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    Jacobs 18N 1/8-3/4 Super Chuck on 50 Taper arbor $50.

    Sold. Thanks gbent. I heartily recommend gbent as a buyer. He was patient when I was slow in responding and shipping and very easy to work with.
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    Owner issues.....anybody else get 'stuck' ? (Not A/R issues)

    You have been through a lot. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to give yourself the grace to recognize that you need time to recover. Recognize that your lack of motivation may be your body telling you to slow down and take a break for a while.
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    recommendations wanted for noise attenuating ear protection

    I can't speak for M Moore, but when I worked for International Paper, we had custom molded ear plugs. Just like the shoemobiles of old, someone came to the plant and took impressions of everyone's ears and a few weeks later we received the ear plugs. It looks like today, they have DIY kits...
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    recommendations wanted for noise attenuating ear protection

    Take a look at 3M WorkTunes. I used them on the farm and they were great with tractors and other equipment and am using them in the woodshop now and they do a really good job knocking down the sound from the 7.5hp dust collector, air compressors, 10hp planer, shaper, tablesaw and other power...
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    Can a frozen Reeves drive on a Powermatic 221 planer feed be repaired without removing the feed drive motor?

    Thanks for all of the suggestions. PB Blaster + oil, time and patient work loosening the pulley on the shaft led to success.
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    Hamas strike on Israel.

    Most of the money we provide in foreign aid, especially for military aid is spent in the US for US products and those products, be they food or guns are than shipped to the receiving country. If dollars are actually spent overseas, it usually passes thru a US contractor before ultimately being...
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    Tapmatic NC/R #4-1/4 capacity on 1” arbor

    Tapmatic NC/R #4-1/4 capacity tapping head on 1” diameter arbor. I haven’t used it, but everything operates smoothly when turned by hand. It does not include collets for the taps. $50.00.
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    Jacobs 18N 1/8-3/4 Super Chuck on 50 Taper arbor $50.

    Jacobs 18N 1/8-3/4 Super Chuck mounted on a DeVleig Microbore Flash Change 50FC-4J arbor. The chuck operates smoothly and the jaws are in good condition. Both the chuck and arbor have some surface rust and pitting from being stored in an unconditioned space.
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    FS Wahlstrom 28-93 1/64-3/8 automatic chuck -$50 includes shipping

    Wahlstrom 28-93 1/64-3/8 chuck with 17/32 straight shank. The chuck is an older one and is marked as manufactured by American Mach & Foundry Co. The chuck operates smoothly. The price includes mailing in a flat rate box.
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    Can a frozen Reeves drive on a Powermatic 221 planer feed be repaired without removing the feed drive motor?

    The spring loaded pulley attached to the feed drive motor is very stiff and doesn’t slide on its shaft when the feed speed is adjusted. Consequently, all that happens is the belt tension increases. Before I go to the trouble of pulling the motor so that I can work on the pulley, are there...
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    KO Lee B943 Powered Workhead with Weldon Collets and 5C Collet Closer $425.00

    Single phase 120V KO Lee B943 Powered Workhead. Includes an adapter for Weldon collets and 11 Weldon collets. 1”, 7/8”, 3/4”, 5/8”, 1/2”, 7/16”, 3/8”, 5/16”, 1/4”, 3/16”, 1/8”. 5C collet adapter and draw tube.
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    Anyone have experience with Thermory as a deck material?

    I was speaking with a friend recently who is a professional woodworker in Switzerland and he spoke favorably about his experiences using Thermory as a Deck material. The only real negative he mentioned was a need to have joists spaced at 12” like with composite materials. Other than this...
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    FS: 36” and 48” Brown & Sharpe Camelback Straight Edges

    The 36” straight edge has been sold. The price for the 48” is now $300.
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    FS KO Lee B992 Sensitive Workhead - $225

    Back to the top. Price Reduction: $150 for the Workhead.
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    FS KO Lee B992 Sensitive Workhead - $225

    KO Lee B992 Sensitive Workhead on a KO Lee B892 base. This Workhead has a ISO 50 Taper. I’m located in Phelps NY, halfway between Rochester and Syracuse and would prefer a local pick up, but am willing to ship.
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    What voltages were KO Lee workheads provided with?

    I purchased a lot of KO Lee tooling from a sharpening shop that was closing. One of the B943 powered workheads is missing its plug. There is a four wire cable coming from the motors. I can’t find a data plate or any information on the motor or workhead that indicates a voltage. Anyone know...
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    Valuing and marketing KO Lee Cutter Grinding Tooling

    I recently purchased a fair amount of KO Lee tooling from a shop that was retiring - powered workheads, sensitive workheads, fingers, collets, etc... . I'm planning to keep most of it, but have some duplicates, like an extra powered workhead, and a few pieces like a sensitive workhead for Taper...