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    Best sealant for interior of CNC machine?

    Sikaflex is one of the best urethane sealants.
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    Making you own ball joint.

    If you are going to heat treat it after machining, i would suggest that you have it magnafluxed after heat treat to make sure there are no cracks.
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    Material for making replacement spindle sander spindles

    4140 Heat Treated would be my 1st choice. Not sure where the galling thing came from, but I would never give that a 2nd thought regardless of the spindle material.
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    Hiring programmers for Fusion 360

    It's going to depend on weather or not you hire a Master Cam primadonna or someone who is willing to jump in and learn the software. Someone with decent CAM skills and machining experience and a decent "get ur done" mentality is who you need to look for. BUT, you're going to have to step up...
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    OT: Motor Generator Experiment - Open Source Project :)

    Read Erich's posting until you understand what he is telling you. You may have "aced" your EE classes, but it's too bad you skipped thermo.
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    Looking for a company that media tumbles aluminum cases.

    Dougco in Oakland can tumble polish your cases. dougcometalfinishing.com seems you should be able to find a shop closer to home though.
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    MORI SEIKI MV-JUNIOR (Auction find)

    Pretty sure you will find Fanuc support and spares much easier to find than Yasnac. I love my MVJR .
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    Ballooning and report generation software.

    Be aware that SW Inspection cannot pick up dimensions that are inserted in a drawing as an annotation. These need to be manually identified from a drawing. We found that we needed to be very aware of our dimensioning practices to be able to take full advantage of Dimension Expert's generation...
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    gear hobbing machine pfauter rs03

    If you are still around, post your request over in the general section. I have an RS2 that should be very similar to an RS3.
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    What size forklift for 28k lb VMC?

    You can always pick it with two lifts and drive the trailer out, just don't skimp on the lift capacity. With good operators it goes very smooth- without, things get ugly very quickly. Once its on the ground you can get creative. What does your rigger have to say???
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    Shoutout for Sunbelt hydraulic tilt trailer moving a lathe.

    Most rental places have those trailers if they rent scissor lifts. Some will not rent them separately but many do. Helped a friend move his lathe and Bridgeport on one. Don't even need a pallet jack- bolt em to a pair of 2 x 8 skids and roll em in and out on pipe. done!
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    Looking for someone to finish two parts for my 1910 Mitchell

    Joe- with a 1/2" radius in the corners I don't see a need to EDM these as they would be easily CNC milled with that large a radius. Only reason I can see to EDM them is if they were heat treated 1st and you wanted to avoid any heat treat distortion. Just a thought for you to consider.
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    Lathe or aircraft carrier anchor?

    If you keep it, oil up the silent chain with heavy gear oil and it will never wear out.
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    Why wont my machine work like my coworkers?

    The elusive "make part" button...........................
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    Source of replacement flat belt????

    I would imagine for a museum piece you would want something that looks like it belongs on the press. These guys supply leather belts in any length. https://albinoindustrialbelting.com/lathe-belt-pricing
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    Optic Manufacturing- How?

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    Tobin-ARP TA 14 drive belt replacement

    For anyone else needing to replace the belt on any Tobin Arp drive unit- the driven pulley is held onto the drive tube via a left hand thread. Simply unscrew the drive tube from the pulley and the pulley will drop out of the feed housing. Remember that normal bar rotation is top going when...
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    Help with best 2-56 tap on copper 101 going down .600. Thousands of holes!!!

    Be very careful to control the hole size- more so on a small diameter thread like that.
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    Nakamura Tome TW-20, 3 or 4 wire?

    So then the question comes to mind------drum roll-------- does the op know the difference between an equipment grounding conductor and a true neutral?? Most 3 phase machines do not require a neutral........ as Ox mentioned.... but, sometimes its real nice to have one available for things...