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    GD & T Question

    I'll give it a shot. True position of 3 when the hole is MMC and the OD is MMC. So you gain on the hole being bigger than low limit and you gain when the OD is not at high limit. Technically I thing that 73.73 dimension should be boxed. The TP of 1.5 may be the "in line" of the holes to each...
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    Is this Adjustable Angle Plate ( Precise 10" x 15" SKU: 202-169 ID: 347297 ) worth it?

    I bought an Enco years ago. Meh. There are bolts at each end to loosen and tighten The table doesn’t track along the arc end-to-end, so not only are you trying to adjust the angle you’re also trying to get the top platen straight. It worked good enough for what I needed. I looked for it...
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    Advice for lapping a linear shaft

    You could also try these guys. https://www.thomsonlinear.com/en/products/shafting It looks like they do customs.
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    Advice for lapping a linear shaft

    I would look into having it centerless ground. You'll be there til the cows freeze over trying to do that by hand, plus it won't be round when you're done.
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    Owner issues.....anybody else get 'stuck' ? (Not A/R issues)

    I get it occasionally. I call it "analysis paralysis".
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    OT: Robo call protection methods?

    I answer with “pick-up or delivery?”
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    Medical or Aerospace Certification worth it?

    I did have a medical customer for many years. No quality systems required, but per their certifications sub contractors could not “substantially manufacture “ their parts. So we’d get long Swiss turned parts to mill details on. Very lucrative.
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    Medical or Aerospace Certification worth it?

    We did too. I had a lady working for me who used to be a quality manager and had gotten her previous employer ISO certified. She wrote our quality manual to be ISO “compliant”. Even gave them a copy of our quality manual. They still didn’t feel we could keep up with the paperwork end of things...
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    Medical or Aerospace Certification worth it?

    I had a bunch of contacts at the local aerospace company. I usually did prototype stuff for the engineers to test. I asked about getting audited to become an approved supplier for production stuff They sent out a guy and he was more interested in the paperwork side of things. No big deal...
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    Need countersink help

    You could also shut the spindle off just before you're at depth and while the spindle winds down give it a little oomf on the handle.
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    Haas VF3 parameter change

    Pretty sure Macros is an option you have to buy.
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    Strange lathe vibration at single point on part

    You could also try leaving a lot of stock for your finish cut. Like .100 or so. Sometimes the extra stock stabilizes the cut.
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    Strange lathe vibration at single point on part

    I’d try what Mr Walker suggested. Put some rubber bands in the groove and give it a try.
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    Hiring from abroad

    Thought it said “hiding from a broad” Nvm
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    Two 25L unknown 'coolant' barrels, care to guess the contents?

    Middle. Grape vodka Right. Lime vodka
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    Bob Hem / ESS / Carbide Bob . . . posting from beyond the grave?

    CarbideBobby doesn’t have the same ring to it.
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    Can you have a count down of the number of sub program iterations?

    A schedule program is used to loop thru your main program a preset number of times. A main program has a .MIN extension. A schedule program has a .SDF extension. Mine is called RUNBAR.SDF, so I'll use that as an example. I'll call the main program MAIN.MIN. RUNBAR.SDF PSELECT MAIN.MIN ...
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    G code to increment a work offset?

    If X0 is the right side aren’t all the X in the program negative? Won’t you just cut air off to the left side of the stock? Put your stop on the left like you want. Pick up the left edge and adjust the G54 X by 2.5. Any extra stock will still be hanging off the right side but won’t affect the...
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    Can you have a count down of the number of sub program iterations?

    If you run it as a schedule program, you can press the "Block Data" soft key and see how many it is set to run and what number you're currently on.