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  1. true temper

    OT anyone looking to get out of the city and move shop to the country?

    My wife and I have bought our retirement property in another state, and need to think about selling our property in Western Kansas. Main property includes 17 acres 2 nice houses, 2 shops one 4,800 square foot and the other 4,200 square foot. Both have 14’ x 20’ overhead doors. Big shop has 8”...
  2. true temper

    Concrete floor offset...what product for a 'ramp'?

    I have used this for concrete repairs and had very good luck. It sticks really good. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Quikrete-50-lb-Non-Shrink-Precision-Grout-158500/100318529
  3. true temper

    What Am I Missing, Bench Vise Prices

    Check vintage spray paint on eBay, I don’t get either??
  4. true temper

    What Am I Missing, Bench Vise Prices

    How bout a can of vintage purple paint that don’t work no more for 605.00$ to paint your vise with. https://www.ebay.com/itm/195986612520?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=gKHtd7GkQaW&sssrc=4429486&ssuid=S4d_0YQzT7G&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  5. true temper

    What Am I Missing, Bench Vise Prices

    Anyone watching Wilton baby vises, I was wanting one 10 years ago and couldn’t let go of the money, now look at the Sold price. My friend has a pristine one mounted on a swivel ball base he uses to hold his mail...
  6. true temper

    Air conditioner repair question

    I don’t know if the OP is working on a boat or semi truck???
  7. true temper


    Local to you they buy quality surplus tools. https://www.harryepstein.com/
  8. true temper

    Show me your....FORK LIFT!

    I bought this Clark forklift on an auction site a couple of years ago, its been setting outside of my shop ever since. I finely decided to see if it would run, as it didn‘t come with a key, and the auction said unknown operation condition. I drug it in and checked the battery, it was a little...
  9. true temper

    Help identifying this equipment . I bought this at a garage sale for 20.00

    I had an old rancher that was building barbed wire cattle gates to pull on it with pickup to stretch a long piece of wire till it yielded a bit. Then he cut it into pieces to make gate and it would stay straight And not try to coil back up.
  10. true temper

    Fifthwheel hitch or gooseneck or both?

    Mine is 10 years old and made of steel, not aluminum. So fr no problem with it, my camper is a ultra lite weight model.
  11. true temper

    Fifthwheel hitch or gooseneck or both?

    I installed a B&W flip over ball in my one ton. I have an Anderson ultimate hitch to pull camper, love it. The nice thing about it is you don’t stress the pin box on camper with goose neck adapter, plus you don’t have to worry about 5th wheel coming unlatched and dropping camper on bed of truck...
  12. true temper

    What is this (heavy metal donut)?

    Can you tell me more about what material I have, does it machine good, is it weldable? What is so bad about it, I may never use it but it was free and you don’t find that size of material easily.
  13. true temper

    South Bend 9A with accessories

    The biggest feature is its long gone.
  14. true temper

    OT: Automotive battery terminals for bigger cables

    I got ALL of the goodie out of this cable end on my Toro Workmaster yard car. It just stoped running and I found this.
  15. true temper

    Turning a radius with skill?

    Here is some form tools I made, worked well.
  16. true temper

    What is this (heavy metal donut)?

    Here’s a piece of “good” pipe I drug home a while back. It’s about 6’ long and has API box treads on one end. Make good stock for something.
  17. true temper

    O/T: can "pot metal"/die cast zinc alloy be soldered ?

    Would sure like to see a photo of the needed repair.
  18. true temper

    Need info on pipe threading, machine, head, etc.

    I was threading some galvanized carbon pipe on my 300 Ridgid and having problems with thread tearing, the only way I found to make a good thread was to open up the die head a bit and cut over size then I found cooling the pipe down with water really helps before final pass. Using plenty of...
  19. true temper

    How to valuate shop equipment for retirement sale

    Some people don’t have the temperament or patience to be a good employer, myself included.
  20. true temper

    Looking for super low profile 4mm OD tube to m6 mnpt to run grease lines to ball screws

    Check with these guys, I have got grease tube from them.