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    Fred Dibnah

    Fred is great, I also like "Blaster Bates" But I have to listen a few times to understand Mr. Bates- whatever his accent is called....
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    Lincoln square wave tig 355 broken!

    Remove it and clean off the dirt, look for the ohms and watts rating. mouser.com digikey.com might be a replacement source.
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    OT optimal cutting speed and feed rate for lawn mower blades?

    WOW, you guys have some big powerful mowing gear! We have "his & hers" equipment here. Wife uses the 30 year old Diesel Kubota G1800S for trimming sections of the 3 acres that my larger mower won't fit through - she likes the old style steering wheel. Over the decades, I have welded up the...
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    OT: home backup power generators

    Installed one of these about 13 years ago, great! - 21kw Perkins Diesel. https://www.centralmainediesel.com/order/Perkins-21-kW-Diesel-Generator-Special.asp?page=Perkins21 Recently built some solar power here, discovered that the genset is rarely needed now. If I had installed solar first...
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    Tap Magic? Or Rapid Tap?

    I use Tap-magic for Al. Bought a bunch of this, decades ago, works great for Ti and SS. "Stinky" does not really cover the effect........
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    OT Stand by Generator, what do you have?

    And burrowing rodents gnawing on direct-buried cable, like the buried Aluminum cable (3' deep, no conduit) that feeds our place.
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    OT Stand by Generator, what do you have?

    I put in one of these, many years ago ($6995, delivered, back then) https://www.centralmainediesel.com/order/Perkins-21-kW-Diesel-Generator-Special.asp?page=Perkins21 Use a manual transfer switch "CLACK"...
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    Would you sell off the transformer machine now that an inverter rules the roost?

    Around $2-4k. Hoping I can use the existing gas regulator, suspect the old torch and hose connections are incompatible w/ new TIG inverter welder
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    Would you sell off the transformer machine now that an inverter rules the roost?

    I will keep the ancient Lincoln idealarc TIG 300/300 for heavy work. Would like an inverter TIG for light work on Al, Ti, Stainless & mild steel. Not production work, just random jobs. No idea what to look at.
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    550 pound anvil origin question.

    ^^^ Looks very much like my Peter Wright! Inherited from relative in upstate NY. I was able to determine the markings, even though severely eroded.
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    OT: 2nd Catalytic converter stolen.

    Thinking "outside the box" - I have seen all wheel drive vehicles with permanent tire air hose/pump systems. Might there be a way to fit a similar system to normal vehicles? So to prevent the thieves from getting access to the undercarriage, just let the air out of the tires when parked. When...
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    O.T. - Best mouse poison

    We use the Gempler’s bait rotation schedule, works perfect to control rodents. Hawk for 6 months Jaguar for 4 months Rampage for 2 months
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    OT. Chevrolet repair at a Chevy "service" department

    Reminded of my days as an auto mechanic, many, many decades ago. There were some guys that absolutely could not understand “set the dwell first, then set the timing” I got all their come-backs to fix what they did.
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    Solar system design tips

    One other thing to consider is the starting current for the motor. Might not be an issue for a small, DC motor, but for my solar inverter selection, I had to consider the LRA (Locked Rotor Amps) of the AC well pump motor, which were 6x more than the running current.
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    college versus trades

    The college system here is just a giant extortion scam. We put both kids through 4 years or more (Son changed from Chemical Engineering to Software, had to start over for many classes) $200 for a book = scam Vast $$$ for tuition for pointless classes that only exist to keep some tenured persons...
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    O/T - Electric blanket that doesn't crap out after one season?

    Some new manufactured things like that can be 3rd world garbage. When I wanted space heaters that were well designed and manufactured, I went on ebay and searched for “vintage”. One of my portable space heaters is from 195x, (that one was built in Buffalo, NY) the other a modern one from 197x...
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    Anvil Research

    Take a look here to see if you can find a match: anvilfire.com - Blacksmiths and Metalworkers Resourcess for Artist Craftsfolk anvilfire Anvil Gallery : Images of anvils of the world.
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    OT Just bought an English made toaster

    Toaster = Lucas Electrics?????
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    Workholding - flat plate to mill table, slitting operation - what kind of clamps?

    Hi, What kind of mill table clamps am I looking for? There is .750 clearance between the arbor and table top. I searched “low profile mill table clamps”, not sure if I should be searching for a proper name / nomenclature. All I have are the traditional big clamps - stepped ramp type. Or is...
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    Retirement Day

    Congratulations to you, Sir! Please take time to stop and smell the Roses, life is so short.