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    Cincinnati Hydromtic mill, moving the machine

    Look for advice on how to carry out the rigging on this Cincinatti hydromatic mill for lifting with a crane. I cannot see any holes in the castings to place bars thru it from the photos. The machine ways approximately 5t. This machine basically looks like a single sided duplex head machine.
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  4. Lifting Machinery

    Lifting Machinery

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    Old American HMT

    I used their newer machines. It had the two speed motor, super accurate. I have not seen one this old
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    Line boring tools- what are some manufactures

    I'm looking for a 12mm round tool in the form of a straight shank boring bar, with the indexable tip at the 90-degree approach angle. The insert styles: CCMT and TCMT Any manufacturers that you know will be of help
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    Making cylinder and piston for a ram

    I'm making some cylinder shafts for a hi-ab crane jack legs for a truck, we can not get replacements. I know the pistons are welded on, not good from a maintenance point of view. My question is about the piston face having a recessed undercut, and the recess has a very slight dish to it. I...
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    Piston end
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    One hollow, one solid
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    Drawing showing dished recess
  16. Pal finger hydraulic ram

    Pal finger hydraulic ram

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    EN 32A and EN 32B Steel Equivalent

    Where did you find this information, please?
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    EN 32A and EN 32B Steel Equivalent

    What is the equivalent of EN 32A and EN 32B (BS 970) Are these low carbon steel like 1020 bright?
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    Steel Importing to Australia

    Importing steel must be an involved process with knowing where to get it from and the quality control of it. I'm pretty sure only a small amount is produced here. I'm wondering were companies like Home - voestalpine HPM (Australia) Pty Ltd import their specialised steels from. The PG 4140 bar...
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    Hydraulic pistons with 45 degree o-ring seat

    Yes the depth L on page 4-21. I will work out the depth minus the 3/64" radius.