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    How common is sharpening your own endmills ? Favorite grinder for that purpose ?

    No I stand by that statement lol. But that's great you have one and were able to use it in a pinch like that. I'm more referring to the old days of 20 years ago when we would be given carbide blanks and have to turn them into cutters. Its just not like that anymore. Atleast in my neck of the...
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    Looking for someone who can burn an .008dia hole in a .025dia gage pin.

    Micro EDM. In Michigan another place offering such service. Who ever suggest a coolant thru drill thanks for the laugh
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    Looking for someone who can burn an .008dia hole in a .025dia gage pin.

    Specialty work indeed. I did some .022" holes earlier this year and thought that was tiny! Try Stark Industrial in Ohio. No affiliation just offering a suggestion.
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    Buying a Precision Machine Shop

    My thoughts exactly. Trust me, been thru it.
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    What are the common VMC controls' standard memory capacity?

    Who cares really. Just make sure it atleast has a slot for a CF and your good.
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    Well I ran 4 machines for about 18 years without ever warming them up. Never had any issues. Spindles ranged from 12k to 30k I do the same with my own machines now.
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    Bah... I warm my machines up with running programs.
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    OT - New TV for 97 year old in assisted living

    Any TV will be fine. My preference is Samsung, I like how simple the menu navigation is.
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    Gifts to send to long time customers and vendors. What have you done?

    Nothing says thank you like a bottle of booze.
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    Not willing to change

    I worked at a shop with this very same issue. 25+ year employees definitely aren't eager to learn new ways so tread lightly. Eventually some will learn newer faster ways and some will just dig their feet in and protest. And unfortunately those are the ones you may have to let go. Bottom...
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    Owner issues.....anybody else get 'stuck' ? (Not A/R issues)

    1 man shop here I can relate. Sometimes I just spin in my chair and close my eyes...
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    Mikron VCP600 with Heidenhain TNC530 PT100 thermistors.

    Or what ever else got messed up with the crash!
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    New Machine day!!!

    Nice! Making chips yet??!!
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    Nakamura Tome TW-20, 3 or 4 wire?

    Yes correct I agree. And I believe that's why the OP is asking for help. I think he wants to go around the phase converter with the Neutral. If he searches this definitely has been brought up a few times.
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    Nakamura Tome TW-20, 3 or 4 wire?

    I'm guessing he meant Neutral.
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    yet another STUPID video from practical machinist youtube page

    I gave up on the video when he was cutting in the air for minutes lol
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    Client-owned machine in your shop?

    Just be careful. I had an amazing customer of 9+years go bankrupt. Too many eggs in one basket, took me over a year to get back on track. I won't ever be narrow eyed like that again and appreciate having many sources of work. Either way good luck with your venture!
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    Learning how to cut tapers - Mits FX10

    Never ran the older SZ, what did ya like better about it? Thanks same to you btw!
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    Skimmer: disk or belt?

    Years back the place I worked most machines had disc type and seemed to work very well.
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    Learning how to cut tapers - Mits FX10

    Hey atleast you figured it out! Despite being almost 30yrs old they are great machines. I have a 2000 FX10K myself.