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    Radial Arm Drill

    There has been a 13 foot Csepel (26" column) on Marketplace in Detroit for a while now. Where are you located? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/339793571966933/?mibextid=dXMIcH
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    Home shop machine tools. misc, for sale

    I see that mindset mentioned nowhere except for in your post.
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    P&W No. 3 Precision Bench Lathe

    They're really not worth much unless they're in decent condition and well tooled. Sounds like this one is neither.
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    Full tear down and Rebuild of a 10EE Round Dial

    Tom Utley? https://www.vonindustrial.com/contact Replicating cast plates on the laser machine is expensive (lots of time to etch that deep) but his work is outstanding.
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    Request for 10ee carriage stop pictures

    Nothing. It's a stop rod only.
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    Full tear down and Rebuild of a 10EE Round Dial

    I've done nickel and silver playing on a very small scale with the smallest Caswell kit. It's the one where they give you a little wand to brush the playing solution on the electrified part, but usually I just submerge both. It can be fussy, but usually works OK in the end. I am matching other...
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    Jackson Machine & Tool Mill

    To me, it looks like someone grafted a homemade or repurposed head onto a Jackson mill.
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    14" Pacemaker spindle speeds and pulley size

    Thanks, guys. I went through the parts book hoping that they would list different motor sheaves as separate part numbers, but I suppose if you called for one they'd just ask what speed range your lathe was.
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    14" Pacemaker spindle speeds and pulley size

    Thanks, great information. The motor pulley on mine measures roughly 4-4.5“ when I reach down in with a hook rule. Haven't pulled the end cover off yet to get a better measurement.
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    Wanting to trade Albrecht R-8 Drill chuck for MT3 Albrecht of the same size.

    Some of the newer Albrecht chucks do have an integral shank. You can tell by the model number. https://royalproducts.com/product-line/albrecht-precision-drill-chucks/
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    14" Pacemaker spindle speeds and pulley size

    My 14" Pacemaker was ordered with the lowest (17-1000 RPM) spindle speed range. It was also built with a 1710/855 RPM two-speed motor that cuts those speeds in half, I think because it was ordered with a relieving attachment (which I don't have). Am I correct that the only difference between...
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    Parting out Excello 602 mill

    Spindle Wizard head attachment, spindle/quill assembly, and knee crank are all sold. Everything else is available.
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    New Old Stock Starret vises

    Good question. Fulton/Sawyer/Oswego seems to have gone through a lot of ownership changes and financial strife, so perhaps they just never produced enough NuTyp vises to get people interested in them. I've seen a few, but they are pretty rare.
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    Request for 10ee carriage stop pictures

    That seems right. I can't remember seeing it on a modular machine, though I wasn't always looking. The way Monarch ran the carriage stop rod through the feed reverse selector housing, and then didn't set it up to trip the feed out, has always seemed like a missed opportunity to me. I wonder if...
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    Wade 8A parts wanted

    I'm sure I have a used saddle. Possibly have a cross feed screw as well. No tailstock castings, unfortunately. When you say "variable speed adjuster disc/knob", do you mean the control hand wheel for the variable speed? I think I have one of those as well.
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    Excello 602 Part out Machine

    I am currently parting out an Excello 602: https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/parting-out-excello-602-mill.417972/#post-4133360
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    New Old Stock Starret vises

    All of the Asian "double swivel" vises are a knock off of the Sawyer "NuTyp" vise, made by the Oswego Tool Co. of Oswego, NY (and others... it's a convoluted history): http://vintagemachinery.org/mfgindex/detail.aspx?id=11501 For being imports, they are surprisingly tough. I've seen several...
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    Request for 10ee carriage stop pictures

    Interesting thought. My guess would be a case of Monarch not updating brochure photos and parts drawings... for instance, the drawings Monarch sent for my lathe (1970 EE with no feed rod clutch) show the feed rod clutch on sheets 136 and 137, and doesn't show a non-clutched option. The drawings...