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    1" - 8 "Furrow- Thread" ???? What does Furrow mean?

    It’s certainly vague, I looked and there’s bugger all in the books I have, it’s somthing that needs clarification from the originator of the drawing, furrow thread doesn't exist in anything I have, not even medical, implant screws are sharp form though I’m not a surgeon! ( although I admit to...
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    threading a block too heavy for the table

    I’ve never found rotobroach cutters in tapping drill sizes, shame that, your stuck with a drill, I’d prefer an anular on big sizes, but big taps are without question hard work when you get up to 1” I’m on the edge of what I can do with the biggest tap wrench I have, getting old! Sorry gotten...
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    OT: Motor Generator Experiment - Open Source Project :)

    On a related subject, there are no direct wire connections between any user of electricity and the generator, therefore by my estimate the user cannot buy electricity as no path exists, the user is buying magnetism or electromagnetism more correctly. I’ve been done, my bill says electricity, I...
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    Need help with my herbert no2d turrent lathe, please help

    Not sure how bad the big gear is, you might have to turn the teeth off and shrink fit a rim, then recut the teeth if you have mill and dividing head, very doable imho Lathes.co.U.K. Might have the manuals, Herbert was a very common machine. Mark
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    Trying to use a small precision chuck in a tail stock. How to hold it dead center?

    I have a small ER Chuck with a 3 mt prong for the tailstock, but the tailstock needs calibration before use, same would apply to a drill chuck,. The tailstock spindle needs to be bang on. You could through drill the tailstock spindle, I have a cheap wood lathe that’s through drilled, can’t see...
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    Vacuum Former Builds

    Never tinkered with vacuum formers, looks like fun though, I saw some waste in a scrap yard, I was suprised how detailed they were, looked like thin sheet but the mould must have been cnc carved. I saw a video with nothing more than a hoover sucking the sheet, is that all you need? Mark
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    Need help trying to identify boring and facing head

    Thought it was enco, also not bad imho, for the price, woolhampter are silly expensive, I bought one once for £50! Shame it got nicked, probably weighed in for scrap. Should do alright with that one, though I buggered quite a few holes up being sloppy and forgetting to lock the thing, oh well...
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    Bandsaw guide blocks from solid carbide endmills

    I have a start rite 320 I think, the guides are chill cast iron, fairly hard due to the cementite, they aren’t carbide, I can grind them on an ordinary wheel. There was a kit available from a firm called Axminster over here to change to a roller bearing guide like a doall. I do mis the doall in...
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    Large machine tools by Noble and Lund

    The central engineering workshop at port talbot picked up a fair amount of Doxford kit, along with Denison and Amsler thick plate tensile testing machines, used to jump when the bugger broke a 1” or 3/4 thick even when I knew it was coming, hell of a bang. Mark
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    Welcome, what machine do you operate, I’m interested. Mark
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    ot, gluing dentures

    I had a tooth on a post that fell out, I admit to the redneck fix all, superglue, it worked, for a while at least. I later bought some 2 part dental stuff off the inter web, better job. Mark
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    Can anyone give a "Chalk Talk" on the theory underlying Spherosyn scale and encoder operation?

    Absolutely fascinating, I knew nothing about these things so +1 on learning a new thing, it occurs that a circular tube could be a rotary encoder or am ( as usual) mistaken? It would be fairly insensitive to heat say. Mark
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    Turning a tungsten anti tank round into a wedding band.

    Oddly the density of gold and tungsten are virtually the same, as found from fake gold bars, odd that. Mark
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    Turning a tungsten anti tank round into a wedding band.

    They still steam the ( torpex?) out, they rotabroached and steamed a “ Satan” down the street when I was in London, got dug up during building. Guys carrying buckets of bomb guts and loading onto a truck for bang bang Brave guys Mark
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    Turning a tungsten anti tank round into a wedding band.

    I read about 73 eastings recently when a baddy decided to take on a M1A1 Abraham’s main battle tank with a RPG, a nervy gunner pulled the trigger on the main gun as soon as he heard fire, it’s not normal practice to shoot with the main gun, fire machine gun was the actual order but there we go...
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    Procedure for when penetrant inspection gets rejected

    When you say “tears” as opposed to tears without a picture you can’t tell, it’s obviously round bar,, tearing can be the result of heavy machining with a tool problem, or lamellar tearing off the cold rolling as result of re rolling a skin lamination, usually there’s a trace of mould powder from...
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    Slip Roller from an industrial sign machine

    Looks like the front end of a scotchcal sign machine, the sheet and the sign with the silly picture got squeezed between the nip rolls the under the infrared heat wotnot and vacuum sheet. You could turn it into a pyramid roll easily but the rollers are long and slim for thick plate, great fo...
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    Metallurgy- Can you directly compare the physical properties of ductile cast irons?

    As orange said, there’s 2 kinds of analysis, chemical, when making CI it’s optical emission spectrometers, combustion analysis ( carbon and sulphur LECO) XRF Notably foundry’s don’t sell by analysis, neither do steel makers, they sell by mechanical properties, UTS elongation hardness low temp...
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    Graziano Sag180

    You must be in the U.K., we call them fitters and turners, machinists over the pond, My instructor said in the 70s what’s the definition of a fitter and turner, I thought of lots of clever answers, he then said A welder with his brains knocked out, and you might as well join them, this is the...
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    Not really off topic: Anyone ever make an urn?

    The mrs asked if I could make some coffins for us, my initial response was that’s a bit morbid until I found out how much the kids would have to pay for crates for us ( my sister married an Indian doctor, needless to say converted to the bonkers religion, she died, I went to the funeral, she was...