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  1. Richard King

    Selling surplus bearings

    Contact Baker Bearing in Minnesota as they buy used bearings. I sold several surplus bearings I had.
  2. Richard King

    Ensuring the coat of prussian blue on the granite is thick enough, but not too thick

    During my last scraping class one of my students who learned to scrape at Boeing had a really nice ink Brayer that the use at Boeing. It's better then the ones I buy from Amazon. It 2" diamond. With a heavy-duty handle.
  3. Richard King

    Standard modern bedway condition.

    I teach a really good way to see wear on a lathe is to crank the apron to the right then use a flashlight and look at the gear rack under the bed. It will be unworn on the far left and right. Then look at the rack under the chuck and 20" to the far right. If the machine is worn bad the rack...
  4. Richard King

    surface plate cleaner - Windex vs lighter fluid

    Hello, yes I used to sell Tru-Stone granite plates before Starrett bought them. They're in St Cloud, MN about 90 mile drive. One day while inside the factory one of the employees was hand pumping some red liquid out of a 55 gallon barrel and he laughed it was red Windex they sold for $28.00 a...
  5. Richard King

    OT- Torn rotator cuff- any words of wisdom?

    You may want to go to the ER as you might have other issues as I did. My humerus bone was broken. Also if they tell you to exercise do it. I didn't exercise enough and my arm is sore and shorter. After you run out of pain pills try some CBD gummies 300 MG as they help with the pain. I also...
  6. Richard King

    OT. Vintage Gear and Auto Screw machines Auction in Minnesota.

    I have nothing to do with it. A longtime company that made gears and other parts on automatic screw machines and gear machines is going out of business. See it on MachinesUsed.com
  7. Richard King

    Decorative Scraping

    The manifold marks look like 1/2 mooning or that hit with fist with a flat blade not a 60 radius that we use to get a more circular technique. The fire wall does look like the butterfly or 1/2 of a butterfly shown on page 171 of the Connelly book, Machine Tool Reconditioning.
  8. Richard King

    Hand/power scraping tools for dovetail

    Today in my current class we started to scrape dovetails of a lathe compound. Here is the blade tip of a Biax 20-150 blade that I ground the side corners of the blade. You could grind the Sanvik blades the same way. The rake is neg. 5 degrees for iron. 60 dadius. When I scrape dovetails I...
  9. Richard King

    October & November 2023 Scraping Classes

    You maybe right. Years ago I was told by Tri Star plastics they sell Rulon to Taiwanese and Korean builders mixed with red and not green color. I can write them, but really who cares
  10. Richard King


    Index is still being made call them and see if you can buy a new one or they may have a used one.
  11. Richard King

    October & November 2023 Scraping Classes

    The Boeing boys were here this week too. They have been scraping my Taiwanese 6 x 14 surface grinder. I plan on making a new thread next week when the glass is done. Here's some mire pictures.
  12. Richard King

    Gorton 1-22 mastermil need assistance Jammed table

    I'm not a hammer jocky . GOOGLE "stuck z axis gib on a Bridgeport Knee" you will see how a gib freezes up and how they have to be removed. I still suspect the poster is not hitting it hard enough. If you can't get it hire a pro to do it.
  13. Richard King

    Jones and Shipman 540 Hydraulics

    When I used to have a seal issue I couldn't find I would call a hydraulic cylinder repair company as they see that problem alot. Look up Garlock seals, I think SKF may have brought them . But many companies use a Garlock v Grove seal assembly
  14. Richard King

    Gorton 1-22 mastermil need assistance Jammed table

    Make sure the livck is off and remove the hand screw lock and use a magnet to be sure the wedge under the screw is loose. Check all set screws and bolts facing the gib as someone may have have added something. The gib is ruined so make a steel bar to rest on the broken end and hit it with the...
  15. Richard King

    Gorton 1-22 mastermil need assistance Jammed table

    The manual is about 3/4 down the Gorton page. I'd link it. But I'm not sure how to on my cell phone.
  16. Richard King

    Gorton 1-22 mastermil need assistance Jammed table

    I looked on Vintagemachinery.org under machine reprints and there is a instruction manual under Gorton 1-22 mill. On page 36 or it may have been 24 it says "table gib" it says the BIG end is on the right side, so you need to tap on the left end.. there is ta picture of the table and saddle...
  17. Richard King

    Reconditioning My HLV-H

    Nice scraping. I like your checkerboard pattern.
  18. Richard King

    Advise in dealing with non-paying customer/vendor

    There is more to the story. last year MB called me to call the MN company and I drove up there as they were about 2 hours from my shop. I spent a few hours fitting the gibs into the machine. The MN company paid me that day as that was my terms. I told them the Texas person had not paid MB...
  19. Richard King

    Gorton 1-22 mastermil need assistance Jammed table

    As First has said your tapered gib is jammed. Look under the table and between the saddle and table there is a tapered piece that's called a gib. One end is smaller on one end and held in by a slotted gib screw. On the other end the gib is thicker also held in with a slotted screw. Remove...