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    Source for type C or F 5mm x 22 or longer groove pins

    Hi I'm working on a mill that uses these as a kind of clutch dog on the handles. The old pins were damaged from abuse (holding the handle up against moving components during power feed). I thought this would be a quick and cheap fix just order up some new pins. There are four 15mm pins and four...
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    Kalamazoo P 47 / 816 V-belt size needed

    Yes I should have done that yesterday when I was working on the saw. I wanted to order the belt to have it ready for next time I'm close to the saw. Thanks BT The other things I'm looking for are a photo of the switch trip off rod and what type of replacement switch I should order. The saw now...
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    Kalamazoo P 47 / 816 V-belt size needed

    Hi I recently bought this saw and need a little help with a few things that I couldn't find in the manual. The saw was running when I bought it but I could see it needed s few things. First up was the normal broken spring. I got a new one from Clausing and put that in yesterday. Fast service...
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    Delta/Rockwell band saw info

    Hi I just now saw this and also your pm. Sorry about that life sometimes gets in the way of stuff. Anyway,not the best photo but it looks like you have the model with the push / pull knurled knob. Can't remember but one way engages the gear box and the other is direct drive to the motor /belt ...
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    WTB wheel hubs/flanges for Delta-Rockwell T&C grinder

    Here you go. Sopko is the place to look for this type of thing. Adapters for Rockwell, Rockwell-Delta, Rockwell-Milwaukee Grinders, Harig, and Model 25 Grinder Manufactured by Gallmeyer & Livingston Co., Grand Rapids, MI. Andy
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    Delta/Rockwell band saw info

    Great find, Your's is the 14" metal / wood version. I would think different years had different model numbers. The gear box and several other less significant parts were changed over the years. Newman109 is correct about the guard. With out it the running blade is exposed. Take a photo of the...
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    Looking for "buttons" under set screws for locking

    Ray Most of the time I just find some scrap material and punch out small slugs to use. Carr has the tipped set screws. Another thing I use and have on hand most of the time is small brass and plastic ball to use. McMaster-Carr Andy
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    Deckel FP2 Aktiv maintenance and repair

    One other thing that I just thought of. The middle lock kind of has a sweet spot in the middle to work right. Not to tight and not to loss to clear for movement. Andy
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    Deckel FP2 Aktiv maintenance and repair

    BB I can try and check tomorrow but I remember having a similar problem with my FP3NC when I got it. As I remember it was a combination of the middle lock and a timing issue with the chain itself. Keep in mind that this is a different machine and I have no experience with your machine. Looking...
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    Small chipboard boxes with metal edges source

    This thread has reminded me of a very nice system with similar metal edges used with plywood. In the past when I have seen one of those boxes I always wondered if it was a system that you buy the edge and the tools needed and cut your own sides to fit? Or if it was a company that made the boxes...
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    Small chipboard boxes with metal edges source

    I had this one bookmarked from some time ago. Hollingers or something like that is the one I had bookmarked in my brain. Google should bring up more. Metal Edge Packaging Solutions Andy
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    FS: Aloris DA, BXA, and AXA and Dorian BXA

    I'd like to be second in line for those BXA holder if the deal falls through. Andy
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    Help identify collet holder

    That style of nut is usually OZ. At least here in the US the OZ25 is the most common as far as I have seen. Here is a link to the site that has the size. Google is your friend. OZ25 DIN 6388B Spring Collet Pore Range from 2mm to 25 mm Step 1mm Andy
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    Small diameter strap wrench for honing bushings

    Here is a link to a Lufkin mike wrench made out of spring steel similar to what I was try to write. The Machinist tweezers that were recently being sold on PM are more along the lines I was thinking but the working tweezer end would be the handle / part you squeeze. Error Page | eBay Andy
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    Small diameter strap wrench for honing bushings

    I would make something that I have always called a lemon squeezer. I'm not sure that is the right name for it. Drill and ream the hole at the very end of a bar for the 9/16". Now round over that end so there is not much metal left around the hole. Make a saw cut up from the opposite end down the...
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    Can't Close Pictures On This Forum

    It has always done that for me on certain photos. Try pressing the "Esc" button on a PC. Andy
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    Has anyone here welded on a Jacobs chuck?

    Here is a photo of the one I did years ago. I have one of those electric nut runners that I occasionally use as a drill with this chuck. The original job was for torqueing something. You can clearly see the heat effected zone but the chuck can run all the way in or out just by hand. I'm never...
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    Has anyone here welded on a Jacobs chuck?

    Hi Mud I have one that I did many years ago. If I can find it I will post a photo tomorrow. I had a need to put a torque wrench on something round if I remember. Anyway It still works fine with the stub of a socket extension welded on. If I was doing something that needed a different mount than...
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    WTS harrison lathe follower rest

    Just wanted to post a little positive feedback for 1yesca. Great transaction in every way. The rest has found a permanent home. Andy
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    Toolholder - type ?

    It still would help to have better photos. Anyway I'm just guessing here but the way the pull stud looks in the photo TOS might have pick a set up that would allow both manual #40 tooling and CNC #40 tooling to be used in your spindle. A longer pull stud for the CNC stuff (like your photo) and a...