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    CNC router 'waste board' suggestions?

    No. No vacuum. No sucking! 🤣🤣
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    CNC router 'waste board' suggestions?

    MDF is cheap and flat. Also very dense. If you glue up a couple layers of it and are careful to mind your cut depth, you can resurface it several times before needing to replace it. One thing worth mentioning is that it's prone to a bit of tearout, so be prepared to dress those edges before...
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    OT: Name for this trailer hitch type

    Car dollies, for example have no suspension except for that of the vehicle being towed. Farm implements, anhydrous ammonia tenders, hay trailers, and countless others have no suspension. That said, a trailer with no suspension should have oversized spindles to absorb shock loads that the...
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    OT: Name for this trailer hitch type

    Now you're speaking my language! But I would also add some features, like a self locking mechanism and some way of storing it when not in use.
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    Pipe Size Between Compressor Pump and Tank

    Air is a fluid. My concern would be the pressures present.
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    OT: Name for this trailer hitch type

    You mean like a hitch pin?
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    Squaring up trailers.

    There's nothing inherently wrong with triangulation with the coupler. But cutting the tongue off to correct a miniscule error is a lot of wasted effort. Unless the couple is off center by inches, the user is never going to even notice
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    How to deal with the proliferation of 3d printed nonsense?

    Seems that a lot of focus is on FDM parts/items. The surface of the stuff I print on the Mars or Saturn is wonderful. Not perfect but way better than any FDM stuff. We still use the ender 3 for a lot of stuff but anything with intricate details gets printed on a SLA.
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    How to deal with the proliferation of 3d printed nonsense?

    Mine do get grumpy now and then. 🤷‍♂️
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    VFD store or outlet suggestion. 10Hp .

    Huh? Electrically a 10 hp motor is a 10 hp motor. The size of the motor doesn't make any difference. What are you trying to say?
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    Squaring up trailers.

    ^^^^ this The hitch being off a bit doesn't have anything to do with a trailer pulling down the road at an angle. (Actually, the worst part about a trailer like that is trying to back it in a straight line!) The only thing that affects it pulling down the road is the axle position. You could...
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    How to deal with the proliferation of 3d printed nonsense?

    Guess how they make the roll hoop for an F1 car...
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    Belt guard mounting

    I don't think it's the same machine but mrpete222 did a video or videos when he added a belt guard to it. First in the series:
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    Deckel rotary table -is this genuine?

    I'm not sure what you are going to confront the seller about. You saw it. You still bought it. It's yours now. Here, when you buy something used, "as is" is implied. All the things used to describe it like works good are subjective so the seller can say, well, it does work good! (Should be works...
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    Quill lock 'normal position'

    The clock spring is not intended to retract the quill like on a drill press. It's only there to keep the quill from falling from its own weight.
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    Jacobs Rubber Flex 91 alignment key

    Thanks for the info! I got a new key made today and it works like a charm!
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    Quill lock 'normal position'

    The quill on mine is locked when doing milling operations except for plunges. If you don't lock it, what keeps it from pulling itself into the work?
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    tool post help

    Dunno if this helps but kinda sounds similar to your problem. https://www.hobby-machinist.com/threads/disassemble-a-dorian-sd40ca.79518/
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    Source for machine moving casters

    I bought casters from grizzly a few years back. Used them on the bench with my lathe on it and also for my mill. Never had any trouble with them. I've a friend who can't keep urethane tires from disintegrating but I've never had a lick of trouble with them...