bushing.
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    Some Friday Haas Robot System Video

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    Uncoated form tap in steel? Will this work?

    Looks like MSC has them not coated though, for a coated OSG has their hypro line of taps ticn coated. Balax: https://www.mscdirect.com/browse/tn?searchterm=form+tap&refinements=Brand%3ABalax--Thread+Size+%28Inch%29%3A5%2F8-11%7C5%2F8-18--Chamfer%3ABottoming OSG...
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    Help with best 2-56 tap on copper 101 going down .600. Thousands of holes!!!

    Balax threadfloer form taps are probably the best that I've used, get them coated, preferably with something hard like dlc b/c the copper is abrasive.
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    Uncoated form tap in steel? Will this work?

    I usually run TICN coated form taps, in 1018 an uncoated will work since the material isn't very grabby; but you'll need to run it with a heavy oil. In Aluminum or SS coating is mandatory or the tap will gaul. Something like the Emuge tapping fluid or molydee. Also +1 for balax threadfloer taps...
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    Where are the fundamental base machinists?

    Excuse me Sir, but this is Murica lol
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    New Vise Advice?

    They repeat well between all of my vises. Obviously if you want them absolutely perfect you should put them in the same position. But I made a bunch of step jaws out of the carvesmart hard jaws (62hrc) and using multiple sets with a long part across 3+ vises I don't notice any height variation.
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    New Vise Advice?

    The dovetails definitely repeat to less than 0.001". I only have the 20" models of the Orange Vises but if you plan on holding parts larger than about 18" in Y the 26" would be a good option. One thing to note is that in single station config with the thin Carvesmart style hard jaws the...
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    New machine day-Any options I'm missing?

    Nice spec. I'd consider getting the lift/scraper/drum conveyor they offer since you're doing multi material. Also Supernurbs if worth it if you'll be doing any sort of surfacing.
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    3/4-16 Left Hand Tap?

    If you have the torque I'd get a form tap for 1018; regardless of form or cut it's going to be a custom from any supplier.
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    DWO/ TCPC upgrade on 4th Axis Haas VF2 and VF4SS

    B/c if you're doing multiple parts especially second op work you can just probe and go. Otherwise if the part isn't in the exact same spot each time you'd have to shift the part in CAM and re post the program for each part.
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    Measuring Options for Lathe Parts

    Keyence Laser profile measuring head. https://www.keyence.com/products/measure/laser-2d/
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    Speed for turning tubing

    I've made plugs before and filled the tube partially with sand to damp out vibration. Nothing that big before though. Could try taping some slabs of neoprene or rubber to the inside walls of the tube. Be careful though, I've had rolled tube bow like a mofo after skimming the OD and the...
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    Strange lathe vibration at single point on part

    Rubber bands in the undercut plus a positive rake insert with a .008" nose rad and run it ~300sfm. If your lathe has the ability to pulse the rpm during cut that would help as well.
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    Boring head

    Rigibore or Big Daishowa I prefer the Rigibore b/c of the diameter adjustment at the insert. Makes for a much more rigid setup.
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    Best approach to cutting thin, deep slots in 6al4v?

    Use one of these from both sides. https://us.mikrontool.com/en/Products/CrazyMill-Cool-Square-Corner-Radius-Z2/Articles/CrazyMill-Cool-Corner-radius-Z2-Type-C-5-x-d
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    Is there such a thing as a UPS for CNC machines?

    Yes it does, but if you have to ask you can't afford it...
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    Is there such a thing as a UPS for CNC machines?

    They sell large 480v 3ph UPS' for data center applications and critical high draw equipment. You're gonna cry if you ask for a price though, easily 2-5x what your machine costs.
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    would this be a candidate for High Speed machining?

    Fair enough, I usually don't scoff until it's over 52ish hrc. I usually don't mill flame cut stock, I usually have it laser cut and the HAZ isn't too bad on that. The OP would need a pretty decent vertical saw if he were to cut the outside profile. It's going to be slow too, unless my...
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    would this be a candidate for High Speed machining?

    It's only 4130 its not like its going to turn into diamonds. Having 90% less material to remove would be a net positive.