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    Shoutout for Sunbelt hydraulic tilt trailer moving a lathe.

    Yup. Rick “mishap came later” Denney
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    South Bend Picture Gallery

    So, I never added the pic of it in its new home. Moving it there almost resulted in disaster. Despite great care in moving it around, a moment's inattention is all it takes to turn over a top-heavy lathe. The result of that is the taper attachment was destroyed, along with the cross-slide screw...
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    Lathe Works Demolition

    Yes, I know it's been 15 years, but this thread shows up in Google for those doing research. I found this photo of the South Bend factory dated to the early 40's on the St. Joe County Public Library site. Here's the link in case the photo doesn't persist...
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    Serial Numbers Wanted

    There were metric change gears that were provided for these lathes, but they are scarce as hen's teeth. These clips are from the 1956 Anniversary Catalog (credit: VintageMachinery.org) Rick "half-heartedly looking for same for a 14-1/2 South Bend" Denney
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    Metal lathe, possibly hand-built

    However it was made, it's gotten a lot of use. But I see features that wouldn't be needed for just coil winding. The bed isn't particularly heavy, but I'll bet it could do quite a bit of work on soft metals or small enough hard metals. A clockmaker might really like a lathe like this--8mm...
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    Suggestions on where to get polyethylene plastic square shipping tubes for endmill & drill storage?

    I thought Uline might have them, but all I can find in polyethylene are expensive examples from McMaster. https://www.mcmaster.com/2108T65 Rick “who’ll start keeping them” Denney
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    Fore Sale; 5 items from a SB 16, rack, leadscrew, compound gib, thread protector. LS bearing.

    The lead screw is the same between the 16 and the 14-1/2, but the 13 is different. BUT! The single-tumbler and double-tumbler gear box versions of the lathe have sort-of different part numbers. The part number for the leadscrew assembly is AS629 for both gearbox versions, but the single tumbler...
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    Verifying if the spindle is properly lubricated (SB16" 117C)

    My 14-1/2 has the correct clearance after I replaced the shims with a lot of careful measurement. Running at over 1000 RPM, the rear bearing gets warm but the front bearing not so much. By warm, I mean it is noticeably warm to the touch, but not at all hot. And it takes 5-10 minutes of running...
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    Large train derailment in Ohio.

    The catastrophe in Bhopal was so far beyond the scale of any U.S. rail accident that bringing it up undermines your argument. As I said, it's a difficult issue where reasoned and well-informed conversation has the best chance of leading to an appropriate balance. That does not happen with...
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    Large train derailment in Ohio.

    Those who are terrified about hazardous chemicals moving along the rails, which are relatively safe compared to other modes, seem to have no problem with them moving by truck, which are far more likely to be engaged in incidents involving a spill in close proximity to populated areas. If we are...
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    Large train derailment in Ohio.

    The railroads will no doubt be the defendant in a substantial tort liability lawsuit. Remember freight railroads in the USA are privately owned and operated, including their right of wa, and do not enjoy the protections that public agencies sometimes enjoy. But there must be gross negligence...
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    Large train derailment in Ohio.

    No regulation exists without authorization from Congress. If there isn’t something backing it up in the United States Code (what Congress passes), there won’t be anything in the Code of Federal Regulation. And every sentence in the CFR was reviewed in public at least four times, though only the...
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    OT Recommendations for Best Garden Tractors

    I maintain mowers for my own property and for my church, which mows 10 acres using volunteers who are capable of destroying equipment unlike any others. :) At the church, we finally gave up on the old Yazoo-Kees commercial zero-turn mower (the modern nearly identical equivalent is made by...
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    14 1/2 “ Lathe

    If you change your mind, keep me in mind for the apron, the carriage clamp (which is in the apron), and the connecting bar if it has a taper attachment. Rick "thanks" Denney
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    14 1/2 “ Lathe

    Are you parting it out or do you want to sell it as a whole lot? Being disassembled won't make the latter any easier. Rick "absolutely interested in some parts" Denney
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    Removing apron and carriage on 10L

    That’s likely the carriage clamp. If you remove the screw that tightens it, you can remove the clamp. It’s in the apron and bears on the bottom of the ways when tight. Rick “may be visualizing the wrong thing” Dennry
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    My 10L up and running

    2-1/4 x 8tpi chucks and backplates seem to be fairly common. At least I was always running into them when looking for stuff to fit the far-less-common 2-1/4 x 6tpi threads on my 14-1/2. I’ll bet that Hardinge lathe is more difficult to find stuff for than a 10L, so I’m foreseeing a productive...
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    Removing apron and carriage on 10L

    I certainly removed the apron that way on my 14-1/2. With the half-nuts released and the power-feed clutch disengaged, run the carriage to the tail as far as it will go using the handwheel. Support the apron from underneath with blocking, and then remove the apron screws and the saddle gib on...
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    0t-Longines 1908

    Here’s how that factory looks now (or in 2014 when I was there), down that same walkway the workers were using in the film: The company name was Ernst Francillon & Cie. at the time, but they built the factory in this long, narrow meadow in the Jura mountains, overlooked by the village of St...