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    Hammon Glider Trim O Saw

    If you post here, it is a requirement to include price and location. No pix, didn't happen. You are new, so post up by tomorrow or else.... :) You can also post in the regular FS section, where the rules are the same; and link to it from here. smt
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    Straight, square & parallel (DIY)

    As mentioned, Wayne Moore's book, _Foundations of Mechanical Accuracy_ Also _Machine Tool Reconditioning_ for in depth in the field "how to" mostly with simple fundamental tools, along with theory. Plus, if you are a hands-on guy, your Q would probably be better in the rebuilding (scraping)...
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    threading a block too heavy for the table

    Hardinge tap driver collets just bore the hole shy of the tang depth, then mill the necessary width slot straight across from that end; deep enough to intersect the round hole. I use a mag drill and while i no longer look forward to drilling/tapping 1", it is not onerous. Consider how much...
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    Bandsaw blades for really hard wood?

    Andrew - simple compared to the one in DC that inspired it. :) This floor will be something of a mash-up. The primary floor pattern that is being delivered and installed by my old work buddies (if talking about it has not jinxed things) is Fontainebleu in rift red oak. I'd rather QS white...
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    S.C. Forsaith Machine, hoping for some information from the collective.

    You do realize that you posted in the woodworking section? That is a very old metal working shaper! I've used mine at times for wood working. Including mounting a router or a radial arm saw head on it for some kinds of joinery. When still living in Maryland a few decades ago, i sometimes...
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    Bandsaw blades for really hard wood?

    :) The original floors in this ca 1900 4-square farmhouse are T & G red pine directly on to the joists. (no subfloor). Sanded thin by PO's, there are cracks & separations everywhere that allow views to the cellar when the lights are on down there, and cold drafts back up during the winter...
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    Bandsaw blades for really hard wood?

    Thank you! I started to post actual construction photos of restoring the original and got cold feet. Don't want men in dark suits to take my toaster yet. If you can navigate this...
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    Bandsaw blades for really hard wood?

    I always like the later model heavy frame J A Fay & Egan saws for that - just lift the strain weight & prop the lever arm. (No springs) Almost a perfect system, and well balanced. I have the American Saw Mill Machinery saws & a 36"/7.5 belt drive Tannewitz project mouldering on the back lot...
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    Bandsaw blades for really hard wood?

    dscipio -I think i will probably end up with the carbide resaw band that you and scsmith mention. Width decison pending. However, when time permits, i will probably use Richard's bi-metallics to resaw some QS redwood and cedar to test the market. :) There is ("relatively") a fair amount of...
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    Trouble with pneumatics on used edge bander (2010) virutex eb40

    I don't have experience with that specific machine, but it sounds like basic trouble shooting? Can you verfiy that there is supply air to the non-operative pneumatic switches? IOW, no broken lines or connections? Can you disconnect the pneumatic switches & then supply air directly, and cycle...
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    Bandsaw blades for really hard wood?

    dscipio - that looks promising! Rons - i have a small file (ha, ha) drawer of diamond files. You must have found them effective on the teeth. Any tips on using them? Dry? with oil? When i sharpen a band, i take it off the saw, put a dressed thin wheel on an open wheel pedestal grinder, and...
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    Boring and facing head

    The thing that aggravates me most is that i think i would have handled or owned most of the interesting types of small boring heads, and now you have to go and show one i haven't had. Does it really have 16 feed rates? Was the idea to make it possible to coordinate with various geared...
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    Bandsaw blades for really hard wood?

    If you read the original question, it is actually about tooth material choice. As stated several times up-post, i have bands that work quite well on soft KD lumber like rock maple, beech, white oak, black locust, and even ebony. However on the other woods mentioned which not only are much harder...
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    Decorative Scraping

    Nope. The finish on the engine is frosting, done with a scraper. Bump scrape in the olden daze. Possibly a biax on the shown example. They also did butterfly frosting (with a scraper) on some blocks and other mechanical components. The firewall does appear to be engine turned on the OP restored...
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    Decorative Scraping

    Mons. Bugatti had all the engine flat surfaces frosted - he thought that the engine should blend in as an element of the architectural visual composition, and not obvious in the motive power sense. Reason all the components including the block, look like a stack of blocks. But that frosting...
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    Vintage Shaper in excellent condition for sale. Southeast MA

    Not so many traveling head shapers left out there! smt
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    Bandsaw blades for really hard wood?

    Flooring is occupying me again, (& ski season prep/pre-clinics :) )so it looks like i'm going to wait for a few sample bimetal blades from Richard once he gets settled into the new digs & can access band stock and welder. :) I'll use that to process whether to step up in width, and/or move onto...
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    Bandsaw blades for really hard wood?

    This is exactly the type of info a person hopes to learn when sorting through options. "rough cut" per se is not a deal killer if that promotes a stable, straight up and down cut. However it suggests drawing more HP than a narrower kerf, sometimes a lot more. My saw only has 3HP and that can...
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    Hardback vs flex bandsaw blades

    Thank you for clarifying that. I was ready to believe it, though, because i used to re-sharpen 2 and 3 TPI blades here. I could get usually at least 3 re-sharps which cut better than new. Somewhere around 4 to 5x re-sharp though, the set would be mostly gone & additionally the blades would...
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    Bandsaw blades for really hard wood?

    I want to resaw bloodwood, tasmanian myrtle, cocobola, African blackwood and similarly hard lumber saved in the loft over the years. Does anyone have experience with some of the bimetal blades, irregular tooth pattern designed for metals such as Lenox trimaster...