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    Recommendations for Y shaped vacuum hose attachment for bench grinder ?

    there you go. Oneida Air Systems. my former day job
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    Vacuum Former Builds

    I had a mattell vac former. pretty cool.
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    ot, gluing dentures

    thank you Marcus. I belive this is a full denture. she has been without the upper for several months so I dont know what the whole story is. I was trying to help her out but it doesnt sound like I will be able too. she just needs to figure out how to pay for a new one.
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    ot, gluing dentures

    I have since found out that she used super glue which worked but it then broke in two other places. not sure what's going on!
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    ot, gluing dentures

    I know someone who broke her upper denture and cant afford to replace it. I have discussed trying to glue it back together for her. I have not seen it but i have the impression that they are acrylic, if so a solvent cement may work. does anyone know for sure? thanks.
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    Vacuum Former Builds

    I have seen that also. once you get into serious applications it sometimes makes sense to custom build. years ago I was working on a product that used vac formed TPE. the vendor was going to heat the sheet in a pizza oven and hand transfer it to the mold, he claimed doing so was more effective...
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    Slip Roller from an industrial sign machine

    how thick of steel?
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    Slip Roller from an industrial sign machine

    where are you located? how thick and how wide of steel do you want to form? I may have something coming up.
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    OT High Temperature Wire Eyelet Lug for Antique Waffle Iron

    wait, waffle parties??
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    OT: Clear Coating Over Oil-Based Paint

    try a varnish, solvent would be mineral spirits vs lacquer thinner. oil paint cures by oxidation, once it is cured it is resistant to mineral spirits but not the stronger solvents used in lacquer.
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    Not really off topic: Anyone ever make an urn?

    I designed and had made ceramic urns for my parents. they eventually were buried in the va cemetery. no issues. that I was aware of. if you happen to need to travel with ashes, the TSA does have specific requirements.
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    US Industrial Machinery US825 hydraulic shear

    I have no idea on this specific shear but one big variable with any hydraulic press is cycle speed since a faster machine requires a bigger and more expensive pump. I have seen some really slow shears.
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    Stamped brass oil removal.

    I was going to suggest saw dust also. a particular type of granular saw dust was used for cleaning printing plates, and printing ink is nasty stuff. my guess a hardwood. that provided some scrubbing action. point being different sawdust will give different results.
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    Anyone ever see on of these mini do all saw before?

    is it boging down or slipping? if slipping maybe it needs new belts or the belts and shives are greasy
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    Moving 30K lb machine with forklift on rock driveway.

    consider ar least laying down plywood. even if the crushed stone looks good tou can still have a soft spot or if a wheel spins it can dig down though the stone awfully easily and then you have a problem
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    Requesting Recommendations for a Robust Goose-neck Clamp Lamp

    older ones were heavier duty. perhaps thrift store? anyways I second looking at the studio lighting gear. there are or where very cheap lights on Amazon.
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    Requesting Recommendations for a Robust Goose-neck Clamp Lamp

    look at the pantagraph type, maybe hard to find now with an ordinary socket.
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    Modifying Utility Knife Blades

    is the purpose for making a custom blade to make it proprietary? if not, then can you simply modify the holder to accept standard blades or one of the odd ball standards? if proprietary, an odd ball standard might work as well since many people wont bother to reseach them or possibly your...
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    Manufacturing suggestions for a hydraulic cylinder

    how about making a crush zone? a lip section turned into the bottom face of the plug. so you would make the part a bit over lenght and when it was installed the lip would deform possibly with enough spring action to provide sealing