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    Pallet Racking Above Equipment… what could go wrong?

    I have this very arrangement, three sections in two locations. Works spectacularly well. Maximize your cubic, not your floor space. Tho do that too... Obviously make sure nothing falls off, however my big Colchester sits under the racking and if something falls off it hits me, not the lathe...
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    Good Quality Drill Press

    Any of the Swedish bunch of gear heads are a good buy. IMA, Arboga, Strands, etc. The other option is the DoAll knucklehead, but a much bigger machine. Look for DTR-28 They also make a good standard gear head. Second the opinion that round columns are not an indicator of poor quality.
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    Follower rests, and turning DOM tube

    Hey Scott, I haven't had this exact combination of parameters, but I've turned lots of DOM and I find I need a small nose rad (.008) high rpm (I'd be trying for 750-1000 rpm for that dia) and a good cut. If possible, do it all in one pass. Also you might try feeding it up a bit. I find .007-.012...
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    WOT- fiberglass splinters can't be removed!

    I have done lots of G-10 and found that no matter how careful I am, I always end up with glass in my hands. I find with a binocular microscope and a really good pair of tweezers, one can get them out. However the trick is finding them. I discovered that if the area is shaded just right, the...
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    What is the worst machine shop you ever worked at?

    OK I have to chip in here. I moved across the country chasing a dream, and was about to go back if I didn't get a job. About a week before the deadline I wander into a shop on a Saturday and find a guy working. Coincidentally a guy had quit the week before and yes! I could have a job. I came...
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    Getting rid of micro-slivers...your favourite way?

    Marcus, for us here in Canada, Lee Valley sells the Uncle Bills d
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    Getting rid of micro-slivers...your favourite way?

    I'm with you on this. Agreed that the quality dropped severely, they used to grind and polish the tips so they matched perfectly, then dropped that process and you got them stamped and there you go. I still buy them and take them to the fine wheel and put my own point on them. Then an Arkansas...
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    Boring head connection type?

    If I understand your question, the Kaiser model is called the KA connection. The NTMB models are; NTMB40 to KAB4 P/N 11.321.541 NTMB40 to KAB5 P/N 11.321.551 NTMB40 to KAB6 P/N 11.321.562 The KA spec determines which Kaiser head will fit and by extension, what range of bores one can do with...
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    Recreating an interesting hardened part.

    My first thought was 4140 pre-hardened too. I believe it runs somewhere in the Rc 40-45 range? Nice to machine and quite tough.
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    Colchester mascot 1600 problem

    Mine does the same thing. I recently adjusted the brake clutch and that helped. I can only presume because the brake gets used much more in one direction, the clutch plate is worn more. If the clutch plate is a composite, perhaps the grain gets 'smoothed' in one direction? Or perhaps if there...
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    What is this lathe specialized for?

    I worked in a mould shop that had a couple large Droop & Rein duplicating mills. We used them for roughing big mould inserts. Originally they ran tracers, but they were converted to NC Very heavy duty and when new, would have been really good machines. Ours were pretty worn, and mostly got used...
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    Machining Haynes 230

    Well, most of us have been there, it's just nice to see the issues but not have them impact my day... :)
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    Machining Haynes 230

    Super interesting stuff, I love these kinds of posts, full of actual real world situations and solutions. Thanks guys
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    13-34 modern stardard lathe parts sell, need.

    If there is a thread dial, I'll be interested if it fits my 2030
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    Turning long tapers (42-47")

    Appreciate that, thanks. If it comes up again I would certainly look into some of the options presented here. There was a fair amount of gravy on this in spite of the machine parts manufacture. I'm curious, what's the technique to deal with vibration? Is the bar fed as the head moves? The...
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    Sandvik: Awful website for selecting turning Inserts

    It's not just the website that is obscure and occult, try looking at the catalogue. They decided that the abbreviations we've all been using (doc, loc, etc.) need to be something with three or six letters and numbers that have no intuitive bearing on the data to which they relate. There are a...
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    Turning long tapers (42-47")

    Well I think the customer was hoping for something a little more pro than a guy with a south bend and a bunch of emery. However it could work with a lot of time. But since they specified a machined finish, it's a non-starter in this case.
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    Turning long tapers (42-47")

    For 123 parts!?! You have more time than I... :)