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  1. WizardOfBoz

    Manufacturing Dental Root Canal Files

    Good heavens. These do look gnarly. https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/61gjgHbjmzL.jpg
  2. WizardOfBoz

    O.T. Emergency toe amputation.

    Glad that you are getting relief. As someone who works in analysis of healthcare data, I would love to get some data comparing the efficacy of the foot and leg massagers with the circulator boot. But for now, it's good to know that you are finding relief.
  3. WizardOfBoz

    O.T. Emergency toe amputation.

    Sorry to hear that you had to get this surgery. Healthy eating, enough exercise, enough sleep, and vigilent attention to your meds and FPG numbers are all things I think a doctor will emphasize (check with a doctor - I'm not one). There is a company that offers therapy that involves a sleeve...
  4. WizardOfBoz

    1" - 8 "Furrow- Thread" ???? What does Furrow mean?

    There is way too much material taken off the connector for this to be a connector bearing any load. The wall thickness near the two-cable end is pretty meager for that screw size. So I think others are right: an electrical connector. But are the cables used all finished with a crimped furrow...
  5. WizardOfBoz

    OT - New TV for 97 year old in assisted living

    Given the age, you could just buy a system you can use eventually.
  6. WizardOfBoz

    Brass body vice

    Agree with implmex. I suspect that its bronze. Ox wrote in his book on shop know-how that brass sucks as a jaw material. And it's not strong enough to be a body of a vice. So... I suspect bronze.
  7. WizardOfBoz

    AirCraft Aluminum?

    Yes, the new Apple ads emphasize titanium trim. Would be cool if the phone chassis was made of titanium aluminum allow, like Thinkpads. Not sure if Ti is the optimal material for phone trim. Apparently it IS the optimal material for phone advertisements...
  8. WizardOfBoz

    Torque Question

    Appreciate this info - very practical and clear how one would apply this paradigm. Thanks for the concise, clear explanation. It would be interesting to test the strain of the bolt with/without antiseize and with/without the 20-25% reduction you mention.
  9. WizardOfBoz

    OT-butt join 1/2" fiberglass solid rod

    I agree with others - a joint without reinforcement, or that has stress concentrator and definite weak spots due to a pin will be weak. In addition to a sleeve, you could angle the ends to form a scarf within a longer sleeve.
  10. WizardOfBoz

    Digger Doug?

    Digger knows a lot of stuff, but he seems to feel that he can express his knowledge (and any whimsical notion he may have) in as obnoxious a way as he wants, with no consequence. For me, his view isn't worth the climb. I blocked him.
  11. WizardOfBoz


    So lead-free (can be acid core) for any potable water application. I use a brush-on flux Lead-based is way cheaper but IS banned for potable water apps. Rosin-core, and never acid core, for electronics work.
  12. WizardOfBoz

    Nylon Tube Melting Where Riding on Steady Rest

    I was going to ask about roller diameter but I see that you're on top of it. Are the roller bearings tight or loose? IIRC the premium quality for steady rests is stiffness. So if the bearings are tapered roller or needle, and they're new then I think that the resistance keeps em from spinning...
  13. WizardOfBoz

    Drawing of steel tubes

    Kurtis, at Cutting Edge Engineering in Queensland Australia, makes a lot of videos showing how he fixes hydraulic tubes, pistons, shafts and seals. A lot of cutting out the old tube, welding in a new tube, and then honing. Great videos, btw. Here's him using his new Sunnen hone on a cylinder...
  14. WizardOfBoz

    Drawing of steel tubes

    Most of the hydraulic cylinder material I see is honed or chrome-plated and honed. I understand that skiving and roller burnishing is also done. Much DOM tubing is mild steel (it has a weld seam, so it needs to be welded, and this and higher ductility favor mild steel). For hydraulic tube, one...
  15. WizardOfBoz

    ME Threadpal is amazing!

    I did some research a few weeks back and found Raineys obit. Now I can’t find it. But yeah, RIP Mr. Rainey.
  16. WizardOfBoz

    What is this chuck exactly

    Maprox is the company that owns the company that produced chucks that were sold under the Bani name. http://anglo-swiss-tools.co.uk/maprox-zweifel-chucks/ They may have some information. But if you measure the chuck, you can at least look for (for example) a Zweiful 150mm four jaw scroll...
  17. WizardOfBoz

    Mr Rainey

    I did see an obit, and it was pretty certainly "our" Mr. Rainey. Can't find it now... But I think that he's gone, guys. Sorry.
  18. WizardOfBoz

    Major hard drive failure -- who has experience with data recovery?

    I had a physical hard drive that had data recovered (similar to sfriedberg's experience I guess). My brother in law works in investigations and they have to do forensic accounting and stuff. They recovered the data but it cost $800. Depending upon the failure mode, I would be less likely to...
  19. WizardOfBoz

    Making a DRAW TUBE for hydraulic chuck.........where to start

    You want 42mm x 33mm. Not sure of the liner fit, but again, if you can get a US-sized pipe, seamless Schedule 80 1-1/4 is 42.16 x 32.46mm. About ten bucks a foot.
  20. WizardOfBoz


    Richard, if you have diabetes then diet, excercise, and medication to get your average level of glucose down (they measure A1C, but its sugar-coated hemoglobin, and they use it because it indicates your average better than fasting or postprandial measurements) are the first suggestion. Rather...