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    Mill won't reach the back of the vise.

    The tram adjustment needs to be checked after every time the ram position or the head swiveling/nodding positions are disturbed, whether on purpose or because of a wreck. Tramming is important for all precise work, whatever tool is in the spindle. You might not notice if a drilled or bored...
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    Mill won't reach the back of the vise.

    Besides getting the mill spindle centered over the vise, covered by other posts, think about the cutting diameter of the cutting tool you use. End mills are fine for most work on a Bridgeport, but a flycutter is a better tool for machining large flat surfaces. They use standard lathe-type...
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    This one sets a couple records....Hardinge Lathe

    The compound slide rest in post #3 is a 1946 model, the mail order version for retrofitting to older split bed lathes. They did actually build a few flat belt drive bench lathes with split beds into the 1950's. The upper feed screw is 1/2-10 LH square thread and the lower screw is 1/2-20 RH...
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    10-32 vs 10-24 Just curious why 10-32 is more popular when NC is more common.

    If you don't want to single point it, buy a die. https://www.victornet.com/detail/RD-10-30-B.html Larry
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    This one sets a couple records....Hardinge Lathe

    Jim, Hardinge used square threads in all their compound slide rest feed screws until the 1960 model, which has Acme threads. Larry
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    Help Identifying these collets

    Draw-in collets with internal threads, like the common Bridgeport R8, are usually restricted to milling machines and are meant to hold end mills and other mill tooling. The reason is that lathe collets are more useful if they can hold a long piece of stock, so threaded lathe collets have...
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    Help Identifying these collets

    One collet is marked D-S and the other is marked DS, so they fit the same device and were likely made by different companies. Is there an internal thread? Larry
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    This one sets a couple records....Hardinge Lathe

    The photo is a bit fuzzy, but I think I see the oval Elmira mark on the tool slide, making it after 1935 or so. I think the conical dial would only be original to a Chicago machine. I have several of each type compound slide rest in a variety of conditions, but I never tried to swap Chicago...
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    Wanted: Machine or Catalog Image of Napier Saw Door

    From your old thread, I enlarged and cropped the old works photo that shows yet another version of the door. I was wondering if the old horizontal band saw in the Armington and Sims machine shop at Greenfield Village (Dearborn, MI) was a Napier and if it had a door. I have walked past that saw...
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    Is this Adjustable Angle Plate ( Precise 10" x 15" SKU: 202-169 ID: 347297 ) worth it?

    That looks like a part designed for 3D printing or possibly investment casting. Milling from solid, not really. Larry
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    This one sets a couple records....Hardinge Lathe

    Ser. 39-20643-1 was built in 1943. Several thousand TR and ESM models were built during WWII. If the 39 part of the number is not a typo, then the lathe was built with a 3C collet spindle and later changed to a 5C spindle. There were 4C spindles also available. The spindles on these models...
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    This one sets a couple records....Hardinge Lathe

    What is the serial number? I will guess it was built about 1941 and it could be either a TR59 or an ESM59, depending on what was on the bed when it was sold. My second Hardinge lathe was a 1936 BB59 on the wood top bench and I did a lot of work cleaning it up. I patched the damaged wood left...
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    Need Help With Disassembly Of Sjogren 5CX Speedchuck

    The one trick you must know is to line up the witness marks on the gears when putting it back together. Larry
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    Is this Adjustable Angle Plate ( Precise 10" x 15" SKU: 202-169 ID: 347297 ) worth it?

    Those 10 x 15 tilt tables probably all come from China or India. I bought my slightly smaller version in 1975 from Enco, when such goods came from Japan. It proved ideal for making gibs. Penn tilt table with crank: $600 Penn tilt table (no crank) $400 MSC tilt table (no crank) $461 Shars tilt...
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    Inside Dial Caliper , anyone use them ?

    I got my first wood lathe in 1953 and my first metal lathe in 1954, so I used spring calipers for turning everything for quite a while. That metal lathe did not have dials on the feed screws, so woodworking measurement methods were sufficient for my early metalwork. I did not get my first...
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    Good Quality Drill Press

    OP's location is Quebec, Canada, which is sort of a former colony (of France), but has CRIII on the money. My thought is, to get a good quality drill press that will last 30 years, but not cost a bundle, get one that is 60 years old. And there is nothing wrong with round columns if they are on...
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    Small HSS Boring bars

    They are great. They have to have round shanks because of the spiral form grind profile that requires rotating the bar for sharpening. They have some that can bore 1/16" holes. https://bokum.com/Files/CarbideNeckBrochureComplete.pdf Larry
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    Mitutoyo Serial number

    Quite a few years ago, I bought some new Mitutoyo black plastic plates for 0-1" micrometers from a local Mitutoyo dealer/repair shop. I used them to replace worn or previous owner marked plates. The new plates did not have any model or serial numbers because they were meant to fit many...
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    Lathe identification

    As I mentioned, all the Taiwan engine lathes in my Jet 1982 and 1992 catalogs have the carriage feed crank on the left. Many have gap beds. The ones with gap fillers have a short piece of rack attached to the filler. The ones without a filler have a very short gap and the rack stops at the...
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    Special version of Emco Compact 8 - looking for manual

    You may learn something useful from Tony: http://www.lathes.co.uk/emcocompact8/ For instance, the Emco Compact 8E in that UK dealer's German language brochure was made in Taiwan after Austrian production stopped. But he does not mention the model V8 and might appreciate having photos of yours...