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  1. exkenna

    90 Vintage Carbide Inserts Ceramic Inserts South Bend Lathe Mill Turning Tool CNC NOS

    That’s some old stuff. I remember when 883 and 370 were your two major options. Then KC850 came along and mopped the floor with everyone
  2. exkenna

    New, balanced CAT40 ER collet chucks, the good ones

    New CAT40 ER16 and ER32 collet chucks. 2.5” or 4” gage lengths. These are the nice ones, no eBay or AliExpress junk here. I get shipments a couple times a year from a contract mfg’r in Japan. I have a few left from a large order I placed for a local aerospace shop. Balanced to 15K rpm. $78 each...
  3. exkenna

    Parting Tool Recommendations for 1045 and 4140HT

    I’m not aware of any integral shank tool that will part that diameter so it’ll be a block and blade system. I second the others on Iscar. Innovative tools that perform. They got their toe hold in the US market in the late eighties with parting and grooving. Really put the hurt on top notch
  4. exkenna

    Another coolant thread. Keep using MB50 or change.

    Respiratory problems usually come from the chlorine and/or sulfur. Dermatitis is from the oil rejecting nature of pure synthetic coolants which draw the natural oils from your skin and cause cracking and chapping. In the sump this causes the tramp oil to separate so you can skim it off.
  5. exkenna

    carbide insert identification

    I don't recognize the chip breaker in the pic but it reminds me of some CeraTizit geometries from the past. Shoot me a message if you're interested in try a PVD coated insert for nickel based alloys or a PVD coated cermet with a ground edge
  6. exkenna

    Liquid Ice coolant

    Try a plant based botanical coolant. No chlorine, sulfur, or petroleum products. Won’t burn your lungs or crack your skin.
  7. exkenna

    Tips for saving money on tooling for small jobshop?

    Shoot me a message or email if you're receptive to working one on one with a small family owned business. I've tooled up hundreds of guys on here with pretty good feedback. As an example, Our balanced CAT40 collet chucks are $78. Lathe inserts from $6.00 It's just me and my wife so we have very...
  8. exkenna

    Another coolant thread. Keep using MB50 or change.

    Consider a plant based botanical product. No chlorine, sulfur, or petroleum products. Won’t burn your lungs or cause your hands to crack. Runs clear land clean. The video is 4 years old so like everything else, the price has gone up. About $180 a pail.
  9. exkenna

    Best General Purpose End Mill

    Well since you asked. https://latheinserts.com/TITAN-VI-PRO-ENDMILLS-4-FLUTE-W-CORNER-RAD_c106.htm
  10. exkenna

    Coolant recommendations

    Metalloid Addvance 6030C. Plant based botanical with no chlorine, sulfur, or petroleum products. No cracked hands or burnt lungs. Runs clears like water. $180/Pail
  11. exkenna

    Okuma lnc-8 cheap starter tooling recommendations

    Shoot me a message, I have tons of brand new tool holders and inserts. Or email me: tooling64 at gmail dot com It’s all high quality usable stuff
  12. exkenna

    kennametal or maritool ?

    I have some ER16 and ER32 collet chucks on year end sale for $78 if you’re interested.
  13. exkenna

    Anchorlube G-771 run through lathe flood coolant system

    It’s Irish Spring soap, blended into a viscosity for squirt bottles. Not kidding. I’m a dealer for them and have had several conversations with the owner. Good stuff though! I have customers that swear by it.
  14. exkenna

    Is it OK to use a Through Coolant Face Mill with a Flood Coolant system?

    Perfectly fine to run it without coolant. Many manufacturers are consolidating to indexable coolant tools by default to keep from having to stock both.
  15. exkenna

    Top Notch Threading Inserts

    I still sell the top notch Groovers and threaders for $11 each. CVD coated, updated version of KC850. Shoot me a pm if interested.
  16. exkenna

    Lathe, choosing the correct inserts for different materials

    Give me a shout, I’ll be glad to help Tooling64 At Gmail Dhot com
  17. exkenna

    Face Mill Adapter for ER-40 Live Toolholder

    Although it’s not the most free cutting geometry it does have positive axial rake which is most important. The slight negative radial rake is to kick the chips away from the cutter. I’m not fond of the long cutting edge at the bottom of the insert. Most likely causing the noise you’re hearing...