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    Bandsaw blades for really hard wood?

    stephen Good question about blade choice. On another site, a very respected woodworker, Bill Thomas, gives his opinion on blade choice. He uses a 3/8” blade(3tpi) for most of his work with a three horse direct drive motor. I would add: don’t change out the direct drive motor. You didn’t...
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    Full tear down and Rebuild of a 10EE Round Dial

    Grant i have been waiting for your return. You do great work and i have followed along from the beginning. Thanks for explaining why you were gone so long: Hand surgery, divorce and custody issues. the old saying: what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. Sounds like your moving on nicely. i...
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    5-C collets

    I have 18 good quality 5-C collets with external threads. Names on collets include Hardinge, Neil Skokie(Germany), Sutton(England), Rivett annd four ante no-name. Asking $75.00, plus $11.00 shipping. See photos for sizes. Please call me (619)994-9497 or email me: [email protected] Thavks...
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    1940 Monarch 10ee rehab questions

    Van Thanks for posting the photo immediately above of the carriage stop. I don’t have one of those, however, I have two threaded holes in the same position on my lathe. I’m unsure if yours is a factory option or homemade. It looks like something Monarch would have made. Hopefully, Cal or one...
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    1940 Monarch 10ee rehab questions

    I did find on-line the "Model 10EE Round Dial lathe manual". It can be found on OWWM.com(Vintage Machinery.com) this manual is from 1942 but most of the manual is the same, except for the Sundstrand Drive. very helpful manual if you go to the website, then go to the Monarch page and you will...
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    1940 Monarch 10ee rehab questions

    Hello Van Regarding the manual for the Sundstrand, there are a couple of options: 1. I believe there is a copy of the round dial Monarch manual from 1942 here on this site. 2. Attached please find. Photo of the front page of the 35 page Monarch filed with the US patent office for the...
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    Buying metal in Temecula or San Diego area for small shop.

    Flail IMS and Marshals Industrial are great sources also, when you are in Fallbrook, the Ace Hardware store has a good selection of small fasteners Easy to get to since you live in Bonsal. hope you like SD county. sounds like you won’t miss the winds and rain. Jim Murphy San Marcos, Ca
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    12" Yates American Jointer and Mortiser

    Do you still have the Yates jointer? Thanks Jim Murphy (619)994-9497
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    JJ Smith Belt sander issue.

    JJ Smith is an English company in Liverpool, England I have contacted them about a machine of theirs from the 1940s. They had no information available on it. Since your machine is a later model machine, you may have better luck. Easiest way to contact them is by email
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    Full tear down and Rebuild of a 10EE Round Dial

    . Grant I have been following along with your post since the beginning, very helpful to me since I have a 1939 round dial I’ve been working on for a few years. I redid all my chrome knobs and the Art Deco bars on the removable covers. A couple of chrome knobs I couldn’t get out so I will use...
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    Monarch 10ee 20" plain bed weight Round Dial 1940s

    Round dial bed weight Took it apart again. I wouldn’t want to have to do that Jim
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    Monarch 10EE- 8678

    Brenn Congratulations on your Sundstrand acquisition. Welcome to the current Monarch Sundstrand club. Seems like there are at least a dozen of us with this model and our numbers have just grown by one. There are many threads on the Sundstrand lathe, just type in “Monarch 10ee Sundstrand”. You...
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    10EE Apron Removal Jammed Half Nuts and Feed Direction Plunger

    Hello Donn Nice write up so far. Regarding the half nuts and feed reverse plunger: I pulled the half nuts and plunger very carefully, clean off the the dirt and grease, use a file carefully on any rough edges where any two parts fit together, spread oil liberally before reassembly. Put back...
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    Can anyone help me identify this lathe?

    1942 Monarch [QUOTE Harlech As others have said: go to Monarch to get details of the lathe and get a manual, if you don’t already have one. All I can add, great looking lathe. From the photograph, everything appears to be there. Hopefully, it runs as good as it looks Jim Murphy
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    Sundstrand with the shimmy shimmy shakes

    Plumberpieco Now that your Monarch Sundstrand is up and running, how is it doing? You mentioned you have an MG. Is the Sundstrand noisy since you rebuilt it? Can you show a photo of the overall machine. I have a 1939 Monarch 10ee. Thanks Jim Murphy
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    Craigslist 1939EE

    TBJK Please post photos of your 1939 Monarch 10ee. There are a few of us that have the 1939 Sundstrand version and we’d like to see yours Jim
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    10EE carriage stop on eBay

    Believe the carriage stop sold for $225.00 plus shipping 28 bids so I guess there is a market for non-original parts Jim
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    Free machinery in el cerrito, california

    Machines are now spoken for I have been in communication with the seller The three machines have been spoken for and picked up. she thanked everyone for their interest.
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    New to the Monarch family. 10ee

    Zamboni Nice carriage hand wheel from Monarch. Question: from the photo of the handwhweel, it appears there is no clutch, maybe it’s behind the hand wheel. I’m asking because I’m missing the clutch on my 1939 Monarch 10ee Sundstrand. It is my understanding some Monarchs came without hand wheel...