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    CNC woodworking....

    I was looking around for my first fadal and I was offered a Fadal 3016L that was used its whole life carving wood and composites (musical instruments). The cooling system was removed and parts of it lost. What should a potential buyer of such a beast be most worried about? I am removely...
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    For Sale: 1995 Fadal VMC-15RT Under Power Orange, CA $9000

    Mid-size and larger trucks U-Hauls can easily handle the weight. There is concern about ceiling height and how to get it in, and out.
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    For Sale: 1995 Fadal VMC-15RT Under Power Orange, CA $9000

    I always wanted to know if one of these would fit in a U-Haul truck?
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    hjunk10 send me a private message asking me to retract my comments so that he can sell his item. Here is his story. Scat or truth? That is my old post on ebay and have been trying to sell it out for a while now but havent gotten any buyer and am in need of funds so i came to down to this forum...
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    Its the guy's first and only post. The concept of free shipping in this type of item does not compute. He is selling scat.
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    I smell scat. The guy copied the listing from fleabay https://www.ebay.com/itm/295234460262 But he has a lower price and free shipping.
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    Fadal MP versus 32MP

    I found a hint at this place. (by David M. de Caussin) He states suggests the MP controls are just like CNC88, just with an updated pendant. The plate on the 3016L days 2001 so I would expect CNC88HS. So is this the answer? MP is nothing more than an updated pendant with CNC88 (or 88HS) ?
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    Fadal MP versus 32MP

    I have been looking for a smaller Fadal and have located a candidate a mere 300 miles away. In Montana such a distance is considered a short drive. The thing is a 3016L made in 2001, with "Fadal Multi Processor CNC" on its pendant. So how is MP different from the 32MP control? Older or...
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    OT: CRC brake cleaner - safe on rubber bellows / rubber accordian, plastic , acrylic?

    Chlorinated solvents might be ok with teflons (viton etc) and other fluorinated plastics but I would expected surface etching or damage to the teflon, And these chlorinated solvents also have just enough free chloride (impurity) that aluminum will be etched as well. I vote for hot soapy water...
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    Flagging spammers?

    Local coop weeds out spam callers who spoof dummy phone numbers. I wager they would probably open up their IP phone api in case someone wanted to create a bot to answer robo/spam callers.
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    Deckel rotary table -is this genuine?

    This an awful lot of trouble and worry over something that can be bought for 300 clams. Shut up and buy it. If it turns out to be a dog then re-sell it for what it is really worth and move on.
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    Flagging spammers?

    My local phone cooperative in Montana does this, pretty much. Only for their own subscribers.
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    OT - electric auxiliary heat for shop

    A few buddies in North Central Montana heat their shops with coal. The firewood on the prairie leaves a lot to be desired.
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    New gun design help

    Your novel design may fall in the "any other weapon" (AOW) category defined and regulated by the national firearms act (NFA). The AOW category includes cane guns, pen guns, some belt buckle guns, and others that function as but do not appear as pistols. If you want to build an AOW some...
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    OT - Mild rant about the price of used cars, and where to even find them?

    I assumed the OP was referring to a business partner. Craigslist was what I used. Unfortunately the first few times I called the seller it was too late. What I found (in central Michigan) was that the better deals (low miles, etc) lasted only a few hours. So what I did then was make a list...
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    OT: warning GE fridges do not work

    Advice: Do not buy an appliance with a display or internal computer and expect it to last 20 years. My Electrolux refrigerator was under warranty and acting funny. The nice phone support lady asked me if I had rebooted the refrigerator, and then proceeded to give me instructions to do so. Her...
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    Linseeed oil floor finish

    I prefer oil based polyurethane rather than water based. It is so darn good I believe it is illegal in California.
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    Linseeed oil floor finish

    Linseed oil undergoes some chemistry in order to harden. It is not just about losing the solvent and drying - the chemistry must happen in order for the finish to be hard. The linseed oil undergoes an oxygen fueled free radical crosslinking reaction, kind of like vulcanization of rubber. The...
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    Multiple business entities?

    A family I know has operated a successful business. Papa owns the landscaping part, Son owns the lawn tractor dealership/shop part, and daughter owns the nursery. All buildings and land are in Mom's name and everyone pays her appropriate rent. All 100% above board and legal. I used to be an...
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    Forum suggestion: non professional machinist section

    Back to the original topic. I only speak for myself as a newer forum member. Why not ask non-professionals to pay for the privilege of asking newbie questions? I have not yet figured out how the forum is supported financially. Even if the forum does not need support a symbolic donation...