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    Wood grinder teeth material spec.

    Some 40 years ago I did an electrical repair right next to a 100hp BlowHog pallet grinder. I asked the owner how often they run it, as it had the largest motor in the shop. He told me they ran it every Friday. I asked him if they could run it on Saturday when the rest of the shop was down...
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    OT: Replacent lens for cataract surgery

    The doctors say Cataract surgery is 95% successful. My informal survey among patients was about 60% being happy. Scared hell out me, and was lucky to find a younger doctor that teachs at Wills Eye. I now have perfect distance vision with no glasses and wear progressives. I saw no point in...
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    What Am I Missing, Bench Vise Prices

    A few years back I saw a craigslist ad for 6" Starrett vise for $200. I drove an hour and a half to pick it up. It was still in its original box with massive steel strapping that was rusty. It weighed 200#! When I opened the box it was brand new, not a scratch on it, except for one odd...
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    I spent 150 bucks on amazon and added (reliable) washdown to the 2023 DNM5700 I just got for my garage.

    Deadheading a centrifugal pump causes the load on the motor to go way DOWN. The only problem is if it isn't a submerged pump it could overheat.
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    Is there such a thing as a UPS for CNC machines?

    All the control systems for machines and wastewater plants have had UPS power for only the sensors and controls so everything can be monitored while power is out. Actually easy to do on a CNC machine. All the controls are single phase and the size of the control transformer will tell you how big...
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    ROBOFORMING: The Future of Metalworking?

    Metal spinning, not round. Don't iunderstand using a robot. Seems like a ridgid frame holding the sheet and say an X axis on each side of the frame with a very stiff Y axis running left and right carrying a two Axis with the tool would make more sense. Much less complex kinematics and much...
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    Best approach to assigning part numbers?

    Yes, tying the part number to the accounting program has HUGE benefits! As far as the actual number goes I find that systems where they try to define the part number by describing the part is mostly a waste of time. In fact we just use a prefix in the part name to specify the customer or...
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    Machining confession thread.

    I wrote a program, by hand to cut a large aluminum vacuum mold and the operator was testing it in air over the part. Boss come over and and is chewing me out for wsting time running it in air. So we lower the Z and start cutting. Right in the middle of the pocket the Z goes straight down...
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    OT: Roof between 2 shipping containers.........

    You can get greenhouse pipe bows up to 36' wide and use double poly for the covering. Why double poly? Because you inflate it with a tiny blower that gives you some insulation value and more importantly presses the inner layer agaist the frame while the outer layer stands free and it doesn't...
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    Halter automation universal 35kg system, is it as good as they claim?

    The slave/master question. If the CNC is the master it finishes a part does whatever clean up you program, then tells the robot to take the part. it could then do more cleanup you program and request a part. If the robot is master it is exaclty like an operator. It essentially presses the...
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    Looking for software to make blueprints from solid model

    Rhino is the swiss army knife of CAD programs. I find it to be an essential tool along side SolidWorks. When I get a crazy too detailed solid model from a vendor I often defeature it in Rhino first. It is a surface modeler so I can often get just a hollow shell of a part, no interior surfaces...
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    Setting up a new workshop

    Having run a Bridgeport, a Fadal, a CNC knee mill, a Servo 5000 bed mill, and my home hobby CNC which is a bed mill, I'd never own another knee mill. A bed mill with a quill is just so much easier to operate and versital, and if you have 3 axis CNC you don't need lots of the accessories you...
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    OT: Need a Mentor I can frequently bother with questions

    I just built a simple one with 7 axis and two spindles, let me know what you are trying to do. That mentor thing. I am a mentor for a FIRST Robotics team and also make all their machined parts. At my regular job I was hired to be a mentor to the whole company because I have an enormous amount...
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    OT: aging and decluttering

    Just turned 70 and started collecting SS and the week before that my job cut my hours way back as projects have been slow coming in. So I am kind of enjoying just doing projects that have been overdue. Probably be back full time soon. I have a very tiny hobby shop in a corner of our garage with...
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    Custom built large 4th axis

    Just built two machines with Nema 34 Clearpaths driving 25 to1 planetary reducers to Jack Screws. A third motor rotates a whole assembly on a 100-1 Nema worm gear reducer. Also just finished a 7 axis auto-load plastic pipe lathe using them. They are really quite nice little motors.
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    Basic hobby CNC Gcode from my computer to my router

    Get a copy of CamBam. Forty sessions before you need to buy and it is $150. Easist CAM program to use, imports DXF and has simple CAD drawing capability too. Need help with it, drop me a line, I am a mentor for FIRST Robotics and have made hundereds of parts for the team on my homebuilt...
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    Detergent for coolant

    When I was building ultrafilter systems for coolant recovery our goto first step cleaner was Caustic,Sodium Hydroxide, Lye at a pH of about 10 to 11. We occasionally did acid cleanings, ussually phosphoric if there were metals involved.
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    OT. Bandsaw blade welding, which way is best?

    Simple trick for annealing. Use a bar magnet. The correct temperature is when the hot joint becomes no-magnetic.
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    Any shop vacuum designers on this site?

    Find a Greenlee Blower Vac. Strongest vac you’ll ever find. All aluminum sitting on a galvanized tank with heavy duty wheels. Only problem, about $1100.
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    removing gummed up aluminum from cutting tools

    A little information about removing material with acid. You put a part in acid and some comes off but then nothing more happens, no matter how long you let it soak. The reason is because the acid solution can only hold so much of what you are dissolving. Dump the acid and refresh it a couple...