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    Cloudy finish on 4140

    Then DOC is .015. No help here as I personally don't see why you aren't getting a good finish. I've always liked a cermet for finishing.
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    Fanuc Turning - Shifting G54 Z after parting

    I do it the hard way. Haven't tried setting G54-G59 on our newer lathes, but it didn't work for me on the older lathes. Since part programs get moved from machine to machine, I continue to do it the same way I always have as it also works fine on the newer lathes. Usually make 5 parts per...
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    Peck drill cycle while drilling by carbide

    I program lathes. So far I've only had to use a dwell at the bottom on one series of lathes. Daewoo MS200s. 9/16 inch carbide drills kept chipping on one job. I was aware that these lathes didn't reach programmed position before starting to move on the next block. I use a modified version...
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    Master programming prices.

    I asked earlier about what to charge hourly for lathe programming now that I've retired. I wrote a master program for a family of parts yesterday. I'm guessing it took around 6 hours to complete. Five different O.D. dimensions. The last three O.D.s have the same length. What varies is the...
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    Retired. What to charge for programming from home?

    Their software. Same employer I worked almost 38 years for. Gave a two week notice about 18-20 years ago, but the 'old man' made me feel so bad that I stayed. Would have been programming 2 new lathes and learning vertical mills. Was promised I could learn vertical mills where I was working...
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    Retired. What to charge for programming from home?

    Some of the lathes I program for are a Doosan TT1800SY and 2 Nakamura-Tome WT-300s. They are considered 8-axis lathes as everything gets counted as an axis. There are 3 other Doosans with single turret/twin spindles. Naturally Y-axis and C-axis work on both spindles. Had to learn thread...
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    Retired. What to charge for programming from home?

    I like that idea although 1) Doubt a lathe only programmer can charge that much, and 2) You don't know how cheap the company is that I work for. They make promises (about raises and reviews), but never keep them.
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    Retired. What to charge for programming from home?

    Recently retired. Will continue to program for the company from home. When I was off for 7 months for a couple brain operations, I kept track of my time and was paid at my regular salary rate. Not very profitable as there wasn't a steady need for new programs. Currently keeping my health...
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    Facing problems on the lathe.

    Crap. Only saw one reply. Going to read through all of them before asking questions.
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    Looking for Programming insight - Fanuc 0T lathe

    When I started working in a machine shop in '85, three of the lathes there were dang near as old as I was. They used G50 for tooling. Each type tool had its own X & Z value using G50. I didn't know how bad that was until we started getting new Hardinge lathes with 0T controls, and I could set...
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    Looking for Programming insight - Fanuc 0T lathe

    You shouldn't ass-u-me. I've known the difference between G96/G97 from day one (over 37.5 years ago). You said, "I put my G50 speed clamp right at the top so there is no chance of inadvertently commanding a speed higher than what I think is safe." I was simply pointing out that putting a G50...
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    Doosan Lynx 220 LM M35 Not Working--Help Needed

    Stuff happens. Changing a parameter is something I won't do unless someone I trust...that works on them for a living...tells me which one to change.
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    fanuc 21i variables

    Yup. I think variables from 600-650 are all that the programmer can use on our new EMAGS. On the older EMAGs you can put a value in some variables, run the program and it will contain a different value because their master or a sub program uses that variable. If I'm not mistaken #510 is one...
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    Looking for Programming insight - Fanuc 0T lathe

    Try this G50S1000 G97S1500M3 and get back to me.
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    Explain modified flank indeed threading

    Not true for either axis. External thread X-minus, internal thread X-plus. Z-axis may or may not move more negative with each pass in Z depending on how the thread was programmed. Also check out the threading technical information in an insert catalog to find out which shim to use for...
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    Lathe roughing cycles (G71 vs G72)

    I use whichever method keeps the insert in the cut for the longest....most of the time. We have a few barfeed lathes where if making more than one cut to a shoulder, it will push the material back unless making shallow cuts. Normally I will just make the lighter cuts (increase feedrate) and...
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    Looking for Programming insight - Fanuc 0T lathe

    Why? I've used the following format for 37.5 years. N100M91 (ROUGH TURN) T0101S2421M13 X1.42Z.005 G50S4000 G96S900 Above is an example for a Hardinge. M91 is their Safe Index subprogram (O1 in their programming manual). G97 is in the subprogram. I use this same format on a few other makes...
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    Lathe program eliminating small fillet

    Never seen one much less programmed or run one.
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    Lathe program eliminating small fillet

    Normally an O.D. radius is G3 if X is getting larger while Z is going deeper. At least on all the lathes I program. X.212Z-.58 G3X.268Z-.608K-.028 G1Z-.655 X.304 G3X.34Z-.673K-.018F.001 G1Z-.798F.002
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    3xd or 4xd Insert drill length?

    You use what you can when you have all 24 stations already full of tools. Some using double holders. So far I've only had to use them in aluminum, brass and 303 SS. Really wouldn't care to bore with a drill in tough materials. Like you said...expensive to ruin.