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    Advice on potential Schaublin 135 purchase

    Just buy it, all critical stuff is there, you cannot go wrong with this.
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    Need help for the new pointless toy: LKD/S

    There is one for sale in NL, even some bidding on it: https://www.marktplaats.nl/v/doe-het-zelf-en-verbouw/gereedschap-freesmachines/m2042905065-deckel-coordinaten-machine-lkd
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    Are you thinking of selling your Millplus/Maho 532 DMG/Deckel Maho Mill?

    The MAHO 800C with the 532 is a great machine.
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    I think this firm called Beijing Jingdiao makes their own controls but they look like Haas controls. They also have their own CAD/CAM software. https://www.marktplaats.nl/v/doe-het-zelf-en-verbouw/draaibanken/m2004560782-fanuc-robodril-d21mia5
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    One for the boneyard

    Looks like they try again with a new auction.
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    Second Deckel FP4MK I ever had also comes from the UK

    I always thought that major companies mainly in Germany bought these machine for education of their junior machinists. ( called "Ausbilding " I think) They take it very serious and buy the best manual machines for that. Not so in my country, they teach you the CNC stuff right away and manual...
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    One for the boneyard

    To old for professional users, to bulky for home or hobby users. These machines are in no mans land. Perhaps some demand in Eastern-Europe. But please let us know how the auction went.
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    One for the boneyard

    A real barn-find. I doubt these machines will ever run again.
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    FS - Schaublin 150 lathe w/tooling.

    I don't know the Riten IIRC centers. But I know SFJ also made centers for Sandvik. These are very good too. Maybe you mentions these? There are also 1 or 2 Japaneese manufactures that are (from what I've heard) even better the Swiss. But I don't know their names.
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    FS - Schaublin 150 lathe w/tooling.

    Sorry but I have to say it:a beautiful Schaublin with a very ugly live center.... They came orginally with a Gepy center.
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    Gear backlash

    The answer requires understanding gears, and if you understand gears you would't have asked the question.... In one word, Wildhaber is the answer.
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    We have one once again. 1989 Deckel FP1

    I never realised that these newer FP1's also comes with a bulky electric cabinet.
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    Parting out an FP4-60; a fun day getting grimy

    This machine looks very much like the later DMU60-80 T and E models. These where build from 1996 to 2000 I think.
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    Tools to Make Gears on 3+1-Axis Mill or Live Tool Lathe

    This is a proper way to make decent gears: Nice students-project to make the program.
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    Deckel FP3–should I buy from Germany?

    "Überholt" means only one thing to me that it is a full rebuild like Singer does. "Teiluberholt" means a respray to me.But I might be wrong. I do not know the firm but Stefan Gotteswinter bought his Deckel there. I stay away from Kai-Tec.
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    Deckel FP3–should I buy from Germany?

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    Deckel FP3a CNC2101 stop on 00 error code

    I do have the manuals but in German only....But let me know if you are still interested. Could you check something for me? The manual states that rapids is 1500mm / minute but my machine goes only 750mm/min. I still have 10 volts on the drive. Could you measure on your machine what the maximum...
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    I had to save this puppy FP2NC

    I think my costumers won't be happy finding their stuff on the internet so I have to be carefull with that. ( most work I do is for industrial production plants) If I would ever retire I would mostly stop making things for others and doing more work for myself. I have lots of machinery and...
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    I had to save this puppy FP2NC

    Do you actually ever make something on your machines? Just wondering.
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    Mocking up chip enclosures

    What is a Sauerkraut Pad?