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    Plate Beveling

    Laser 1” is expensive. Really expensive. Never heard of 2” abilities. Plasma tables come with drill/mill spindles too. I really wish they went with that option on our new table. Torch is still better at 1.5 and above. A 260 can do 2” with running pierce volcano. Good profiles, no holes...
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    Plate Beveling

    Tilt your plasma head on your table and run a rip cut. If you are buying out plate add bevel to the drawing. Many processors are moving to 5 ax tables. Get a 5 axis plasma Track torch Those hand bevelers on that much plate would suck.
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    The Haas that would not work---revisited $700,000 engine block project---Maybe not the Haas?

    That would be pretty cool honesty. Stuffmadehere did that with a tormach- mixed results. I think the haas would do better, given a salmon too.
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    The Haas that would not work---revisited $700,000 engine block project---Maybe not the Haas?

    It is a perfectly good three axis machine now*. *after rebuilding and replacing x axis happens.
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    Allied Spade Drill

    Our drill line uses those bits mostly. No pilot usually needed. Use bit to make “center punch” like a spotting drill size or smaller. This is at higher rpm/less ipr- just enough really to focus the wondering of tip to center. Then allied recommendations plus/minus.
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    Building a 4th axis and could use some help/opinions

    Sureline rotary with stepper already on it. I think one for sale in the commerce section. Buying new is well in your budget with lots to spare. The next level up is well beyond your budget.
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    Why wont my machine work like my coworkers?

    You saying you do not want 20” touch screen in your car- or a 16” laptop with no number pad? But both have the mandatory phone App!! So now you get to fumble and scroll your phone to turn on windshield wipers or use its super def 5” screen to cad a part out. Dstv is pretty close to the...
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    Polishing solid brass issues

    https://www.woodcraft.com/products/renaissance-wax Apply, let dry and polish with hair buffer. A soft clean cotton buffer works on slow speed too. Clear coats look cheap. Lacquer is one traditional finish for yellow, shellac is brown/gold. Both look hideous to me. Inkerlac (so) is ok, krylon...
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    Gifts to send to long time customers and vendors. What have you done?

    A donation to food bank in customers region in their name.
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    The Haas that would not work---revisited $700,000 engine block project---Maybe not the Haas?

    Your sigma six (I favor Toyota fork) should readily point out operator differences. “Not the knob, the knobee.” Is true. A brand new machine should narrow that gap in operators. Not typo mistakes (or reading 10 3/4 inch instead of 11 1/4) those just happen. This machine was bad from the...
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    The Haas that would not work---revisited $700,000 engine block project---Maybe not the Haas?

    This machine earned it, the sales team at haas earned it, the pr team has not come in and taken it away yet.. Wonder how the finance team scored.
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    nobody wants my 36x36" surface plate, what to do?

    My personal freight hauler just left Seattle for the early winter migration.. week late, have dollar. At least I got it half way this time.
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    The Haas that would not work---revisited $700,000 engine block project---Maybe not the Haas?

    ‘Nothing wrong with the machine... Just remove one axis and replace everything expensive in another and it might work’ 4 axis for the price of 7 Black Friday sale.
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    Why wont my machine work like my coworkers?

    Not going to deny op. Many people in suits still think you just take a pdf and the machine makes the parts. Do you have cad software that can make a 3d model? Ie rhino, solidworks, Catia, viacad, fusion...? Do you have cam software? Ie bobcad for rhino, solidcam, Catia, Mastercam. fusion...
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    OT- Torn rotator cuff- any words of wisdom?

    I did the shoulder brace and limited (doc said no, bosses say just this once....) overhead work as my doc suggested as early/first and only chance of self healing. That was just over a year ago. 3 months ago I stopped wearing brace. Still less mobility than before but no *knock on wood* pain...
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    Steel Turned Parts, 5" dia x 9" long, small quantities of several PN's.

    Not even close if you have to buy the steel. Those dimensions are proper units. Ouch, just looked at 5” 1018.
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    machining part best suited for waterjet on BP CNC roughing strategy

    Is this cut out only about 1,5 inches? I pre punch if I have a number of parts- because I have punch available. Still a helical spiral in and scoops doo swirly path would be about a minute on a Bridgeport. I have not had luck going what some people here say you can go in steel. 200 - 350...
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    Pressure washer question

    Sch 40 and sch 80 black pipe can do it. Sch 80 if you are worried. 1/2 is very common, so all the fittings are cheap. https://www.engineersedge.com/fluid_flow/steel-pipe-pressure-ratings.htm
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    Bandsaw blades for really hard wood?

    Trying to cross reference to blades I know. The tri tech would not be first choice. Very wide set which gives rough surface. I do not cut enough wood to understand what wood blades should be other than really sharp. The wide set blade produces rough finish and shorter blade life in steel...