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  1. cyanidekid

    What kind of tip to indicate vitrified aluminum oxide abrasive?

    Sapphire is aluminum oxide. So is Ruby. Who isn’t taught that at 5? Astounding. Ever herd of Moh’s scale?
  2. cyanidekid

    For sale Spot welder tips, NOS US made

    bumping' this cause its a smoking deal, someone's gotta have spot welding needs here.. that's a pneumatic tip dresser with lot 2, motor is unbranded, but the dresser is Tipaloy brand.
  3. cyanidekid

    For sale Spot welder tips, NOS US made

    (l had posted in welding because I thought few machinists would think of this as tooling or parts:))
  4. cyanidekid

    For sale Spot welder tips, NOS US made

    For sale are 110 pcs of new old stock quality made in USA ( I believe) “1MT” (1/2” nominal od 4RW) spotwelding tips, this is the good stuff, Tuffaloy, Tipaloy CMM (I think that’s the letters). Mostly 2315 and 2319. 300$ for the lot.+shipping Also, a lot of 19pcs “2MT” 5RW tips and a tip...
  5. cyanidekid

    Stainless Passivation - Tig Brush vs Acid?

    a good source for reasonably priced quality carbon fiber brushes would be much appreciated if anyone has found one. just a note and query about Sorfox G, that is a PH neutral version for environments where corrosive residue or fumes are undesirable. (also OK to use in food plants in Canada)...
  6. cyanidekid

    D1-6 Camlock Spindle Nose does it have a standardised internal taper?

    just a note of caution, a few years ago l purchased a collet adapter sleeve from JFK, and it was wildly out of spec, and they adamantly insisted I was measuring wrong, I wasn't. I don't know if they are still delusional, my experience was terrible. at least they refunded my money. to the op...
  7. cyanidekid

    aluminum scrap prices(michigan)

    "chips" or machining waste can vary widely, by both the surface area and cutting fluid residue percentage. if you have fresh thick "bright" turnings or heavy milling swarf with little to no cutting fluid residue, of uniform known alloy, that's money. paper thin oily and/or heavily oxidized...
  8. cyanidekid

    OT: Any shop uses for bowling balls?

    very odd to me that somehow the ball and chain got conflated with the 8 ball. two completely different things. l've never seen an 8 ball with a chain attached.
  9. cyanidekid

    OT: Any shop uses for bowling balls?

    that's basically the "engraver's vise" or engraver's ball". that GRS unit Mud posted is very nice, specific to this type is the self centering jaws that keep the work on axis.
  10. cyanidekid

    How to Tell Carbide from High Speed Steel

    yup, its easy for me. 3/32 burr even. in think its maybe easier. what's trickier is a burr with a carbide head brazed on, some dental burrs are made that way.
  11. cyanidekid

    Rotab for Bridgeport

    what do those warning labels say? res too low to read.
  12. cyanidekid

    Diy black powder

    when messing with potentially explosive materials the utmost caution is advisable especially when employing unusual or untested methods or materials. I have no experience milling black powder, but using a vibratory unit with ceramic media should be considered experimental and done in a safe...
  13. cyanidekid

    Ridge in rifle chamber

    haha! well that would put you in the minority here by a wide margin...:D
  14. cyanidekid

    Barnes Velocipede Metal Lathe - input please

    well hot damn! congrats, one lucky haul.. :) sounds like its found a good home, warms an old iron loving heart.
  15. cyanidekid

    Auction Score!!! 3 Brownies (2 Servocam)

    congratulations! that machine looks really clean, did you clean it up, and how long did that take? for those of us ignorant of the details of screw machines, I presume your comparisons are a ServoCam vs a standard machine that uses actual metal cams to run the machine?
  16. cyanidekid

    for sale; two 2 1/4"-8tpi thread mount 4jaw chucks, a Skinner/SB 6" and a Logan branded 8"

    the Logan is sold to a member here, packed and awaiting pickup. thanks everyone!
  17. cyanidekid

    Could your shop make artillery rounds?

    do you make a soup pot by starting with a 10" solid round rod and cutting away most of it? yea, not the same, but just sayin' there are proven better ways to make some things, the "modern" idea of hacking anything hollow out of a bar on a CNC lathe is often wasteful and stupid even today with...
  18. cyanidekid

    powering up a Miller XMT after 5 years. ramp up, or it doesn't matter?

    variac, un-rectified to 130, then 240. ill definitely do that with the '40s DoAll Selectron when I power that up. thanks, dg, l'll look at that!