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    Any Flow waterjet techs in Florida?

    Airboat, Looks like you have a nearly the same panel is mine. I will take a look today and let you know where those wires go. Shoot me a PM with your email and I'll send you a manual. I have the whose set I got from the tech I PM'd you about. Chris
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    Any Flow waterjet techs in Florida?

    Airboat, I sent you a PM with a tech I used last year. Guy was pretty good and got me up and running after Flow told me to FOAD because I bought a '08 used machine. Flow pissed me off so bad with their bullshit that when I buy 2 new machines next year they will NOT be flow machines. I've...
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    Looking for someone who can burn an .008dia hole in a .025dia gage pin.

    I'll bet I could have done it in my Roders RFM600 mill. 42K RPM Mikron Crazydrill .0087 dia. Would be an expensive job though, those drills ain't cheap! Too bad I got rid of the machine last year or I'd give it a shot for you.
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    Phase Perfect for multiple machines

    You guys need to read the OP. He's talking about a phase perfect DIGITAL phase converter. Not a rotary. It generated true 3 phase balanced leg outputs and will allow machines that dump their regen braking back onto the lines to work. I have 6 of them in my shop and they are freaking...
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    What to do with an old Troyke DL-9-B

    Probably worth a few bucks to any Milltronics users. That was the table they sold for many years. Super easy to add a 4th to any Milltronics, $1500 for the motor cable and drive IIRC
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    removing gummed up aluminum from cutting tools

    I always have used "The WORKS" Toilet bowl cleaner. Probably HCL, but really easy to use. I drop the endmill back in it's tube and fill it with the WORKS. Spotless cutter in the morning. Saved me a lot of money in cutters over the years.
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    Used Milltronics Rh20

    Have had both machines. Still have the RH20 You get a jog wheel at the control and I use mine as a manual machine all the time. You used to be able to get a 2 axis handwheel box that would sit on a stand (2 encoders) not sure if they even offer it anymore. I have 9 VMCs and an RH20 in the...
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    Hey Guys! - A little help with a Flow waterjet proplem?

    Got it fixed - Took the sand unit all apart and there was some chunks of crap that got in there somehow
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    Hey Guys! - A little help with a Flow waterjet proplem?

    Hi Guys, Got a small Flow waterjet in the shop. Has the remote hopper. Normally sand flows to the head fine. Just started blowing sand out the top of the sand unit on the head. I've only had this happen once when I ran it out of sand. Checked the hopper and there is plenty of sand. Not...
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    Seeking a Top-Quality CNC House in the Los Angeles / SoCal Area

    High end Aerospace shop in LA is gonna run ya about $300-400 ea for 100 pcs and a 6-8 month lead with none of the 'putzy prototype" back and forth. In other words, those types of shops either charge thru the nose, or want a specific model/print to work from. The kind of shop you are looking...
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    Older HMC Purchase

    Hi RC Mech. Sounds to me like you are being played by a dealer. That machine (or one just like it) is being sold by Boeing and is listed on Ebay by Bidadoo auctions. There is a pretty high rigging cost to get it out of the Boeing plant (don't plan on doing it yourself) but other than that I...
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    How do you turn a barrel with out chatter?

    John, I beg to differ, any barrel blank generally will chatter if the tool pressure is too high, the rpm is to high, the feed per rev is too high or low. Also depends if you are turning with a pre-qualified end in a chuck or collet or as we do usually a face driver on one end and a live center...
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    Realign sub spindle on Tsugami Swiss machine

    I used to have a BS20 but I cannot remember - Can you get to the bolts on the rail trucks? I'd check to make sure they haven't worked loose, make sure the sub spindle preload nut on the bearings is also tight,
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    Titanium Drilling help?

    Hi guys! I never machine Ti. But nevertheless, I find myself needing to make a couple cores with 13/32 thru holes. Material is 1-1/2" Ti-6AL-4V Going about 25X Deep! (about 8" long) Bought 2 Nachi parabolic HSS drills for the job. Running Qualichem 256 in a Hurco TM8 lathe. Any...
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    Milltronics dps issue / error 449

    I ran Milltronics machines on single phase for years. Will not work with the Inline series machines, they MUST run on 3 phase or Phase perfect brand converter. You can run on Roto Phase - put wild leg (generated leg) on L2 240 std legs on L1 and L3. Check the VM15 you have has yaskawa Drives...
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    Anyone familiar with Moore toll and equipment?

    Fly by night outfit in a tiny little hole in the wall . I would just about guarantee they don't have it in stock and drop ship form the importer. I've bid against them at auctions when I was in the Phoenix area. Went by their place once to check it out, just typical cheap auction pickups that...
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    3D Wax Printing for Investment Casting

    Give Dolphin castings in Phoenix AZ or Waltek castings in Ramsey MN a call. I have used both places, and they both have their own wax printers on site for prototypes. Send the the Igs or STL file without shrink and they will take care of making your part with the correct shrinkages. Shinkage...
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    50 BMG and a lathe spindle

    Hi - Just saw your post Shoot me a PM with your address and I'll send you a couple 8" chunks of new .50 BMG barrel in a flat rate box. Good cutoffs from our production barrels.
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    Moved Machine Shop to House, Air Compressor Problem

    WTF? - I'm running TWO Sodick wire edms AND a Kaiser 15HP Aircenter rotary screw compressor on a 60HP RPC - AT THE SAME TIME Never had an issue.
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    No bake foundry process

    You need special reclaiming equipment to re-use sand mixed with pep-set, It's a 2 part system that is some sort of polurethane (I think) the sand is harder than concrete and you get a really nice surface. It would need to be crushed and pulverized and then screened I would think. You have to use...