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  1. Bondo

    Exhaust Fan Recommendations for Rotary Screw Compressor?

    I have installed many exhaust fans for companies. 1 I did was for a 50 hp rotary AC. I put in a 12" exhaust which pushed out 2,000 cfm no problem. Put it on a thermostat so it only ran when needed. AC like steady calm air. You don't want frozen or hot air because the dryer is matched to do...
  2. Bondo

    Welding to a Coil Spring?

    I'm just wondering why you can't encompass the spring with a pipe or put a pipe inside the spring if you need to "attach" it to the spring. Obviously only like 2 or 3" not the whole spring.
  3. Bondo

    Collecting deposit for work not done

    I have had to sue people and the first time it sucked and was stressful. But the 10k I lost from a simple lawsuit with a sorta quick settlement, I learned a ton about it. Because of going to court, I changed my habits of what to write down, how to protect myself, how to have the upper hand...
  4. Bondo

    Large Radius Bend in 3/8" Plate

    Do you have a hydraulic or mechanical brake? If you have a hydraulic, you can just weld a tang to a piece of solid round and bend that into a wide bottom die. Since it is only 30" long, you can build the bottom die out of heavy duty angle and install a guild plate for centering. I personally...
  5. Bondo

    Newbie Brake question

    I would build a die to do 2 bends (z bend) then just hit it twice. This would speed it up, not cost a ton of money by doing all 4 bends and if you don't get the bend you need, it is easy to adjust the die or remake it. 10" long isn't that much
  6. Bondo

    Newbie Brake question

    How wide is the part? 2" or 8 feet? That will be the biggest issue. That part is very simple, especially if you are not worried about exact bends. Calculating a die isn't the easiest when you have to account for spring back and flex. Depending on quantity, I would bend that in a single Point...
  7. Bondo

    MIller Tig welding equipment

    I don't remember what the XMT's capabilities are as I have an Invision 352 MPa. If the xmt has a tig function, then everything will work perfectly. If it doesn't, you can still tig weld by using a field tig setup. Easiest way to see if the XMT has a tig setting is to see if there is a separate...
  8. Bondo

    Bridge reamer question

    I use them all the time to drill stainless. You have no idea how great they are to fix an issue where 2 holes don't line up from a manufacturer item that is 1/8" stainless each piece. Bridge reamer are the best for fixing this. I have readers from 3/16 to 1 1/2". All spiral flute. The biggest...
  9. Bondo

    insulated steel panels for shop roof and walls

    I work mostly in the industrial food sector and most of my customers use IMP panels. The customers that have -4 to -10 degree freezer, and I'm talking 250,000 Sq foot rooms that have 4" walls all wish they went with 6". But they work very well. Easy up, easy to seal, easy to drill through, a...
  10. Bondo

    Begining material inventory dilemma

    I remember this issue and it comes up often when my employees think I'm a horder. When I started, I would only purchase 1/2 or a full item. So say I needed a 12" circle cut from 1/4" plate. I would just get a 4x4 sheet. I hated loosing money on some jobs, but I came to realize years in how much...
  11. Bondo

    Fifthwheel hitch or gooseneck or both?

    I think k you should look at the campers before you decide if you are doing 1 or the other. I have had the rails in my 1 truck I had for about 6 years. They were not really a PITA, only when you needed it perfectly flat for things. Stuff like plywood had no issues because the rails only came up...
  12. Bondo

    Installing compressed air lines in commercial space, any guidelines?

    I've done miles of air lines at many different facilities. The 2 main lines we install is copper with propress fittings and the ingersoll rand blue aluminum setup. Both are great for the use. Besides both being corrosion resistant here are the pros and cons. Ingersoll rand - must buy from them...
  13. Bondo

    preventing weld deflection on a bolt flange

    I also see this problem all the time at facilities that do sanitary tube. They fusion weld so hit that it warps through ferrule and they wonder why they need a bug wrench to do what you should be able to do with your fingers. I have seen it so bad that on a 2" ferrules with od of 2.3" the...
  14. Bondo

    Cleaning stainless that has been exposed to chlorine for a long time.

    Lol, I guess that would help. I fixed the belt for the motor that was driving the exhaust fan. Their mechanic told me that the motor was bad but I just had to replace the belt and adjust the tension properly.
  15. Bondo

    Cleaning stainless that has been exposed to chlorine for a long time.

    I just found out today that the room only started rusting because I fixed the belt a few weeks ago, but it was broken for a few months. Crazy how that happened. Anyways, now that their maintenance created this problem, I told then we would need some time with the main doors open. The customer is...
  16. Bondo

    Cleaning stainless that has been exposed to chlorine for a long time.

    It is a good customer, and I have already ran into this issue at another customer. They used a different company and they used s chemical to remove the corrosion, not 100%, but like 95%. Scotch Brite will spread the issue if we don't passivity it quickly. Would a passivation machine like a...
  17. Bondo

    Cleaning stainless that has been exposed to chlorine for a long time.

    So I have a customer who has a room full of stainless that has been exposed to an open tank of chlorine for a couple of years. I am being asked to restore the stainless finish. They don't want me to use sanding as a reason due to the room it is in. I don't really use chemicals for cleaning or...
  18. Bondo

    preventing weld deflection on a bolt flange

    The 2 things that come to mind is interpass temps are too hot and the fact of using a spray weld vs a dual shield. The dual shield will probably give you better results for the weld, but will have to to some post cleanup. This cleanup should be a lot less then you think if done properly.
  19. Bondo

    Shop rate 2023 in California

    Let's say I go to a customers location, weld up a broken bearing mount and fabricate new guarding for a machine. I'll have some customers say $400 is WAY over priced and some that would say $4,000 is WAY too cheap. Every customer is different and can change their way of thinking minute by minute.
  20. Bondo

    Fab layout from old days

    I think one of the most impressive things I could do when I was 17 was make a STANDARD square to round transition with just a combo square and a pencil. I couldn't do that now, but man I could impress construction people who actually knew what they were doing.