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    Haas SL 20 Lathe spindle overload

    a pop sure sounds like a dead short, check your cables for a short.
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    Welding to a Coil Spring?

    welding on it will usually soften or temper the steel around it then there will be a hardened steel zone just outside that where it will crack the welds off. mechanical fasteners are best without welding for springs.
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    Speedio won't move when using probe.

    ive had it react with my welding hood on low amperage , as LED on AC current likes to flicker but is faster then the eye can see at 60Hz. but electronics can become a problem if they start picking up the same wavelength or seeing the light flickering. could be a light reflecting off something...
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    Phase perfect wiring help

    6ga wire into it. 10HP pulls 30A 3 phase and multiply that by 1.73 which is about 50A single phase. 240V x 30A = 7200W x 1.73= 12,456W single phase 12456W Divide by 240V is 51.9A on single phase. so use breakers and wire accordingly.
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    Speedio won't move when using probe.

    do you have LED lights in the shop?
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    Aluminum thread repair inserts

    not enough meat to grip onto. material isnt there and cant clamp on hopes and dreams.
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    forklift step

    pay someone else to drive it..... probably so you don't crash it if your knees are that bad.
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    Anyone here replace/repair a Bernzomatic self-igniting torch ignitor?

    its just a hobby grade torch. real torches are made by other companies and use acetylene and larger bottles.
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    Looking for a company that media tumbles aluminum cases.

    Check out these guys out your way. https://jamsionline.com/ huge social media following and videos etc of all the engines they work on.
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    Newbie Brake question

    with how thin and short it is, tonnage is pretty low, single bend in only like 1.56 ton per ft under 50 pcs is just a press brake job bending each individual. making hundreds of them might need a die set, just split it down the middle to get the adjustment right and shim to fit.
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    Custom 1 2 3 blocks

    best bet is to buy new and grind to size needed.
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    Aluminum thread repair inserts

    it does work, but you need a carbide aluminum burr to cut the black junk off the surface a few times repeated until it cleans up. cleaning action just brings it all to the surface, still need to physically remove it. also no abrasive flap discs, it just embeds abrasive into the base metal. any...
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    Aluminum thread repair inserts

    some cast has a ton of zinc in it, makes it difficult to weld until you dilute the puddle with enough new aluminum to make it not burn off a bunch of black cmut every time you weld on it. ive welded the worst aluminum to the dirtiest, like 2 stroke boat handle with a ton of 2 stroke oil and gas...
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    Aluminum thread repair inserts

    ive welded many different aluminum castings. problems happen when the welder doesn't prep or clean properly. sometimes its just acetone. other times its weld, grind out the crud and weld again and repeat 3x or so till it comes out nice. different alloys sometimes need more then just 4043 rod.
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    What size forklift for 28k lb VMC?

    i would guess the COG is a little bit more forward then you have it, most likely due to the machine having the head all the way down in transport mode. probably right at the back side of the table and only an inch or so above it.
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    Aluminum thread repair inserts

    weld the holes up, and redrill them.... easy
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    Newbie Brake question

    the sharp edges aren't a good design. there is spring back to account for then you are basically coining which will take more tonnage widen the top die, add a couple degrees for spring back. all depends on how long of a part you need to bend? 10ft? any longer is a roll die job. typically....
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    Wood grinder teeth material spec.

    I would guess that those teeth are made from a tool steel of some sort with high impact resistance. Something like S2 or S7. being that, worst case is to hard face with a crap ton of filler that has some carbide precipitation qualities, then any old med carbon steel will work as a base as long...
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    Clausing 5914 phase converter choice

    its only a 2Hp motor, those can be bought cheaper then any VFD can........
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    Fanuc spindle drive contactor failure and replacement.

    yep, been there, old nasty coolant gums up everything and causes problems from fans on the drives to anything that moves. contactor must be seeing coolant spraying in that cabinet and without a filter to prevent that. replace with any contactor that meets the amp and voltage requirements. pretty...