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    FS: 2007 Hardinge Bridgeport XV710 VMC with dual 4th axis indexers loacated in IL

    2007 Hardinge Bridgeport CNC machining center Cat40 8000 rpm twin full 4th axis 5C indexers 20 tool Fanuc 0iMC control Come see it run. Located in Round Lake, IL. $13,000 [email protected]
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    FS: 1995 Kira KN30V Elite CNC drill tap machine with pallet changer located in IL

    1995 Kira CNC drill tap machine Made in Japan Bt30 10 tool quick table rotary pallet changer 8000 rpm Fanuc 20M control Come see it run. We can load the machine at no charge. Located in Round Lake, IL. $5,000 [email protected]
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    Fanuc OT lathe ref axis parameter change help

    Normally, keying in the parameter and pressing input while in MDI mode should work. I think some machines need to be in E-stop in order to change parameters. Have you tried that?
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    Is there a way to tune torque sensitivity on drives on Nakamura TW-10 with Fanuc 16TT controler?

    Methods sent me PDF manuals for my Nakamura for free.
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    Is there a way to tune torque sensitivity on drives on Nakamura TW-10 with Fanuc 16TT controler?

    I would first look in your manual to see if Nakamura gave you an M-code or other method to allow for this. They should have. If not, you can try the method discussed in the thread linked below. https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/how-to-use-g31-torque-skip.315326/
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    Nak as200L sub what’s your experience with one?

    Flying wedge refers to it not being a true slant bed. Nothing to do with the Y. Z rails are on a horizontal plane with a wedge shaped carriage sitting on top. I'm not sure how else to call it.
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    Finding a Used Lathe w/ Sub Spindle?

    There's one on Ebay for under $20k. OP says he needs a sub for back side tapping. I'm assuming he means with live tools. Do you know if the sub has C? Positioning? Can you get live tools that face the sub? It seems that on a lot of the older machines with live and sub, the builder didn't...
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    Nak as200L sub what’s your experience with one?

    I don't believe the AS machines are made in Japan like most other Nakamuras, FYI. Do you feel that the linear guide, flying-wedge design has the rigidity for your tougher jobs? I think that Grimsmo has Youtube videos talking about his. They may or may not be helpful to you.
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    Finding a Used Lathe w/ Sub Spindle?

    In order to get suggestions, you should specify a budget for the machine purchase. You should also explain what your definition of small parts is. Small means different things to different people.
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    Live tool drilling with spindle.

    I remember reading this in the Guhring catalog. I believe they said when spotting with a 90 degree center for a HSS drill to create a spot that is 70% of the diameter of the drilled hole. That's what I've been doing and have had good success.
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    Live tool drilling with spindle.

    I recently did the live tool / main spindle drilling thing with some small HSS taper length drills. I split the rpms 50/50. It worked O.K. The holes weren't perfect, but they were good enough for my purpose. I only had 20 parts to make, so I didn't bother dialing it in any further.
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    Hitachi Seiki HT20SII CNC Lathe and is in need of your help due to an turret fault

    I never put another code on my tool call line, but maybe it works. Once you get your battery situation straightened out, you might want to try getting rid of that M41 on the T line. M41 is most likely to specify the high-speed winding of the spindle motor. You can put it on a separate line...
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    Hitachi Seiki HT20SII CNC Lathe and is in need of your help due to an turret fault

    What code are you using to index the turret? I believe that if you wanted to index to turret position # 5 on that machine, you would command T0500. This machine does not use the typical T0505 format.
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    Bidspotter auctions - How To?

    Credit limit for what? The 48 hours that they give you to pay?
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    Any fixes for an I/O board that is randomly shorting out?

    I posted last year about a strange alarm I was getting on a Brother TC-31. https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/strange-random-alarm-on-brother-tc-31a.403843/ Basically, I am getting a random alarm for an option I don't have. I found where the alarm signal is coming from, and there...
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    Rethreading OD?

    I have re-threaded parts on a CNC lathe before. It's a little complicated, but it works and is worth it when you have a lot of high-value parts that you need to save. You need to come up with a way to load the parts in the spindle so that the existing thread orients the same way each time. My...
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    Hardinge T42 Collet Closer "Leak"

    I like Ox's idea to bypass the radiator. Have you tried swapping actuator's between the two machines? Swapping radiator's? If it were me, I'd keep swapping parts until I got the problem to move.
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    Tsugami NP20 Error

    Fanuc control? I wonder if there is something wrong with the sub CPU board. You might want to call a Fanuc specialist to help you diagnose the problem over the phone.