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    Aluminum Discs and 5" Brass Roundbar cutoffs

    I have a few stacks of drops that hopefully someone can use. I'm thinking $2/lb for the aluminum and $4/lb for the brass... For comparisons sake, an 8" aluminum disc at 1" thick is about 5lbs. USPS flatrate, at actual cost. 12"x12"x6" box is about $20. The aluminum discs are all a bit below...
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    Stainless shaft buildup / remachining setup

    Usually not too far out of straight, since it gets consistent heat around it. Always requires a little torch straightening in the end... Some of these shafts are 20 feet long, and i try to keep em within .002 or .003 over the length. Doesn't take much to make the end the shaft way out if you're...
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    Stainless shaft buildup / remachining setup

    Don't really know anything about subarc. What would I gain by using subarc flux with mig?
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    Stainless shaft buildup / remachining setup

    So I’m working on a new setup and trying to figure out the best way to do it. Building up and remachining fairly large (3”dia) stainless shafts. The setup I’ve used in the past, and does work is this: hardwire mig on a positioner that both rotates and moves the shaft along. Basically welding a...
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    Walter indexable insert drill

    Hey Fancuku. For $80, I’ll give it a go if ya still got it. I’ll pm ya in the morning. Thanks!
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    Lathe Boring 316 Stainless - Getting Chips to Break

    I’ll try it with a 1.25“ 880 drill. Looks like 2044 and 1144 for inserts? Is that what you’ve been using in stainless? Thanks again for the help!
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    Lathe Boring 316 Stainless - Getting Chips to Break

    Think I'll get a bigger insert drill to simplify it all. Any recommendations on drill and insert for this material in 1.25" size? The 1" insert drill I have has similar issue to the boring bar. Chips don't want to break, unless I really get after it with the feed, and at the point the inserts...
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    Lathe Boring 316 Stainless - Getting Chips to Break

    Neat idea! I'll try it. Thinking I may try going in with an ID groover and making relief grooves every .5", and see how that goes.
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    Lathe Boring 316 Stainless - Getting Chips to Break

    I have a job boring a bunch of 316 stainless, and am having a really hard time getting the chips to break. They ratsnest in the hole, and break insert after insert. I first drill a 1" hole with an insert drill, and am following it up with a 3/4" diameter carbide boring bar. Bore needs to end up...
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    Anyone know where to find dimsions or drawings of equipment implement plates

    Not sure if this should be under fabrication or under cadcam? Anyways, I pretty regularly get asked to cut steel plate into implement attachment plates for equipment, and usually end up drawing the parts off of worn out old parts, or sharpie cardboard templates. I can't help but think there must...
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    WTB Filtermist or Mistaway for Lathe

    Thanks for this Nemesis! PM Sent.
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    WTB Filtermist or Mistaway for Lathe

    I'm looking for a filtermist, mistaway, or other coolant mist removal system. Anyone got an old one laying around, looking for a new home? Machine enclosure volume is roughly 6' x 3' x 6'. I'd also potentially be interested in a unit big enough to run 2 machines off of... Second machine with...
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    Colchester 15” x 50” lathe value

    So I chanced upon a Clausing Colchester 15” x 50” and I’m wondering what it’s worth. Was told to make an offer, don’t want to offend the guy with a lowball, and am curious what these things are worth these days. Few dings in the bed under the chuck. Looks used but not abused. Whaddya guys think?
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    Kia Lathe Turret Alignment Questions

    thanks ianagos. I've already watched that one a few times and the kia turret is quite different.
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    Kia Lathe Turret Alignment Questions

    I have an '01 Kia Skt25 that has a misaligned turret. Drills always drill oversized, and generally aren't happy. Every bar holder slot I've checked, I'm about .01" out, perpendicular to the X-axis. I can't seem to find a writeup, or anything in the manual on how to get the x-axis back in...
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    15-5 stainless VAC MELT, and 15-5 stainless ESR drops for sale.

    I'll take what's left of the 4.625", if there is any. PM coming your way.
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    Help with helical interpolation and spindle orientation

    Im back around to wondering if there isn't a better way to make this part on the mill. It must be possible to have 15 or 20 of these parts on the table, and to mill the 2 grooves 180deg off in perhaps 5 thou increments with a single point tool. I just don't know how to program it. How can I...
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    WTB: Lathe Bushings 2"OD, and 1" turning and parting tools, new or used

    I just got a early 2000s KIA skt25. Working on getting it tooled up. This is my first CNC lathe, so I'm not even entirely sure what all I want/need. I for sure want: Bushings, 2" OD, for 5/8" , 3/4", and 1" boring bars / drill chucks. Are there advantages / disadvantages the the different types...
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    AL-30 Chuck Clamp NG error help please

    Not sure that my resolution is likely to be useful for anyone else, but here it is. For whatever reason the internal and external clamp switch was reversed. Trying to run the spindle with a slug clamped in the chuck by the OD, and the keyswitch on EXT the machine thought the chuck was open and...