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  1. Laurentian

    Sand Blaster with Filter Unit

    Nice machine ! One of our shop neighbors is looking for a quality unit with proper filtration like this ( they sell, service and overhaul industrial combustion components ) If the price is reasonable and you're able to load I'm pretty sure he'd buy. I'll show him this tomorrow or Monday and get...
  2. Laurentian

    Will this end mill attachment fit a Deckel SO grinder ?&

    Moat Asian import single lip cutter grinders are Kuhlmann SU-2 clones. They use Deckel type collets as do Alexander and of course Deckel SO and SO-E. As for the end mill and lathe tool holders sold on eBay I'm about to purchase one for lathe tools for use on our roughest single lip grinder...
  3. Laurentian

    Wanted FP3 table

    Will do in a week, have some backlog in the shop I'm dealing with at the moment.
  4. Laurentian

    Bifocal safety glasses

    I've had a couple pairs made at my optician for different applications as I'm quite myopic. One for far, one close 1.5, one bifocal and one close up 1.75 when wearing contacts. My frame of choice is the Bollée B808 with nicely inter-graded shields that don't look dorky but are actually quite...
  5. Laurentian

    Wanted FP3 table

    We have a rigid table off a mid 60's FP2, don't know if FP3 used same but it's quite large. Can check no. on the casting if you like. ( it's been put away deep )
  6. Laurentian

    Are polish lathes that expensive? (Fat tur)

    Pretty sure he last UK built Harrison M250, M300 and VS330's were the white and red ones from the early to mid 90's
  7. Laurentian

    Hardinge Sjogren 5C collet speed chuck - repairable ?

    Wow all great info thanks ! I'm thinking some of the used similar to ours plain nose models may have a removable back plate enabling me to reinstall our D1-4 adapter plate. As in D1-5 down to D1-4 and so on. At this point I'll have to take it apart anyways to count no of teeth as it's become...
  8. Laurentian

    Hardinge Sjogren 5C collet speed chuck - repairable ?

    Hi there, indeed this is the one ! OK will do and yes on Atlas I did see some new units in the $1K range on eBay. Thanks much I'll look into it on tomorrow.
  9. Laurentian

    Hardinge Sjogren 5C collet speed chuck - repairable ?

    Hello guys, this being Sunday I haven't reached out to Hardinge yet but wondering if they have repair parts available to replace the threaded portion that holds onto the 5C collets inside that rubber hand wheel speed chuck of Sjogren model ? Ours has quite a few years under it's belt and is in...
  10. Laurentian

    Wanted ! ! !

    Jeff, we have a complete boring / light milling head off an LK if you like. Ships from Canada can crate it no problem. We parted out the LK and kept the head for out FP2 but never used it.
  11. Laurentian

    System 3R CNC ORBI-cut

    Bumping this 5 year old thread as we're in need of an operator's manual or tips for our System 3R mechanical ( non cnc ) Orbi-Cut model 551.1 year 1991 build attachment. Bought this years ago used and have finally gotten around to installing it on our Charmilles Form 20 manual EDM machine. It...
  12. Laurentian

    jones shipman 1300 grinder manual / lubrication

    Some type of Mobil Velocite for your plain bearing spindles I would think. Might want to check first.
  13. Laurentian

    British machine tool sub forum

    Good idea ! : Harrisson lathes, Clarkson and Myford grinders yo the bunch.
  14. Laurentian

    Late Harrison M300 Value

    Great machines, new they are upwards of 35k Canadian from dealer in BC. The Yahoo Harrison group as well as the Harrsion FB page would be of use for pricing. My guess near new as above over 20k us. Unknown mediocre condition at auction 80's to mid nineties they go for 5-10k with lots of interest.
  15. Laurentian

    M & N ( Modern Press ) Clifton, NJ - Molding and Hobbing presses

    Yes of course, we are precision engravers and want to add hobbing to the services we offer.
  16. Laurentian

    Colchester 15” x 50” lathe value

    A D4 type spindle or larger will fetch more money than a Jarno taper machine for sure. Lots of Harrison and Colchester fans out there, FB groups and a Yahoo one as well. Many enthusiasts in England.
  17. Laurentian

    M & N ( Modern Press ) Clifton, NJ - Molding and Hobbing presses

    Hi all, looks like I may of scored an M&N 200 ton press somewhat local to me up here. Am looking for a scan of or an older brochure / manual for anything from them to gain some insight as how they were intended to be used. Of course we'll do our own thing and figure it out but it's always cool...
  18. Laurentian

    LF : Hobbing press 100 Ton + preference for Mario DiMaio or o

    Hi, am looking for a used hobbing press running or not anywhere from 100 to 500 tons capacity. Would like a machine with as small a footprint as possible. I've seen names like Mario DiMaio, Ferrera and M&N out there. Feel free to DM me thanks !
  19. Laurentian

    FS Monarch 10ee modular

    Nice machine and fair price, GLWS